Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Conservatory, Framed Intaglios & Holiday Decorating

One of my favorite rooms in my home is the Conservatory. It's sort of a Garden Room and Music Room in one.
(click on any photo to enlarge)
It sits directly off our Living Room. You can see a bit of the green Living Room couch in this photo. The Conservatory is fairly large as it houses both a seating area and baby grand piano.
My favorite features are the mouldings and the huge arched french doors which lead out to our brick patio. Sun pours in from three sides of this room, including the front windows in the living room. It has gorgeous light through out the day.
Here is how it looks most of the year. You can see the greenery through the windows. The light in the photo is not the best, but it gives you the general idea.
On the wall opposite the piano I recently purchased a set of nine intaglios from Things that Inspire's new business venture, Quatrefoil Designs. TTI was so helpful to me. We decided on a "gliver" frame color (a cross between silver and gold) which really compliments my other artwork in the adjacent living room. Instead of paper matting, TTI was able to use the remnants of my 100 year old antique linen from my Swedish furniture re-upholstery project, as the background mat for the intaglios. They turned out stunning.
Hanging them proved to be a tedious task. My sweet husband spent several hours making sure they were straight and symmetrical. He's so good at math and so patient! Thank goodness opposites attract!
The finished wall turned out better than I could have hoped. The texture of the antique linen mat is such a wonderful compliment to the Swedish furniture. I hope to eventually find some beautiful sconces to hang on either side.

The Intaglios are very high quality and the price is very reasonable. If you are thinking of adding a set to your home do check out out Quatrefoil Designs.
As I mentioned the French doors open to the backyard and the brick patio.

I love the mossy brick and old stone walls. Both are original to the house; over eighty years old.
I have posted so much about not over doing the holiday look but working to enhance your already beautiful rooms. I wanted to share with you some of my Holiday decorating. The "bones" of my house are so lovely. I also adore my antiques and do not want to have them get lost because of over zealous holiday decorating. Each year I edit and use less decorations, but it seems my house still looks festive. Here is the Conservatory as it looks most of the year. (Well actually without action figures, ipods or dog bones laying around)
Here is the room decorated for the Holidays, just after we got a few inches of snow. I have a collection of antique Mercury glass, mirrored and silver glitter trees. They look gorgeous on the piano and the pedestal. They catch the light and all the day the room just sparkles.
Here is a close up of the piano during the year. The crown sits on its own pedestal behind the piano.
I just replaced the fresh flowers with the silvery trees and relocated the crown to the table in the seating area. Notice the sparkles of light on the doors to the right. All day the light sparkles move around the room.
And here is a close up of the newly upholstered Swedish chair (read more here) and Tara Shaw Maison iron table (read more here). I just added another needlepoint holiday pillow and a mint julep glass with holiday greens for a festive touch. Simple, but beautiful.

Over the next few days I will post the rest of my house decked out for the holidays. And if you hear singing, its most likely me Fa la la la-ing!!

(all photos property of Willow Decor - please link)


  1. How beautiful! I have those framed intaglios on my wish list. And your conservatory is stunning as is the rest of your home.

  2. The intaglios are just perfect! They really suit that lovely room and your furnishings so well.

  3. Well it is easy to see why it is a favorite, and the intaglios are absolutely perfect. I have checked out her site and added to my list of vendors, lovely that she does custom mats. The photo with the snow is straight out of a fairy tale...Happy Holidays;)


  4. Would you mind sharing the paint colors on your walls in the living room and conservatory? And the rest of your house as you post the upcoming pictures?

  5. Mindelicious,
    The paint color on the walls in the living room and conservatory is Benjamin Moore Muslin - Flat finish. The trim color is Benjamin Moore White Dove - Satin Impervo finish. On my monitors the Muslin looks more yellow than it does in person. In natural light it reads a bit grayer.
    Hope that helps!

  6. So many things I just love about this room ... the elegant simplicity, the beautiful recovered Swedish chair and the connection to the patio. The snow compliments the room perfectly. I also decorate with a light hand for the holidays preferring natural Christmas greens with the sparkle from mercury glass.

  7. Such a beautiful space. You have done such a wonderful job of not over decorating and letting the house speak for itself. Can't wait to see the rest!

  8. What a gorgeous room! I chuckled when I read your comment about how the room looks most of the year....without ipods, action figures and dog bones.
    Thank you for sharing your house photos. I love your style.

  9. oh my goodness your home is gorgeous!! I LOVE the space! And the intaglios are gorgeous. And great holiday decor.

    Random question- what is the color of your wall paint? I need to redo our entryway...

  10. Hi, I love your conservatory and your winter decor! It looks like you have a beautiful house! I have a uestion? Where did you get those amazing swedish sofa and chairs? I am looking now! Thank you!

  11. Love ypur chairs, you did a great job on them! I remember that post, the antique linen is gorgeous.

    I also remember your post about Kymberley's Christmas decoration and even if I often work with this linen in my workshop, I seldom find the time to create something this sweet for myself.

    So guess what - I ended up ordering a pair of Christmas stockings. They arrived today, shipping went really fast all the way to Sweden.

    Thanks for recommending, the stockings are beautiful, one of a kind.
    I will show them later.


  12. Stunning. Love the conservatory windows/doors. They are truly great bones. Going to check out those intaglios...


  13. Hello,

    You home is so wonderfully warm and inviting.

