Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Historic Barn Restoration

What do you do with an old, dilapidated barn? The rear of this barn had actually collapsed and had to be rebuilt. Here is the before picture.
The wonderful people at Landmark Services, who are well versed in restoring and renovating, really brought this barn back to life. The barn had significant work done including new insulation, plumbing, siding and trim. The doors were replaced to add to the "carriage house" style. The original stone walls were kept. As if the this outdoor renovation wasn't thoughtful enough the owners added a wonderful gem...
A fabulous spa like lap pool. Notice the skylights and spectacular wall of decorative stone work!
I also love the french doors. The gliding barn door adds such charm.
Wouldn't you love to escape here?

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(all photos landmark services)


  1. Wonderful reform, pleasure of living!

  2. Yes, I would love to escape there and use that lap pool. I have been telling my husband that I would love to have one of those. hmmmmm, maybe I need a barn first. lol

  3. I love this sort of restoration. Wouldn't that be a fabulous home?

  4. This house is a dream! I LOVE every bit. Someday....
    Thanks Gina!

  5. WOW. I yearn to build one more house before we're too aged. Wouldn't it be fab, to duplicate this happiness? Thanks for the post! I loved it!

  6. I love sliding barn doors - they are so charming! What a wonderful idea to add the lap pool.

  7. What a fabulous restoration! Love the details.

    ~ Tracy

  8. wow amazing job! yes, I'd love to escape there!

  9. I've always wanted to live in a barn. That one will do!

  10. WOW! Looks like fun...and a lot of work! smiles.

  11. How wonderful! I so wish that more people would rescue old treasures rather than pulling them down...

    : )

    Julie M.

  12. Well, if this is how "barn living" has evolved, the horses can go live in the house! So great this little gem was saved.

  13. I absolutely love this post - when I was a child my parents converted a barn into our home and we lived in an open plan similar to homes today - it was very modern way of living, yet in a historic barn in Mount Sinai, New York. I am author of nest by tamara at http://nestnestnest.blogspot.com My topic for March is restoring a historic house - I have three personal account of the process with life journeys that go along with them....would love to add your post in the sidebar about this wonderful barn....let me know if you'd like that. best, tamara

  14. This is a beautiful work. The spa is fantastic

  15. i will tell you what to do.....
    sell it to me.
    it is my life long dream to live in one.
    and this one is spectacular!

    love it ! and i need it.

  16. Wow no farm animals in here! Would love and have always wanted a barn! That pool makes me wish summer and warmer weather were here now!

  17. That is QUITE a metamorphasis! VERY PRETTY!

  18. Yes, I would LOVE to escape here RIGHT NOW!!! Fabulous makeover, and love those skylights.

    I want to see more!!


  19. I dream of converting an old barn, but there aren't many here in Dallas! I guess that will have to be a retirement project. I wish I could see what magic they performed on the inside. I did a post on a barn conversion completed by Carrier and Company a couple of weeks ago you might want to check out. Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. I am in the process of BEGINNING to gather facts about restoring my barn (built around 1813) into my home. Where do I start? What informational books would you recommend?


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