Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Living Room Evolution

I wanted to share with you the evolution of my living room.
(click on any photo to enlarge)
My living room is a warm and inviting room with windows on two sides and sun coming from a third side through the Conservatory. I have always been hesitant to cover the windows with any window treatments - as I hate to block any light. But, clearly my living room needed some softening. Above is the before.
After a long search for perfect Belgian linen and a tutorial from Joni at Cote De Texas on curtains (do click this link - it is a fabulous resource) the day came to have the drapes installed. I hired a professional drapery installer. I am a good at many things, but this area is best left to a professional.
Here is the after (please disregard the wreaths in the windows as they are part of my holiday decor.) The curtains are Parisian pleat tops, double window width with a trouser break bottom. The rods are hand forged iron and sent up from New Orleans by my dear designer friend, Millie. You can see the richness and softness the new window treatments bring to the room.
Here is the living room from another angle. You can see my cherished Mora clock to the right. For the story on how I acquired that clock click here. Notice the sweet Gustavian chair in the bottom right of the photo.
Here are the Gustavian chairs from another angle. The painting is a lovely work by Cape Cod artist, Anne Packard. We usually put our Christmas Tree here.
This angle is taken by standing at the Mora clock. Also notice my new "soft" seagrass rug- which really is very soft with white cowhide rug overlay - to learn more about cowhide rugs click here.
I added a few more holiday decorations in this shot. Notice the garden urns by the fireplace filled with berries, branches and evergreens.
I added more oversized mercury glass ornaments to compliment the ones on the mantel and also to pick up the sparkle from the mirrored trees in the Conservatory. I also love the texture and smell of the Rosemary Topiary trees.
Finally here is a close up of a reliquary and pedestal, as well as a close up of the garden urn. I love the warm colors and the way that the evergreens and mercury glass add a holiday sparkle to my room. Let me know your thoughts, should I add more holiday decorations or leave it as is?
(all photos property of Willow Decor)


  1. WOW!
    It´s lovely!!!
    Hugg from Tine in Norway

  2. stunning! love how your room (house) looks, classic and fresh with great attention to detail! and there's nothing better than a professional installer, I agree!

  3. Really beautiful very classy
    Kind regards

  4. Love your new curtains- they are perfect. Also coveting your fluted pedestal with the reliquary on top...

  5. The new curtains look so pretty. They are the finishing touch to an already beautiful space. Your swedish furniture is wonderful!

  6. Your living and and the surrounding area look absolutely picture is all so beautiful.
    Thanks for the peek.

  7. Your room is elegant and your choice of colors...thank you for sharing your photos with us! Love your curtains!

  8. Oh I love it! I was tempted to say more, but I think it's quite perfect as is.

  9. I think your living room is lovely as is! You made a great choice with those curtains. They really do soften the room. The paint color on your walls is just perfect. Would you mind sharing the name/manufacturer of the paint color?

  10. Gorgeous Gina, I love it all and your holiday touches are perfect. Happy weekend to you.

  11. Very nice living room indeed, classy and restrained, yet inviting! I absolutely adore the wreaths in the windows!
    And the curtains - beautifully done - little break, gorgeous!!!

    Happy holidays!

  12. What a difference the curtains make, it's amazing! they are wonderful - your room is now so warm and inviting and the curtains shouldn't block out much sun at all! just beautiful and thank you for the shout out, that was so sweet!! I'm going back for a second look!

    Merry Merry!!!

  13. It all looks timeless and beautiful. I just discovered Belgian linen draperies and am contemplating adding them to our guest room. Can I ask what is your wall color? I complements the draperies very nicely.

  14. Your home is so lovely! I am just dying over here at all of the gorgeous furniture, the luxurious drapes, the wreaths, the lights. So pretty. Your style is exactly what I would want in my home (if I could afford it!) Maybe some day. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. Boxwood Terrace - The paint color is the same as the Conservatory. Paint is Benjamin Moore Muslin, trim is BM White Dove.

  16. Gina,
    What a lovely inviting room! The curtains are perfect. I just ordered some framed Intaglios for a client in northern VA from Quatrefoil! Yours are a lovely arrangement....(I WANT SOME!).
    Merry Christmas.

  17. So beautiful The room is so comfortable and classic. The draperies, the holiday wreaths, all of it!

  18. Gina, I am not exaggerating when I say that this is one of the most beautiful rooms I have ever seen. Not trying to flatter you but WOW - you have done an incredible job. There is something about the combination of your incredibly lovely things (what an eye you have) plus the very soft colours of the furniture and drapes and accents. I love the gentle colour scheme. You have so many beautiful things and the bones of your room are perfect - I so wish I had a more interesting or older house!!

    I must ask abour your loveseat (sofas)...this is the style I have been seeking for my small living room, with a single back and seat - they are very uncommon. Where on earth did you find them?

    I am in love with this room and I am going to copy your pictures and pin them on my inspiration board!!!!! The drapes are incredible. Love the fabric...everything is perfect!! Love the paint too!!

    You have talent girl!
    xo Terri

  19. Simply put....gorgeous. Everything is gorgeous...the colors, the balance, the antiques, the CLOCK. Everything!


  20. How nice it's at your place, the curtains is really the perfect addition. You have great taste.


  21. Your whole home just puts a smile on my face, Gina!
    Your window treatments are beautiful. Love the rods. Do you mind sharing Millie's info?
    Yes, the paint color is perfection.
    So inspirational!!
    Happy Holidays.


