Saturday, November 5, 2011

Inspirational Shopping–Close by and On line!

Studio one

I love finding new shops and on line sites with unique items– especially with the Holidays coming up. I wanted to share with a few of my all time favorites and some of my new finds!  First, for those of you in the Boston area one of my new favorite shops is Pine Straw in Wellesley!


This shop is decked out with cool architectural elements and walls covered in antique barn wood.  It is a perfect spot to find a unique hostess gift, or a great little home accessory.


I love the new tin place card holders I just bought-


and the old glass doorknob that is a wine stopper,  but there is so much more!!


Owner Tracy Cranley also has selected some beautiful jewelry, sweaters and bags – perfect gifts for the holidays!

pinestraw bag

You can read more about Pine Straw HERE.



For the most chic and stylish items all in one place you must double click over to Splendid Willow Avenue (SWA) .  Created by Famous Blogger, Monika Claassen of Splendid Willow, her on line store is a dream!


You might remember Monika started her store with her wonderful Isla Jacobsen boots which I featured last year – read about them HERE.  I own a pair myself, and following Monika’s keen advice I packed them for my trip last year to Aspen.  I wore them during Fashion Week and felt ever so cool and “in the know”!

SW Sheep

Monika has since expanded to home furnishings, like this awesome sheepskin rug.

SW Duster long

But what is so exciting is Monika’s new line of clothes by JARBO  – Europeans have a high standards for quality and style and these clothes are really stunning. I just love the new duster  – Wear it one way and it’s a great duster…

SW duster short

Upside down and it’s a chic wrap.  Love this!! Monika’s style is classy, cool and hip.

 SW Tuck_dressOX

I also love this dress – just stunning!! ( Hubby, if you are reading this, please order one of these for me for the Holidays!) You can read Monika’s blog HERE, and connect to her store Splendid Willow Avenue HERE.



Next stop is a favorite for myself and for my clients:   Boston Consignment. What a huge inventory they have- every month it feels like a brand new store!! Here are some of their new items that caught my eye!

BC lamp Barbara Cosgrove

A great silver lamp by Barbara Cosgrove – What wonderful lines!

BS Mirror

And they always have a fabulous selection of mirrors – like this one above

BC mirror

And this wonderful antique one!  You can see their inventory and get more contact information for Boston Consignments HERE.


I also wanted to share my most recent favorite ETSY find –  I adore these bowls from Suite One Studios –

Suite One Studio

Just a spectacular shade of turquoise in wonderful, organic shapes. You can see more of her beautiful work HERE.

Finally, I am cleaning out my attic and basement and have so many items that need new homes. Do you all think I should offer them for sale on WD or provide you the links to Craigslist or EBAY?? Very interested in your comments on this!

Hope you enjoyed our cyber shopping trip!! Would love to hear your favorite stops!


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  1. I will be anxious to hear what the response is to getting rid of your stuff...I need to do a bit of tham myself...OK...a LOT of that! Love all your finds and tell your hubby that dress would be fabulous on you for Christmas! xo Diana

  2. Hi Gina! It is so hard to believe that it's almost Christmas... again! This year went so fast!
    I love the knob stopper you picked up and the little tin pieces are so cute! I agree, Mon's new clothing line she is carrying at SWA is fabulous. I already told Santa about it!! I wonder if that first mirror from Boston consignment will fit in the bag, too.... :)
    Happy weekend,
    xo isa

  3. Dear Gina,

    If you are having a virtual sale - then I am coming! (Can only imagine how many treasures you have hidden!) E-bay or WD would probably be best if you are shipping. Craig's is for pick up only, right?

    Thank you SO much for the store shout-out and for including me in a group with so many creative people. Wish I lived near you so that we could do some store hopping together.

    You are a gem, Gina. (And I am hardly the famous one - YOU are!).

    Thank you again and happy weekend to you and your family.

    ox ox, Mon

    P.S The Etsy bowl are quite lovely.

  4. Hello lovely Gina!
    Just came across this post which made me lean in extra close.
    Of course I am a huge fan of Monika's lovely store and I love the JARBO clothes. Also have you seen the super gorgeous chevron blanket that she also added to the shop recently!?! YUM!

    As for your clear out. A friend of mine in Australia uses Ebay for her sales, and she always advertises the items via her blog and facebook. Seems to work really well.

    Good luck with all and have a lovely rest of the weekend.

    xx Charlotta
    Space for Inspiration

  5. Great idea! Go for it? Woukd love to see your hidden treasures.

  6. I look forward to the hidden items, and I think Charlotta is right...ebay, your blog, and FB if you are on it. I love all of Monika's new items and Suite One's bowls. I am a fool for anything aqua.
    Have a great day, Gina.

  7. For sure, use WD &/or Ebay to sell your things! With links provided, of course! We are all eagerly awaiting....!

  8. how i love visiting your blog!

    that duster caught my eye too when i popped overr to splendidwillowavenue, but i think i missed the dress you featured--KILLER!



  9. What a great post for this time of the year. Aren't you loving "Splendid Willow avenue" selling fashion? I think it's a brilliant idea!!! Love it!

    Have a great day, Gina!


    Luciane at

  10. I'm spending a little time checking out new blogs, so i thought id stop and say hello to you folks. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon Pennsylvania.

  11. Hi,
    I found your blog through Splendid Willow, and am now following you. I do love those boots and would like to own a pair.

  12. Wonderful! I love you mix of high and low, from consignment to hand made treasures from Etsy. I love to look at all these places as well for inspiration and your post did all that for me! Thank you!

  13. Stunning bowls Gina... and I am a big fan of the online... xv

  14. You are inspiring!!! I just found your blog, I like it because i was seeking for such type of info.
    I hope it benefits all one who land up here.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  15. I love the large golden framed mirror. Very elegant. Such a treasure.

  16. Just going through some of your old posts. That silver lamp is gorgeous! I'm going to have to check this place out.


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