Friday, December 10, 2010

Splendid Willow Launches a New Store

I am so excited for my friend Monika at Splendid Willow. She has such incredible taste and wonderful eye for style. Monika just launched her new web store Splendid Willow Avenue - click HERE.

She is representing the most wonderful boots and coats from Ilse Jacobsen. I truly love European quality - and these boots are fantastic. They are stylish, waterproof and your feet don't sweat like so many others

And the color choice is amazing!

But perhaps my favorite items are her coats - aren't they so fabulous?!

So check out Monika's new venture HERE.

And don't forget to add your comment to The Miracle Chase Giveaway HERE to win a $25 Starbucks Gift Card and Five Books to share with your closest girlfriends.

Finally, pop back on Sunday to check out my FABULOUS GIVEAWAY from Kym Fraser of 3 Fine Grains or start browsing her store now HERE.

It's turning out to be a very exciting December!!
(all photos property of Splendid Willow and Willow Decor)


  1. Wow...Congrats to her...Those boots are coats look fantastic!
    Kisses, my dear
    Off to check it out

  2. What a great post today at Willow Decor!!! I am thrilled with those boots and will go right now to check it all out! Congratulations to your friend! And a give away! can't wait!

    Gina, come and see my pink post today....

  3. Dear Gina, YOU are the miracle girl. You always do so much for others.

    Thank you Willow sis for the shout-out. And for your support and always loving attitude.

    Wishing you a wonderful Birthday Weekend with family and your close friends. I will be checking in with you! (:

    And I will be coming back on Sunday for yet another fabulous giveaway!

    oxox, Mon

  4. I love Monika as well. Her store is really fabulous! I wish her lots of good fortune.

  5. What a great shout out to Monika! So sweet of you!


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