    Defiantly a showcase!

    It reflects your eye for style and clean graceful lines.

    How marvelous!

    Thank you for sharing, I epecially am drawn to the views with peeks into winter outside.

    Until next time, I wish you good health and happiness.

  14. LOVE the intaglios!!! Makes such a statement yet simple at the same time!! Beautiful room - those windows are amazing too!!

  15. Your conservatory is so beautiful and that snow fall is probably all you needed for wonderful Christmas decor. Everything is just perfect. I especially love the sunlight streaming through the windows onto the wood floor. GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see the rest.


  16. Such a beautiful space! Your Swedish furniture is lovely and the piano is incredible. I was eyeing the Tara Shaw Maison small iron table for myself, too. It looks perfect in your conservatory.

  17. Oh wow, your conservatory is gorgeous!! I would love to have a room just like it, with light pouring in all around :-)

    Your display of silvery trees is beautiful. I think they provide the perfect amount of sparkle. And speaking of sparkle, love how the sparkly light moves around your conservatory all day :-)

    And finally, love your gallery wall of itaglios. Great idea to use antique linen for the mats.


  18. Your conservatory is a dream! Your husband deserves a standing ovation for hanging your intaglios. Very impressive, and beautiful.
    Gina, one day I must see your home in person!!!


  19. STUNNING from start to finish, beautiful pictures. Not much more to say but I love it.

  20. So so perfect. You have fabulous taste and style.
    A-M xx

  21. All very very pretty, love the light in this room! It must be such a pleasure all year around to be in there! Will you put up the tree there as well?


  22. what a peaceful rooom! love the arched doors and windows

  23. gorgeous - i can't wait for my client to get hers!!! the room is beyond fabulous!!!!

  24. verrrry nice - is that snow outside in some pics!!! wow - what an amazing space to be all year round!

  25. Gina,
    Your conservatery is just wonderful! Congratulations!

  26. Your conservatory is gorgeous! Congrats!
    Really a beautiful blog!
    Greetings from Italy,

  27. So serene. I love the play of light and I'm envious of the beautiful snow backdrop. Here in Los Angeles we have been enduring some unusually cold days, --but no snow to make up for it! ~lb

  28. Who needs Christmas decorations when you have snow....?! Beautiful! Trish

  29. What a pretty room ... in all seasons!

  30. Thanks for sharing the paint color. Luckily, I have a Benjamin Moore color wheel, so I can go look it up imediately! I'm hunting for a family room color that goes well with Swedish decor.

  31. You are so dear in your excitement and love of your home. Everything is gorgeous and the entire post just made me happy. Hope your joy continues and thank you for sharing with us!

  32. It looks beautiful. What a gorgeous spot to curl up in and watch the snow fall.
    Ness xx

  33. Just a beautiful room! And the pictures with the snow....So wonderfully Christmasy.....The intaglios turned out great. Hey maybe you could get your "picture hanger" one of those laser gadgets for xmas!!!!Delightful post.

  34. Your home is beautiful! I love that brick patio with the rock, what a great entertaining space. Also really like your simple approach to holiday decorating. I try every year to put up less...I'm slowly getting there. ;) I love your blog, thanks for being one of my favorites. Merry Christmas! Kathi @ traybella

  35. Thank you for posting the room color! I promise when I started my comment your response wasn't up yet! (when I blog during the day, I'll read a blog, start a comment, work, then finish the comment... feel like an idiot!)

  36. Gina, your home is so beautiful! (Belongs in a magazine). What a lovely place to celebrate joyous times with friends and family. Look at all that light! And the Swedish furniture. And the wonderful arbors outside. Now, I want to know who plays the piano? (And you picked a great husband too!)

    Happy weekend. Monika

  37. Your collection is gorgeous and this room looks so peaceful . Love your holidays decoration . Merci for sharing it

  38. Beautiful room! I love everything about it. Thanks

  39. you give new meaning to "white Christmas!" beautiful!

  40. First visit,

    Lovely room, and house.
    You must use that room alot for party's.
    Who plays the piano

  41. Gasp. I love this room and would have a hard time leaving it. Your needlepoint pillows are just beautiful too.

  42. They look beautiful! Kudos to your husband too. Your holiday decor is so light and inspiring.

  43. What a stunning room...I can see why it's a favourite! The doors are amazing! Tracey xx

  44. Wow its really a great interior design concept presented so nicely and in an awesome way the design ideas and concept is used.

  45. That room is gorgeous!!!! The snow makes it even more magical!

  46. What a beautiful room, I love the antique Swedish furniture and would love to spend some time reading or playing the piano during a snow storm.
    Thank you for sharing


  47. I love your room, specially the gustavian chair. Everything is so cozy. Julia C.

  48. Such a beautifully warm, elegant & inviting room dear Gina! I'd be in there in the morning, with my toast, coffee & papers just enjoying the sun streaming through the French doors. Congratulations on creating such beauty, as always you inspire me to do the same.
    Millie ^_^

  49. I have just stumbled upon your site -- so many lovely things to see! Where did you find the gorgeous [antique?] Swedish sofa? I would absolutely love to acquire a similar piece, but am not even sure of where to look!

  50. what color did you paint the conservatory?

  51. Great blog! Your home is beautiful and we love how you incorporated Intaglios into your decorating. Intaglios are a great addition to any room. Great work!


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