Monday, February 27, 2012

An Artist’s Sculpture Studio

Artist studio 0

One of my dreams is to have a studio. I love to paint, dabble in sculpture and of course, it would be wonderful to have a dedicated space for my interior design business.

artist studio 12

Designer David Coote took a small garden shed and created the most amazing Artist’s Sculpture Studio and Retreat.

artist studio 9

Though not very large in scale, it is enormous in charm and function. As you enter you can see a daybed to the right and straight on you can see the studio area. Notice the skylights and windows. There is literally light from almost every angle.

artist studio 11

Here is a closer look at the studio. I love that the back wall is covered in old barn board and the floors are stunning!

Artist studio 2

A small pot belly stove keeps the studio toasty warm in the cooler months.

artist stduo 4

And there is even a small hot plate when you need to re-charge and have a bit of tea!

Artist studio 2d.

To the right is another bed in a bit of alcove. Notice the lovely window and beautiful open beamed ceiling

Artist stduio 2a

A close up shows old brackets and barn wood shelves for storing old casts and an antique wash tub to hold towels and cleaning supplies.

Artist studio 6

The alcove also has wonderful skylights. I expect the light floods this studio and changes all day creating the most interesting patterns.

Artist studio 10

There is even a wash basin and water to freshen up – so charming!!

Artisit studio 3

Notice the old re-purposed closet doors which hide all the sculpture supplies.

Artist studio 3a

And these doors swing open to let even more light and the lovely gardens in.

artist studio a

Could you ask for a more inspiring place to work?! So readers, here is one of my dreams – an Artist Studio!

To see more of David Coote’s work click HERE. To see two other fabulous Artist Studios click HERE and HERE.

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  1. Wow - that is stunning ! Each time I scrolled down to see the next picture I was saying "I want it" "I want it " in my head :O) It's one for the vision board :O)

  2. Wow! What an incredible work space! The opening shot of those giant doors with the opening transom stole my heart. Love how bright the space is! Love the open beams and all the rustic touches! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have a couple yard sheds but I'd have to share space with hoes and rakes!


  4. What a great space. I'm not sure I could successfully achieve this kind of minimalism on a regular basis, but it might be fun to try! Maybe a little studio in the backyard would be a good testing ground. :-)

  5. What a beautiful spot, to create, daydream or just soak up the summer air. I think we all wish we had such a spot, I would never leave.

  6. What a beautiful, simple space.
    I'd love to be able to live this minimally. It would be so liberating, don't you think? It would definitely free up some brain space for creating.

    Lovely post, Gina.


  7. Oh I love this! I would love to have a studio for my projects. And to be able to just work for a while and sleep there with NO interruption would be amazing.
    Happy Sunday.

  8. What a beautiful space in which to be inspired and create...there's just enough going on that while it looks simple, there's warmth in the details. Love the old hot plate for the tea kettle and the pot belly stove.

  9. Whoa! what a fabulous place to create ~ pure in its simplicity, light and airy
    perfect for the soul! xo

  10. Amazing work area!!!!! Boy I could be really inspired to be very creative in a space like that...unstoppable!!

  11. What a wonderful studio to work in. What artist wouldn't love to have it, especially with all that natural light.

  12. what an inspiring studio space! lovely and calm!


  13. My dream too. And this is a really special one.
    xo Lisa

  14. Lucky artist, that's all I can say! I actually especially love the last pic... I could stare at that all day.


  15. Lovely blog; I'm a new follower!
    Anne ♥

  16. Hdhdfhfhdj. Oops, my jaw dropped onto the keyboard.... This space is stunning in all of it's rough glory!

  17. This is one of my favorite places. O boy, how I would love to have a place like that... Your blog is full of beautiful interiors, but this one, and the little white house few posts back is something I can't forget.


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