Sunday, July 11, 2010

And that's what I've been doing...

It's been such a whirlwind these past few weeks. My children finished school, we headed to the beach house and opened the long closed windows and let the sea air in.
Just as we started to relax, we headed to Lake Santeelah for a week for a family visit. Dave's sister and her husband own a spectacular waterfront home there. We had coffee every morning overlooking this outstanding view. Add in the boating, waterfront dock and jet ski - well we almost didn't' leave!!
As usual Dave and I scoured the real estate listings. We fell upon this wonderful retreat, just down the road from my sister in law's. Oh how I wish we could live near them!

Look at the beautiful kitchen - I love all the wood and the rustic lake feeling this kitchen has.
And what a porch -I love the fireplace and willow chairs! You can't really see the view from here but believe me - it is amazing. To see more of this wonderful property click here.

Then back to Boston to water the trees (can't wait to post my new landscaping!), then to my 25 year college reunion (Yeah WSC!), finally back to the beach! In all the craziness I have had so much fun, but not much time to blog!
In the midst of all the traveling I had a welcome visit from Kristin Mullen of Covetable Designs. You may remember last year when I introduced you to Kristin. I did a post on her and her blog - click here. She emailed me as WD reader, and I learned that she is a wonderful person and an incredibly talented interior designer. It was the beginning of our year long email friendship! Kristin's son was headed to summer Lacrosse Camp in Massachusetts so we hatched a plan to get together on her visit!
It was a crazy day for her, and we had only a few minutes to meet before she needed to catch her train to NY, but we squeezed in a quick coffee. You can read all about it on Kristin's blog here. In case you missed my post last year, I wanted to show you some additional photos of Kristin's kitchen - isn't it fabulous! Kristin designed it and William Ohs created the beautiful cabinetry.
Her kitchen is going to be featured in Beautiful Kitchens Magazine. No surprise to me!! And the rest of her house is amazing as well, so make sure you stop by Covetable Designs and see her absolutely gorgeous house here.
We finally got settled back at the beach and spent yesterday afternoon at the Rockport Garden Club's Coastal Garden Tour. What spectacular gardens! I was so inspired. To see more photos click here.
We also got a lobster license this year, so we spent the afternoon pulling up our traps!
It's so exciting to see what's in them. Here is our first catch - a small crab which we threw back! (but it felt like we won the lottery!)
In the end we caught three lobsters! We had so much fun! Camp starts tomorrow so I will be able to get back into the swing of things. Check back Tuesday for one of my favorite secret shopping stops - its on the way to Brimfield, so perhaps you can stop there on your way. Enjoy the weekend!!

(photos: Covetable Designs, Mountain View Realty, Life at the Loom, Willow Decor)


  1. What an amazing kitchen!! And so far an amazing summer for you and your family! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Well that's a lot of doing! It all looks like so much fun!

  3. Sounds like the perfect summer. So much fun. The kitchen you show is stunning. What a gorgeous place. Thanks. Hugs, Marty

  4. I enjoyed your post very much! I found you through Willow Decor. I am about to become your newest follower!


  5. So great you are enjoying your summer! Kristin's kitchen is amazing ~ love, love, love!! xo

  6. What a wonderful summer story so far! And Kristin's kitchen is truly amazing! Love the mix of color and material. Updated country, very nice!

    You all are so beautiful in these pictures!
    Have a happy time until September! We are off Tuesday!!!

  7. What a great sounding vacation, and thanks for sharing all the pictures...they are fabulous!!

  8. Oh my, I loved this post. First the red door on that cabin. I am in love with that . Had to save that photo. The whole cabin was pretty amazing. As soon as I leave here I am visiting Covetable Designs. Love, love her kitchen. That black window is incredible. Am working with a client that I want to paint her windows and doors black. She has been pretty open but this should cinch the deal. It is so beautiful and classic.

    Your family is beautiful, and I can only imagine how much fun you had catching lobster. I would love to do that. Sounds like you are having a great summer.

  9. Gina!
    So glad you are having such a marvelous summer!
    Maryanne ;)

  10. Hi Gina~
    What beautiful kitchen. Talented lady.
    Looks like you certainly had some great vacation time!

  11. Love those big hanging lights in the home you looked at. Very cool. Looks like my kind of trip. I have never been to the east coast and it is a dream of mine. I at least can dream through your pictures. Looks fabulous!


  12. I so enjoyed this post! Great!! It seems you had a wonderful time in that wonderful house!!
    And how amazing you catched a crab!

  13. Kristin's kitchen IS fabulous but, so is that Lake house kitchen! Gorgeous photos!
    Lila Ferraro

  14. What a fun time you must be having! I would have been excited about that little crab too!

    I love Kristin's "Covetable Designs" blog too. It is great that you were able to meet each other in person.

  15. Looks like you are having a wonderful summer Gina!
    Your children look so proud of that lobster, as they should be!


  16. I am fascinated on your home design. But I am amaze on the things that you are doing with your kids. That is the best thing that happens to a family. Having a great time with our family is the best thing to do.


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