  22. Can I move in? It's lovely!! And I love the curtains; they add such a softness. I did take a look at Joni's curtain pointers. Thanks for that. As for your question, I personally like quiet, elegant holiday decor. cheers, -susan

  23. it looks so beautiful!!! the curtains made SUCH A difference & it's juyst soft & elegant & you must be so happy in there!!

    I'm also in love with the oil painting - just beautiful.

    Gorgeous job & I'm sure you're enjoying it so much this time of year!!! :)

  24. Very pretty and a true classic, this will last for a very long time. 5 stars

  25. Your living room is beautiful! So many lovely things to look at. Love the Ann Packard painting, the new curtains, and of course the Mora clock! Oh, how I would love to have one some day!
    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas! Beth. :)

  26. Gina, I have been out of pocket, sorry for being late to the post!

    Your home is so beautiful and serene - exactly what I would expect. It is wonderful to see the conservatory in the context of the living room, and gives me even more appreciation for the importance of the intaglios given the beauty of the living room.

    I love the curtains. So often people say they don't want to block the light, yet curtains add such a feeling of finish to a room.

    The mora clock and the little mirror are two of my favorite elements! I can't wait to go back ands study every detail of your room. Excellent post!

  27. sheer perfection! the linen curtains, wall colors, THE OIL PAINTING, truly everything. what a transformation.............thank you for sharing your lovely home

  28. WOW! Your living room is completely gorgeous! I love it!

  29. Yes, you could use a tree full of red ornaments and some red pillows. Beautiful but not warm enough.

  30. I love your room but def. need some sparkle. I would add some grey sparkle...a tree perhaps. Some silver balls around and on top of the mantle.

  31. Gina,
    Those drapes are amazing and the rods are beautiful. The whole room has a wonderful warmth to it, which would help this time of year I am sure.

    Great job,
    Ness xx

  32. * Congrats!!! It's WONNNNNDERFUL!

    "That" painting by the Cape Cod artist is truly to-die-for beautiful!!! I absolutely LOVE It!!! And, mixed w/ the beauty of the Gustavian chairs, it makes a MAGNIFICENT, CALM OASIS of a vignette...

    You should not only be very PROUD, but sooo HAPPY & COMFY, too! LUcky, tlaneted gal you are!!!

    Warmest holiday hugs,
    Linda in AZ *

  33. What a gorgeous transformation! What a gorgeous room! LOVE it, and those curtains are the cherry on top! Beautiful painting!

  34. Hi Gina -
    Now that is a finished room! What a difference those curtains have made... I should show this before and after to every client that is hesitating to go forward with curtains! That really pulled the whole room together beautifully. The goal is to walk into a room and love what you see everyday - and I am sure you do!

  35. Great the Gustavian Medallion armchairs ( I made a post of nearly the same type of chairs recently). Where did you find yours?
    Mine are from 1790, originals manufactured by a stoolmaker in Stockholm.

    The curtains look beautiful and I'm being very honest. I'm a professional curtain-maker since 20 years and very fuzzy about this.

    Your pick of rods and the forged iron is perfect match and a limitless source in decoration.

    Merry Christmas to you,

  36. Boy! you got a lot of comments Missy,

    The window treatments really gave
    the room a lovely soft feel.
    Looks like you are ready for
    Santa to pop in.
    Have a wonderful holiday season.
    Peace be on your home

  37. Hi Gina, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I absolutely love your living room. The drapery is a huge improvement and DOES soften the room considerably! Your decorations (even the wreaths in the windows:) ) are lovely. The only thing that I might add is maybe a splash of red on your coffee table to break up all the green. Just beautiful! Happy Holidays!


  38. Your draperies put a finishing touch on an already beautiful room. You have a beautiful home, I'm going back to pick up on some of your earlier posts.. from our home to yours a Very Merry Christmas.. hugs ~lynne~

  39. I so hope you see this post.I love the whole look --a beautiful room.

    I have been looking for a sofa in the shape and size you have,for 2 years.Can you tell me who is the maker?
    Thanks judy j

  40. What a wonderful room! I'm ready to move in!

    Where did you find the soft seagrass rug? I'm trying so hard to find one that my husband can live with.

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely room,

  41. Your room is amazing - so well put together!

  42. Hi Gina,

    I see something new everytime I look at your photos--just beautiful!

    I emailed you about that seagrass rug at your gmail acct.! Got to find one that is soft, too!

    Nancy (jesemy at Gardenweb)

  43. Gina! Amazing as always. What I love the most is the simple and elegant look of your decorating. I usually go without curtains because I like a sparse look but you accomplished that with curtains and your room is warm, inviting and peaceful. Well done Gina, what a talent you have!

  44. Gorgeous! I disagree about the red. The coordinating tones makes the room more elegant and chic. Plus the wood pieces add warmth. Just beautiful, you have such a talent!

  45. Funny how your computer shows the color so differently. I got a sample of muslin as I am looking for something pale creamy Grey to go with white dove trim and muslin is so much more beige than you site shows?? Gorgeous though, You certainly have a gift for accessorizing. I am so impressed.

  46. The painting by Anne Packard is GORGEOUS!

  47. I absolutely love your living room. I'm in the process of updating my living room, and I'm ordering a seagrass rug and making similar drapes. I hope my living room turns out half as pretty as your's! It is perfect. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  48. It's days later, but I'm still going back to look at your lovely living room. The drapes are just perfect.

  49. You certainly got this right, it is just beautiful. The draperies made all the difference !

  50. You have a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing the transformation.


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