Sunday, March 1, 2009

Swedish Style Country Homes

Designer Sasha Waddell from England is famous for pioneering the now highly recognizable and very popular Swedish Style. Below are two homes with her trademark style.The first is a wonderful country home in the UK that she decorated in muted blues and greens, although the room has color and pattern it is very subdued. Notice the different scaled Swedish checked fabric on the chairs, ottoman and pillows.
Here is a lovely bedroom! Notice the wall of closets along one side of the room. I love the bed linen and the classic blue and white striped chairs. Wood is painted white or natural stain. Curtains are sheer white.
The guest room has a sweet desk and chair for correspondence. I love the addition of the blue Swedish cupboard and the interesting mirror above the desk. Again wood is painted and floors are light. Again curtains are sheer white.

Here is another Country Home in London by Waddell - This one is designed all in white
Notice the wide planked painted floors and classic blues and white rag rug. Again her trademark white sheer curtains.
Here you see a classic Swedish style chair. Looking to the kitchen you can see white cabinets and natural wood counters.

The bedroom, adorned with white linens accented in raspberry also has the white sheer curtains. The addition of the antique Swedish bench is lovely.

Sasha also has a wonderful line of Swedish inspired furniture. For more details about Sasha Waddell visit her website at www.


  1. It's beautiful, tranquil and fresh. It makes me want to jump into the pictures, grab a good book and a cup of tea, and forget the real world. *sigh* Excellent work, Sasha!

  2. Love the photos! I especially love the billowing sheers! Gorgeous look!

  3. Lovely, relaxing. I hope you will share with me the paint brand and colors you used. thanks, carol


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