Friday, December 3, 2010

And Here's What The Kids Are Giving Teachers.....

Teacher gifts are always a challenge. Every year I try to find something small, but personal, that the teacher or coach will enjoy. Craft shows and handmade items are generally my favorites and this year I have found some wonderful, thoughtful gifts. I have included all the links in case you think some of them might work for you. (Please note that Willow Decor accepts no advertising of any kind. All items mentioned I purchased and my endorsement is not compensated in any way!)

My children go to a small school and in many instances both have the same teacher for different classes. Luckily none of their teachers read my blog, so I can reveal who is getting what!! First, the English teacher. He is very inspirational so we found this small quote on a canvas transfer above that he can hang on the wall of his classroom. Inspirational wall art can be found here.
Our Science teacher loves cooking and especially the science behind cooking. Alton Brown's cookbook goes deep on science while still being witty and fun! We think he's really going to like it! I found it on Amazon, but any book store has this.

The Latin teacher is always inspiring the kids and makes class so much fun. We found this wonderful copper bracelet on ETSY. It is written in Latin and means "She flies on her own wings" which really means "She is strong". You can find it on ETSY by I Am What I AM.

ETSY has so many unique items. I was practically giddy when I found these cuff links, decoupaged with vintage French music.

You see these are for the Director of Chorus, who also happens to be the French Teacher! Come on - aren't these so great?! You can bet no one else will be giving him these!! You can find them here on ESTY by ISMAY.

The Math teachers are both getting these cool Math Equation Clocks. You solve the equation to get the number (or time). They are made with recycled CD's - I think they are so fun! Also on ETSY by Geek Gear

Some of our other teachers and coaches are getting the most wonderful candy ever made. It is a fragile toffee enrobed in Callebaut Chocolate and rolled in hazelnuts and almonds called Milk Chocolate Butter Nut Munch.

It is made by the Trappistine nuns of Mount Saint Mary's Abbey in Wrentham, Massachusetts. A wonderful order of almost fifty women praying for all of us and making yummy candy as well. I love to visit the Abbey and drove out there yesterday to pick up a case, but you can also mail order it by clicking HERE. All your purchases support the Abbey and the work of the nuns. I encourage you to try it - it is so delicious!
Stay tuned on Sunday for a wonderful inspirational post here at Willow Decor- I will be sharing some personal discoveries and a fabulous GIVEAWAY! I am really excited to share it with you!!

And the following Sunday, get ready for a second fabulous GIVEAWAY from our friend Kym at 3 Fine Grains. You know we LOVE Kym here at Willow Decor. Kym just opened a new store called A BEAUTIFUL MESS so if you live near Agoura Hills, California be sure to check it out HERE or come back next Sunday to see what amazing item she has for you for the Holidays!

Have a great weekend! So excited for Sunday Night!!


  1. These are great gift ideas Gina- thank you! Can't wait to hear about the giveaway as I adore all things '3 Fine Grains'!

  2. So many wonderful and thoughful gifts but those cuff links are really fabulous!I'm with you I love handmade gifts.

  3. Well now you have gone and done it! I happen to LOVE butter nut crunc...a goooood one. I'm buying ME some!

    Lovely gifts...makes me feel like a gift giving slug!

  4. Wonderful array of gifts. I think you must have a staff of elves with such super choices!

  5. Those are great gifts, Gina. The teachers are sure to love them.

  6. Gina, these are amazing and very thoughtful gifts. I bet the teachers at school are just asking to teach your children so they can be a recipient of the fab gifts. Thank you for the sources, great post,Kathysue

  7. Gina, as a primary school teacher myself I have to say that these gifts, and the thought and sentiment behind them are simply amazing. Just awesome!! (I don't often use that word, but they are truly 'awesome-!!). I've had some lovely gifts in all my years of teaching (over 20), but these all take the cake. Lucky teachers!!

    Linda. xx

  8. So fun!!! Thanks for sharing!
    Maple Road Design

  9. Love the repurposing of such beautiful fabric! The pillows are wonderful!


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