Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Enjoying Italy!

Italy Views Minchilli

We are settling in to life Italian style! And I must say they really know how to live- the pace is slower and you really stop to enjoy life!


How could we quickly rush thru the fantastic gardens of the Villa Rufolo in Ravello?

positano Steps

Or not slow down and admire the beauty

Positanto steps

while we climb up and down the steps of Positano.

Walk of the Gods

Or hike along a trail the locals call

Walk of the Gods2

“The Walk of the Gods” and not stop to smell the flowers. Magnificent!!


I took hundreds of photos of the frescos of Pompeii to share with you when I return.


But its back to wine and gelato for me, see you next week!! Ciao!!

(photo credit – Simon McBride for Domenico Minchilli, Google Images and Laura Taylor)


  1. HAve a wonderful, wonderful time....xv

  2. Your pictures are stunning! I have been to Italy twice and can't wait to go back - especially to the Amalfi coast area! That was one of the scenic places I have ever visited! Looks like you are having a wonderful time. That beautiful photo of the wine glass just sums it all up! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh how lovely. The views are magnificent! Have a wonderful time and safe travels.
    Renee and Angela

  4. Oh, my!!! I hope you enjoy every minute of it. I'm afraid I'd never come back from a place like that!!!! :-)


    Luciane at

  5. Oh it´s so beautiful i go to Italy next Month. Im so happy when i see your picutre.

    Your blog is wunderful i hope i become also many Fans so you.

    Best regards

  6. Oh no (or Oh Yeahh!) - you left already! I did not even have a chance to wish you happy travels!

    Have a fantastic time in Italy, Gina! Enjoy every second of it. I love everything about Italy - the culture, the people, the language, the food, the fashion. I wish I could be there too!

    Sending you tons of warm thoughts!


    P.S I can't believe you are blogging...

  7. I was just writing to my friend that I'm missing Italy and need an "Italy fix!"
    Thank you! Your photos are amazing. Have a wonderful, relaxing time!

  8. So gorgeous, sigh. You make me want to hop on a plane right this very instant. I really, really need to get to of these days! Grazie.

  9. Enjoying your photos! Thank you for sharing them! So beautiful, So jealous!

  10. The frescos of Pompeii - thank you for showing us that. I will hopefully visit there in the future. Can't wait to see more of your pictures and especially Pompeii.

  11. Those are just gorgeous photos. Thanks so much for sharing them with, Gina.
    I hope I will ever get a chance to travel there myself someday.
    Have a wonderful time in Italy.

  12. So wonderful to see you having such a great time Gina!

  13. How lovely that you are in Italy, Gina! Thanks for sharing the photos. It looks like you're having a wonderful time! Looking forward to reading more about your trip.

  14. Oh, my, golly, gawd!!!!! Those pictures are superb! I've always wanted to go to Italy, and one of my closest bloggy friends lives there near a gorgeous lake and has offered me a room to stay! These pics only make it more tempting to hop on a plane (oh, if only I didn't despise planes so much) and find out what it's like in real life.

    What a glorious time you must be having!


    Linda. :0

  15. Such spectacular beauty...have a wonderful time!!

  16. I just took a little vacation in my head while looking at your beautiful pictures...thank you for sharing!!

  17. Your pictures are so stunning! I have been to Italy (luckily) many times but never that far south and your pictures make me want to go even more! I just posted about our time in Tuscany last week over the last few days if you'd like to see! Hope you had a wonderful time. :)

  18. Photographs taken are so realistic ! luv them.

  19. How marvelous! The view is spectacular! Enjoy the glorious day, Kellie xx

  20. I am going to Italy soon. Where is the Walk of the Gods?

  21. Absolutely stunning, thank you for your glorious images, they make me want to visit that stretch of coast even more now! I've just returned from a painting trip to Florence and that too was stunning! I'm sat in a very cold studio in the depths of a UK winter looking at your warm sunny pictures and just longing for Spring! hahah! Have a great day!


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