Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dreams Happen!

playhouse 4

Imagine owning a playhouse for your children designed by renowned architects, designers and builders? These wonderful, magical playhouses are currently on display at the Stanford Shopping Mall in Palo Alto, CA

Playhouse shipe

In case you can’t get there, like me, but want to see these little gems I decide to preview a few of my favorites. You see my sister Lisa, is co-chairing the Dreams Happen Fundraising Event –which auctions off these lovely little homes for charity

Playhouse 09-Tanglewood

The Dreams Happen event benefits Rebuilding Together Peninsula, a non profit charity that builds volunteer partnerships to rehabilitate homes and community facilities for low income homeowners and neighbors, so they can live independently in warmth and safety .

Playhouse 05-Cotswold-Cottage

The playhouses are wonderful and cover every style, like this adorable Cotswold Cottage!

Playhouse 10-Science-Lab

And this fabulous Mad Scientist Lab!

playhouse 2

There is also a Fire Station!

Playhouse 07-The-Dwell-ittle-D

A lovely contemporary sponsored by DWELL!

playhouse 6

As well as a more California Style!

Playhouse dreams_happen_logo_RTP_color (2)

To see all the spectacular playhouses up for auction, head over to the Stanford Shopping Mall in Palo Alto, CA. If you do not live by, but want to see these amazing little homes click HERE. To get more information about Dreams Happen click HERE. Let me know which is your favorite. I love them all!! And a special thanks to my sister for all her work on this extremely beneficial event.


  1. What a great benefit. I love these houses. The cottage and the fire station are wonderful. I could move into the cottage.

  2. *** For the CHILDREN??? Some of these are so delighightful, I'd want one for ME, girlfriend!!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  3. So fun and a great benefit. The builder of our home participated in a similar event here in Little Rock a few years ago. He built one similar to the California style on our job site while they were building here. It was fun to watch and turned out so cute.

  4. These are so cool and fun for kids!! A great benefit as well!

    Be sure to enter my awesome $250 Giveaway from Tracy Porter!!

    Great job!

    Art by Karena

  5. Wow I kept thinking I had a favorite until I kept scrolling down..just amazing! I want to click my heels and be 5 years old again! Those are amazing and for such a great cause. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. This is a great cause. These play houses are fabulous. I want one for my back yard!

    The French Hutch

  7. Oh my gosh...what kid (or adult) wouldn't be thrilled?

  8. Great post! If only this much attention was paid to new housing developments!!!

  9. I love these little places, even more since you mentioned they were being auctioned for charity!

  10. What a great cause! These playhouses are awesome! My boys would have loved the Blue Marauder when they were little. I also like the Creekside Cottage and Tanglewood.

    Thank you for sharing Dreams Happen with us!

    ~ Tracy

  11. Oh those are such fun Gina!
    It's one of our favorite parts of the Festival of the Trees at Christmas each year here. Love seeing all the creative energy for a worthy cause.

  12. These are the cutest!!!!!!I think a wonderful event for a good cause with esthetics. The firehouse and the Cotswold cottage rocks! What great diversity !!!!!!!!Maryanne xo

  13. I like the one in the first picture the best. It somehow reminds me of a little holiday gift and craft store that I visited in a small town in Germany a few years ago.

  14. Those play houses are awesome, my son would love to have one of this in our back yard. I just discovered your fabulous blog though "a beautiful mess" blog, I'm your newest follower.
    Have a lovely day!
    XXX Ido


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