Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Secret Shopping Spot - DOMUS

This week kicks off the Brimfield Fair; the famous antique show in Massachusetts. I am always excited to head west of Boston, but recently its not because the Brimfield Fair, but because of a secret shopping spot I found along the way.
The store is called DOMUS and is open year round. It is filled with wonderful treasures. Gorgeous antiques, unusual reproductions, fabulous accessories. It is one of my most secret spots for finding wonderful unique items for the homes of my clients (and myself!).
DOMUS formerly known as HOME, located in historic Sturbridge, MA is the brainchild of the famous Alex Pifer of the hugely successful SERAPH store. If you are a fan of the primitive, colonial decorating style you will know that Alex is icon. Over the years she has been featured numerous times in Country Living, Primitive Homes and several other magazines. Her eye and attention to detail has made the most discerning collector come back to the SERAPH again and again. But, Alex is a multi-dimensional and multi-talented designer and buyer. She has ventured into the world of Swedish, French and Belgian decor. And, as you can guess like everything else she does, her new venture is outstanding. Let's have look:
On the property right next to the SERAPH, Alex and her charming husband had a spectacular Post and Beam shop built to house the gorgeous DOMUS inventory. Here a pair of gorgeous armchairs are covered in grainsack slipcovers. Notice the garden table and statuary and how wonderfully it goes together.
Here is a beautiful reproduction chaise covered in linen. The finish on this piece is incredible.
The displays in the store are worth seeing. Alex and her staff, including the talented, Laura, do a fantastic job of putting things together. You can guess how much I fell in love with this vignette.
DOMUS has an incredible selection of antique mercury glass, grainsack covered furniture and Swedish antiques.
But if you like a more refined look, you can find it here as well. Another fabulous vignette; and it has a completely different feel. With such an incredible collection to choose from its easy to find spectacular items for myself and my clients. The store is very large. Here is a more contemporary look. I just adore the linen sofa.
DOMUS is not limited to living room and dining room decor. Above is a beautiful French bedroom set. Notice the lighting as well, Alex has chosen a wonderful mix of lighting options for the most discerning customers.
On my most recent visit I was enamored with this dining room table and chairs. Notice the urns and the birdhouse.

It is a common theme at DOMUS to mix garden items with more formal indoor items.

This mirror stopped me in my tracks. Isn't it stunning? You will rarely see the same thing twice here.
Alex prides herself in obtaining the unique. So if you want to find something extraordinary that no one else has, this is the place. So of course you are thinking that wonderful unique items like this are just too expensive and out of reach - I almost don't want you to know...the prices are very reasonable! So my secret is out - I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!
DOMUS is a 45 minute drive from downtown Boston. To see more of their ever changing inventory click their Facebook page here. To get directions click here. And when you head out there, do tell Alex and Laura hello from Gina at Willow Decor. I know you will be glad you made the trip. (Out of state customers can call the store directly as they ship anywhere in the US!)

PS. Sturbridge is wonderful town to visit - plan to stay for lunch at one of the many little cafes and inns.


  1. Such luxurious finds.... love the topiaries!!

  2. Hmmm I will have to ask a relative to pay a visit and shop for me.

  3. Been there since I do Brimfield too, fabulous shop! But I didn’t see that amazing mirror last time I was there. I leave for Brimfield tomorrow I’ll have to go see.

  4. WOW! If I happened upon this my husband would run screaming away because I would cancel all plans for the day and spend the day here...Just gorgeous.


  5. Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who's the fairest of them all?

    IT HAS TO BE THAT MIRROR. It is simply gorgeous and would have such an impact in grand entrance hall.

  6. I love it, what a find and trust me I will visit whenever in the Boston area!

    Art by Karena

  7. My mother has shopped at the Sheraph in Columbus, OH for as long as I can remember. Now I see that the owner's new venture is similar to the evolution I've seen my design taste take, based on learning from my mom's impeccable and self-taught design tastes ( I can only hope to cultivate taste like my mother's someday). I truly hope that Alex considers opening a Domus-X in Columbus! Thank you for sharing!

  8. i would LOVE to be there.
    what an incredible chic shop.
    ...and sofa in the 3rd image
    is exactly what i want!
    i love it.


  9. I love the bench in the picture with the urn...although everything is gorgeous!!

  10. Oh no! So I need to go to Boston next?! Following you gets expensive! (:

    Love the Swedish antiques I spotted.

    Sorry I have been so summer blog lazy lately. But you will see more of me soon.

    Loved seeing your family summer pics!

    oxoxo, blog sis Mon

  11. Domus is filled with wonderful things but the chaise covered in linen is fabulous! I love Brimfield. We actually started our small antique business there about seven years ago. We flew to Providence Rhode Island and commuted from there every day to shop. We hired a truck to bring everything home. We said it all started in Providence. Hence the name of our business. Providence Ltd Design.

  12. Wow, i love to see that. But this wahat i see on this pictures are very lovely. Thank you regards

  13. I will have to ask a relative to pay a visit and shop for me.

  14. oh... I wish i could visit DOMUS :((
    Kiss from Polnad :)

  15. I had the pleasure of going to DOMUS today and boy was I amazed at the beautiful furnishings that were in this store. I couldn't believe that this place was so close to me (50 minutes) and yet I had no idea it was there until I read your blog. I mentioned that I was there because of your blog and Alex and her husband had many nice things to say about you. I can't wait to go back - I was so overwhelmed on this first trip and must go back to absorb what I saw, although I did leave with a gorgeous lamp! And you are right-I agree that the prices are very reasonable for the quality of the goods at DOMUS! Loved it! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  16. This is one of the most beautiful stores I have ever seen! Just amazing!!!! I was there today and I thought I died and went to heaven.......


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