Monday, January 31, 2011

Design Trends!

The final installment of my trip to Market was to look at the overall design trends for 2011.

We saw a lot of furniture that mimicked Tara Shaw Maison and Aidan Gray - some were more rustic like Restoration Hardware, some were more chippy and distressed. There were a variety of price points and quality. But if you are interested in this look you will be able to find it at any price. My only caution when shopping is to look at the finishes - some of these vendors are doing great work that looks authentic and others are not. I was very impressed with almost all the pieces from BLISS (above) - they were my favorite vendor for quality versus price.

We continued to see in almost every showroom neutrals and linens. This bedding ensemble from Legacy Linens was just beautiful.

But the one new element we noticed the most was the introduction of more organic and textural type materials. We saw more rattan, raw wood and specifically we saw a lot of driftwood/wood.

We saw wood made into sculptures like this wonderful horse -

And this large seahorse!

Pieces like this mirror were in several showrooms but Currey and Company seemed to have the best selection and the best quality.

Here it is with several lamps with wood bases.

This large mirror was just striking - and notice the chandelier in front.

They had several other interesting Chandeliers like this trellis style.

We fell in love with this standing lamp - we loved the texture and scale.

Their smaller lamps were also interesting. They had several styles like this ball lamp.

and the figure - we loved this one.

Over all we saw little departure from the past year - most vendors playing it safe and neutral with lots of gray, taupe and brown. It was a great trip and I came back even more inspired than before, with many new sources with quality products. I would be interested to hear how you all feel about seeing more of this look and your thoughts on trends for 2011.

(all photos Willow Decor not be copied without permission)


  1. Thanks for the great look inside the Atlanta Market...Love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I do like the driftwood pieces. I saw that Currey & Co. mirror in Dallas at market too. I agree, they have great quality.

  3. Thank you for the tour and the insight! You ROCK!!!

  4. I loved the tour of this show, thank you. I don't think the vendors are playing it safe with the gray just staying with what's hot and selling and in this economy that's smart. A lot of truly fabulous pieces, thanks!

  5. I love the peeks at the Mart, where we mere mortals can't go!

    You know, I'm a little over all the griege. It's all that's out there right now. I think people will swing back to color, if not the second half of this year, then definitely 2012. My living room's been griege, white and black for two years now and I find myself needing an injection of color. The fresh green from your Napa/Mart post seems just the ticket.

  6. thanks for the look inside! lovely greetings

  7. Thanks for taking us with you on the tour! I love the ball lamp. It's such a great sculptural piece.

  8. i really do love the seahorse.
    i do not know what it is about them.
    .....oh, that's right.
    their horses!!!
    love 'em.

  9. Wow - love so many of these pieces - they are right up my alley. Thanks for such a great tour!

  10. I love the furniture and linen trends and feel they would could be timeless. The driftwood pieces are really trendy. I would get sick of them at some point. They would work in a beach house though. Thanks for the Mart tour!

  11. Good morning!

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    This is so interesting and I'm in love with these pictures. I wish I was there too.
    Isn't great to see new things? I just love the seahorse! Beautiful piece!

    Drop by my blog to see its new look. Let me know if you like it, ok? :-)


    Luciane at

    Post of the Day: A House in Malibu.

  12. My thought is that this look is definitely a Trend, which means it will soon be out of style. I like using some of these pieces, but an entire room in this gray, driftwood, "belgiun style" would be depressing after awhile and too much of the same, which means nothing stands out and attracts your eye. I think it is getting too thematic. Having said all that, I just bought the fabulous Currey & Co. Axel Orb chandelier made of wood with a "rusted" chain... :)

  13. We went to the Dallas Mart and picked up the Bliss line this time. We have several pieces coming. I agree with you they had fabulous finishes at a good moderate price point. I thought they did a better job than Aidan Gray, the line's just not that big yet.

  14. Beautiful, splendid design trends!
    Lovely sea horse!

  15. Great post! Thanks for sharing with us underprivleged non-designers in the far north - I live for posts like this!!

    xo Terri

  16. I would like to climb into that bed, with the ball lamp on the table beside it and the mirror on the wall across from the wall with the seahorse :)

  17. I do like the new driftwood, weathered and greys...but I know trends come and go so I want to remain true to my decorating tastes which is a white palette, uncluttered, clean, simple but cozy coastal cottage.

  18. that seahorse is really cool. Looks like your trip to market was a good one

  19. I think rustic and cabin style design will be trends of 2011.
    Thanks for the great insight of the Atlanta Market.

  20. Hi glad to have found you! Loved going through your blog..appears we like many of the same things! I loved your kitchen redo, am building a house myself right now and just today am putting out my French kitchen post. I started a a blog 3 weeks ago about the building of our new house and my love for design and decor. Please visit me if you can, think you will like it

    Will defintely be your newest follower!


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