Monday, November 8, 2010

Lovely English Tudor- Is that in London?

What a beautiful English Tudor. The setting is spectacular! When I happened upon it I thought it must surely be a lovely estate in a small hamlet outside of London! Not so, this wonderful treasure is located on almost three acres of rolling hills in Greenwich, CT - a suburb and only 45 minutes outside of NYC.
Let's have a tour! You enter through a gorgeous stone entry with a beautiful, arched door.
Your first stop is the library/entry hall. Take a close look at the detailing of the walls. I love the secret wall of books that swings open to reveal a doorway. Also look at the staircase through the doorway.
Here is a closer look at the staircase. I adore the railing and soft curve. A glass and stone gallery leads you the living room.

The house is filled with period mouldings, leaded glass and limestone fireplaces.

I love the family room and the wall of french doors which invite you to enjoy the spectacular view. Notice the coffered ceilings.
The architectural detail in the dining room is sublime. Notice how the windows are not only trimmed out with molding, but also boxed out with column like detailing. This creates deep transitions to windows. I especially like how they kept this room white. You can enjoy the detailing with out being overwhelmed by it. Despite their reputation, Tudors can be light and bright. Here the kitchen is done in white with marble and wood counters. Clearly it has been updated and renovated over the years. I like the shape of the hood.
The nearly untouched Great Room is perhaps the home's most dramatic. The striking fireplace and wood beams are wonderful. Notice the curved floor to ceiling window.

I love to see old homes restored to their original grandeur. The home is currently for sale. To see more of it click here. And if you end up becoming the new owner, let me know and I will drive down from Boston for visit!
(all photos Sotheby's)


  1. oh my, this home is gorgeous, true, a bit old fashioned for me to live in, but grande to visit!

  2. Typical USA landscape design. Foundation plantings. Bless their heart.

    No hint of Great Dixter. Nor Gertrude Jekyll's famous, "The 1st thing I consider when designing a landscape is what to put on the house."

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  3. Such a stunning home. Great pictures and tour. Love it. I would love to be the new owner, but I don't think that's going to happen. lol Hugs, Marty

  4. Thank you! Been grappling with how to update our English cottage kitchen....this is another one to add to my look book! Gorgeous.

  5. Tara,
    You are quite right! You have such a wonderful eye for the outdoors!

  6. If I ever come into any $$$$ I will have one of those old tudor homes...

  7. Tara, This is so wonderful the 1st image along the water took my breath away!!

    Art by Karena

  8. Beautiful House and well described post.
    Thank you

  9. Beautiful home with wonderful interiors but I agree with Tara's landscape comment. Not near enough thought goes in to the exterior and surroundings of homes in the United States.

  10. now I'm still living in my parents' house, but someday I want to make a new home and live with my wife. I really love it when I found this blog, because I dream of having a nice house interior design. this blog makes me inspired. Thank you very much

  11. This house is spectacular! I live about 30 minutes from Greenwich, Ct. and find myself there quite often...will have to keep my eyes peeled for it!

  12. Wonderful!!!!Very goog!!!Bealtiful.

  13. So pretty and the kitchen is such a surprise...would have expected it to be dark and instead it's fresh and warm!!

  14. Nice country home! The style and the colors used were so beautiful. Great post, 3D Rendering.

  15. As I'm sure you know, Greenwich is full of spectacular houses and clearly this is one of them. I love the library with the jib door and I have actually always wanted a long glass gallery like that - love the leaded glass!


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