Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Decorating in White Part III

(west elm)
I love decorating for the Holidays, especially decorating in tones of white. Over the years at Willow Decor my "Holiday Decorating in White Series" remain my most popular Holiday posts.

I spend all year collecting images near and far to bring you beautiful examples to inspire you to recreate in your own home. I was quite taken with this little blue spruce tree sprayed with "snow", wrapped with burlap and adorned with small mercury glass ornaments. Wouldn't this look so sweet on a table or a sideboard?

Of course tablescapes are always an easy way to introduce a beautiful theme to your decorating. If you are planning any holiday dinners this table is lovely and simple to recreate. Small bunches of white carnations in tiny vases sit amid votive candles and bunches of Paperwhites. The glass just sparkles!

Here is a similar theme by Preston Bailey but much more dramatic. Each vase of white flowers is a bit larger and the huge fabricated flowers are stunning.

This table is so pretty and it could work for almost any holiday in any season. The flowers hanging above the table are gorgeous. It is likely a chandelier covered with the greenery.
I love this room from Ikea UK -so many great and inexpensive ideas! The mantel is very chic and not costly to recreate. The plates, glass hurricanes and candles can all be found at Ikea very reasonably priced. Add some garland, a few homespun ornaments and presto- chic mantel! I also like the addition of wrapped presents as decorations. The stack of presents looks fabulous under the glass table. Finally the branches adorned with ornaments add a festive flair.
This room from Country Living is a perfect exercise in Holiday decorating with restraint. The lovely chair, rug and gauzy drapes would be completely overwhelmed with heavy holiday decorations. A small white feather tree modestly adorned is a perfect compliment. I also like the small gift on the chair. Very sweet.
Another exercise in restraint, here mercury glass and wreaths are the only addition to this room from Coastal Living, but it still says "Holiday" to me. Sometimes less is more.

The final photo is very modern and chic table from Valorie at Visual Vamp. Fresh and classy!

To read my previous Posts on Holiday Decorating in White click here. And if you want even more inspiration head over to Faded Charm (here) - to find dozens of links to other blogs that have used White as their Holiday inspiration!

(photos Skona Hem unless otherwise noted)


  1. Gina,
    I was looking forward to this. I'm so glad that you sent me a note tonight. You know white at Christmas just seems so quiet. It's the best part of the holidays for me when everything is done and life settles down.
    Just beautiful. Thank you.
    xo Lisa

  2. I adore the first image! That tree is so cute and festive! A great choice for those who wish for non-traditional trees :)
    I also love the ship "chandelier" in the second to last picture! Very cute!

    Great post :)

  3. Such wonderful ideas in these images Gina....i am trying a white and silver theme this thank you...xv

  4. Beautiful images. Back when I would go all out to decorate (eons ago) I had a white & silver theme....LOVE.. Surprisingly, one of my favorite images in this post is the Ikea image. Go figure :) Happy Holidays. xo

  5. These photos are so inspirational. A white decor for Christmas is stunning. I just finished my dining room this way. My favorite is the touches of evergreen with all the white. Always love coming here to visit :)
    Becky C
    Buckets of Burlap

  6. Gorgeous eye candy here Gina. I'm trying to keep it neutral with my decor this year so I'll be saving some of these images for my inspiration files.
    Happy holidays to you!

  7. How pretty. I love the last image of the dining table. Very Fresh.

  8. There is never too much white for me - it feels so fresh and pure and wintery. I did all white and silver last year and LOVED it. I added color this year and it is pretty but when I see a post like this it makes me want to go back to all white! BEAUTIFUL.

  9. children in these photos though....smiles.

  10. There is such a strong trend for everything white - layers in shades of white on textures that add dimension. It is romantic and calm. No wonder we all love to surround ourselves in white.

  11. I love white and i get teased about it. Your pics are all so beautiful and I now would love to get a feather tree.Many thanks, Fiona.

  12. How beautiful Gina, about the only other white flower I would add is the tuberose, my favorite and so fragrant. Such calm, relaxing images!

  13. Thank you for sharing these images. I just finished decorating our home in white and silver for the Holidays, and I adore it.

  14. Those giant fake flowers in the Preston Bailey photo is insane. I want him to throw me a party.

  15. love the white on whote - so clean and fresh :) thanks for dropping by the third - best le

  16. This is absolutely gorgeous!!

  17. White always looks so stunning at Christmas with just a little sparkle. Thanks for the inspiration! Happy Christmas!


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