Thursday, May 7, 2009

Twig Accents

Country Living
I have always had a love affair with twig furniture. When I was in my twenties, I bought several beautiful pieces at flea market off the back of twig artist's truck. A few cushions from Pier One and viola I had living room set. My friends thought I was strange to use outdoor furniture inside, but I thought I was very chic.
McClellan Design
Of course over the years, my love for twig furniture has not diminished but I no longer feel the need to have a living room filled with it. I prefer it in a sun room or porch.
Oak Hill
Isn't this a very interesting and beautiful way to use of birch twigs and branches? This room almost looks as if it is built into the trees.
Notice the ceiling detail and pattern of the branches. Isn't it wonderful?
It looks as if each branch was hand cut to fit around the arched window.
I do love twig furniture as a accent though. I love the texture and organic feeling it brings into a room. Adding a small focal point like this side table can add some great texture to a room.
Here is another great example also from Pinch.
Here is designer John Pinch at his booth showing the versatility - Is it a table or a bench?
Style Files profiled exactly how to make a copy of the Pinch design at home. Click on the link for the directions. they are in Dutch, but pretty self explanatory.

Adding twig furniture is a simple way to bring the outdoors in and add some interest and texture to your space.


  1. That ceiling is sooo cool! I'm kind of dumb, so I was thinking, "How in the world did they bunch all those twigs together for that bench?". Good thing you added the tutorial pictures! I might just be able to make that!

  2. Its really hard to find twigy furniture in Australia! Lovely images, I'm especially loving the glass topped coffee table - would look amazing in a pale room, to add some texture and warmth.
    Thank you Gina for letting me know about the Washington Post mention - I was thrilled!

  3. That twig ceiling is amazing. It had to be a labor of love!

    Tricia - Avolli

  4. I am mesmerized by the ash-branch covered ceiling!

    I would have a big fluffy bed, dead center, so I could stare up all day and night, feeling as safe as a bird in it's nest. Nice find.

  5. I love those chairs and sofa in the first couple of photographs - absolutely gorgeous, xv.

  6. i have always loved willow furniture.
    ...and the other pieces in this post are great too.


  7. * Ah, the wonder of twigs ~ gotta have 'em, & I couldn't agree with you more!!! TNX!!! Linda in AZ *

  8. Love 'twig/willow' furniture! How closer to nature can you get. Difficult sometimes to find an Artisan who makes it but they are definitely out there. Brenda (from Canada)

  9. Those hand fitted branches for the walls and ceiling are amazing.

  10. What a fun post! Thanks for that, I love twig furniture.:)


  11. FYI: Be careful where you use the willow/twig furniture. I put some on a patio in Colorado and it did not hold up well in the dry climate. It had been made in Oklahoma.

  12. Those tables from Pinch are fantastic Gina! I really agree that the right piece of twiggy furniture can add such interest to a room.
    Millie ^_^

  13. Hi Gina, Love the twig furniture. Please contact me so I can send you your prize (from Bliss Farm Antiques.) If you go to Brimfield you are welcome to pick it up there. That way you'll also have a choice! Jackie

  14. Wow what a beautiful blog,
    I Love those oyster platters!!!

  15. I, too, had a love affair with twig furniture. My tall, thin husband said he couldn't get tired enough for the twig (with cushions) to feel comfortable. We now have teak armchairs he thinks are "just right." I miss the texture of the twigs, but husband helpers in the garden must be placated!

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  17. The rustic porch and the other rustic furniture in these pictures, were crafted by Don McAulay


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