Saturday, September 3, 2011

English Country Cotswold Home

Yiangou main

I have always been enamored with stone homes, especially those wonderful properties that are nestled in the gorgeous English countryside.

Yiangou reno

When the owners wanted to expand the kitchen, but ensure that the charm of the historic stone house was incorporated, they called on the talented, Yiangou Architects.

Yiangou details

A closer look shows you their keen attention to detail. They used large timbers of green oak to frame out the new addition in an effort to seamlessly tie it back into the original home.

Yiangou interior4

Above is the main entry of the existing home. You can see the beautiful millwork, bannister and wonderful ceiling beams. Notice the gorgeous flooring. The new addition needed to look as if it evolved over time as the house has evolved.

Yiangou interior 1

Above is the new kitchen and family room space. You can see the wonderful post and beam design really compliments the entry of the home. The entry beams are repeated, and the flooring is similar in color and scale.

Yiangou interior2

Windows on three sides capture the light through out the day and into the early evening. The gardens are visible at every turn. Also notice the wonderful fireplace.

Yiangou interior3

French doors give you a closer glimpse into the spectacular English gardens.


The gardens from another view!


We said goodbye to the beach this weekend. Another summer come and gone. Thank you so much, Readers, for being so patient while I disconnected from the internet during the month of August and re-connected with my family and friends. I am refreshed and re-inspired! It is great to be back! Looking forward to sharing some of my exciting, new projects with you through out the Fall!

xox Gina

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  1. Very pretty, understated and so peaceful. I can almost feel that country air blowing now.....

  2. We love the wood beams and the view into the garden. So beautiful!
    Angela and Renee

  3. This house and gardens are so lovely. They connect so well to each other and to the new kitchen. I love all the light and the beautiful beams. I'm happy to see you back, Gina. You were missed.

  4. What a beautiful view. Can you imagine looking out and seeing all the purple and green colors every morning?

  5. So glad that you had a wonderful August to relax but also so glad that you are back. This reader has missed your beautiful posts!!! I love England and these images are like crack to this addict. Such a rush!!!!

  6. Gina, What a lovely home and that last picture grabbed my heart. Welcome back and Happy Fall, Kathysue

  7. Hi Gina,
    It is indeed a wonderful house! Me too I love stone homes! Here I do love the combination of the stone walls and the oak wood inside!
    And that chimney piece is gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful day Gina!

  8. Welcome back, dear Gina! I love stone homes, too - those green oak timbers are fabulous, and I love that they put all that glass in to allow beautiful streams of light in all year long... and forever views of lavender! Ahhhh.
    Happy Autumn,
    xo isa

  9. What a beautiful place! Love that foyer and all the lavender. Well back!

  10. English homes are my favorite style as well, stucco, rock and wood. This is a beauty! And, what a view.

    Thanks for sharing.


  11. What a pretty home!
    Loving the lavender out the windows.
    Such a pretty spot.

  12. Gina,

    Sweetie... I'm so glad you had a wonderful summer with your family and I'm also happy you're back! Your posts were missed by me! :-)

    Lots of love to you!


    Luciane at

  13. Gina, good to have you back! I have missed you SOOO in blog land!

    I am looking forward to reading many, many lovely posts and to hear your take on design and architecture.

    The beams in this house are fabulous. And the views...!

    Warm hugs


  14. The kitchen seems so calming just like the rest of the house

  15. Hello,

    This house is gorgeous! I want to spend the weekend in that house :-)

    Have a nice weekend

  16. What a gorgeous house! Love those beams, and oh that lavender....!

  17. Very beautiful Home and great interior as well exterior work. The house look so pretty, I wish I could have one as such.

    Thanks for sharing.

  18. I'm really pleased that you liked my design. Best wishes Neil Quinn (Yiangou Architects)


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