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The Romance Of Italy - Rimini's Grand Hotel

Is there anywhere more romantic than Italy in the Spring?
A favorite place for Europeans and Americans alike is the Grand Hotel in Rimini, Italy. Famous as a beautiful national historic landmark and made more famous by acclaimed Director, Federico Fellini, The Grand Hotel is a beautiful now as it was in the past.
Many years ago I had the pleasure of staying at the Hotel and even spending time in the luxurious Fellini suite, where the famous director spent many wonderful holidays.
The hotel became world-famous through Federico Fellini's films. As a poor child growing up in Rimini, he often looked through the gates of the hotel in awe, dreaming of a life of luxury like the hotel's guests. These childhood memories inspired some of his most successful films. The Grand Hotel is featured particularly in his film Amarcord, where it is in the background of some of the film's most memorable scenes.
Elle Decor UK recently did a tribute to Fellini by styling and photographing a shoot at The Grand Hotel. They chose to shoot in black in white, which really highlights the architectural features. To really see the grandeur of the location, I have tried to find the coordinating locations in color.
Elle Decor says: La dolce vita is as iconic a film as they get. Fellini’s masterpiece has been referred to throughout fashion, film, architecture, philosophy and music. As the title suggests, “The sweet life” is about frivolity, glamour, fame, style and surrounding yourself with beautiful things and people. This shoot pays homage to Fellini and the film in its black and white style photography by Fulvio Maiani and luxury setting at Grand Hotel Rimini in Italy.

The styling by Chiara di pinto and Arianna lelli Mami is seamlessly co-ordinated with the vibrant, cleverly designed furniture and interiors. “Lounge chairs” scatter the foyer, poolside and club room as if to challenge the viewer with their positioning. Sky high heels indicating power and prestige work with designer swimwear, head scarves, capelets and jewels which allude to “dressing up” for a leisurely lounge by the pool.

Like the film, the series of images presented by Elle Décor end on a reflective note, showcasing the human desire for masking the tragedies in our lives by living and searching for beauty and enjoying the sweetness of life! - Kate Vandermeer

One of the most attractive aspects of the Grand Hotel is its classic style.
Directly above and below are photos of the main lobby area. The rooms are still decorated with Venetian and French antiques of the XVIII century, and the original wooden floor (parquet) and Venetian chandeliers have been restored.
Plaster work has been restored it original grandeur.

Venetian glass chandeliers hang from the ceiling at every turn - adding to the Hotel's glamour.

In the restaurant and the other banqueting rooms, the furniture, the paintings, and the lights, reinforce the original atmosphere of the past.
Here is the Grand Ballroom - done in lovely soft pinks. Notice the ceiling is also painted pink highlighting the plaster work. Also notice the arched french doorways. Stunning.
Here is a smaller more intimate dining space. Notice again the chandelier. Mirrors are also used very often - see the very large one in the far right of the photo.
Lets go up stairs to see the more private rooms. Notice the iron work on the staircase - again the large mirrors reflect the gorgeous interiors. Beautiful carpets add another layer of luxury.

Here is one of the sitting rooms and bedrooms in one of the Hotels many suites.
Here is the sitting room in the Fellini Suite. When I visited I had the opportunity to spend time in these famous and lovely rooms.

Fellini himself loved to be a guest at the Grand Hotel once he was successful, and stayed in this favourite suite on a regular basis. Today, some guests specifically request to stay in that room. It was actually in this room, while talking on the phone, where he had the collapse that ultimately led to his death. The friend he was talking to on the phone heard a sudden silence from the other end, and called the Grand Hotel back immediately to ask them to check to see if Fellini was alright. They found him lying on the floor, and he was rushed to hospital. He later died in Rome.
Above the adjacent sleeping quarters and bath of the Fellini Suite. Though difficult to see, the floor to ceiling french doors in the bedroom open to a spectacular view of the ocean. Again many mirrors, Venetian glass chandeliers, plaster mouldings and marble abound.
The outside grounds of The Grand Hotel are equally as beautiful.
Outdoor dining in the garden - Also the area where many parties and weddings have taken place.Here a semi-outdoor pavilion has a permanent painted "tented" ceiling. Notice the gorgeous floor.
Dining by the pool - Wouldn't you love to sip champagne cocktails here?

More outdoor dining, with a spectacular view.
A beautiful tablescape with the Hotel as a spectacular backdrop.

Getting ready for a wedding - Oh so romantic!
And, of course, do not forget the ocean! Just steps from the hotel.
Make sure to reserve your private cabana.
Evening parties on the outdoor pavilion!
Ahh - wouldn't it be fun to escape to Italy in Spring?!
All photos from The Grand Hotel website, Golden Star Events and Elle Decor UK.
Research from Wikipedia, Fashionista, and The Grand Hotel.


  1. oh la la....I've been to Italy once but did NOT see this, so I MUST go back again! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures and background story.

  2. How lovely! What a treat it must have been for you to visit such a beautiful place. Your tour and commentary made me feel like I shared some of your experience, thank you for the joy.

  3. Wow, noone does glamour like the Italians! Beautiful post! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Tracey xx

  4. Italy is dreamy! It's all so grand and glorious. Where on earth did they find a model with such long legs. Great editorial shots of her!

  5. Gorgeous post! Such a heavenly place. I can't seem to find your email anywhere on your blog. Can you email me at Thanks, A-M xx

  6. I have never been to Italy..I think it is high time....beautiful post...thank you.

  7. I've had such an Italian yearning of late, not sure where it's come from, but I've got it bad! So this fabulous post has really set it off again - & that's a very good thing - so thanks Gina!
    Millie ^_^

  8. this is beyond luscious.

    what's wrong with this picture?...
    why am i here, and they are there ?


  9. What a gorgeous post! Who wouldn't want to tour that?

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