Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Christopher Peacock Returns!

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Look at this interesting article just released today:
The Renowned Designer Hires Nearly 100 Employees Across the Nation

Greenwich, CT (www.peacockhome.com) – Christopher Peacock is best known for his cabinetry. For more than 15 years his work has included many private estates and residences throughout the United States, France, Australia, the United Kingdom, Russia, Bermuda, Ireland and Puerto Rico.

Riding on this success, Mr. Peacock successfully sold his company in September 2008 to Smallbone PLC – a publicly traded UK holding company who already owned a collection of high-end luxury brands. These included Smallbone of Devizes, Mark Wilkinson Furniture, Paris Ceramics and Hopton Works. Sadly, the PLC Group, which was primarily based in the United Kingdom, hit hard times due to the global economic collapse

This turn of events provided Mr. Peacock the opportunity to return to his roots and now re-start the brand that bears his name.

“I couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of and lead this dynamic group of designers and craftsman who are all dedicated to excellence once again. We still have so much to offer. In my heart I’m an entrepreneur, and the significant demand for our products and our way of doing business could not be ignored. I felt I had no choice but to continue onward with the brand and the reputation for being the best. By launching a home products collection I will continue to offer well-designed and well built products to designers, architects, builders and consumers alike” said Peacock.

The new company plans to introduce many new products for the home, beginning in the kitchen. His MOTRA™ Collection will be the first. This new Collection of high quality, well-designed and affordable cabinetry will be debuted this fall. Under the MOTRA™ label will be a modern line and a traditional line where a typical kitchen from this new Collection will begin at $45,000. “Obviously, the world has changed. To continue to lead our industry we must evolve. Frankly, many lesser brands and mill shops haven’t made it. I believe we are responding to a need in the marketplace and listening to our potential clientele. We are going to be aggressive and fight hard for market share in this multi-billion dollar industry.” said Peacock.

Interesting! Read the full article here.


  1. Oh, very exciting! I am not yet at the point of having a Christopher Peacock, but I adore his design.

  2. Just something you might find interesting. My husband has his own business making industrial saws and cutters and does work for Smallbone of Devizes and Mark Wilkinson. Small world. XXXX

  3. Interesting! As always, you are my source for all Christopher Peacock information. I must admit, though, that I do not like brown kitchens!

  4. Yippeee!!! but I must admit Im such a Smallbone lover.

  5. Glad to see a stained wood kitchen--there is only so much white I can take.


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