Friday, December 24, 2010

Memories of Christmas' Past

Let's travel back to a Christmas forty years ago.

It's Christmas Eve in 1970. I am 6 years old and anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival! That is me in the front on the left, my Mother and other sisters are behind me and to the right. My Father is taking the picture of his wife and four girls.

My Mother is a hairdresser and every Holiday we MUST have our long hair curled. My memories of Christmas Eve will always be connected with the smell of shampoo and the uncomfortable feeling of sleeping in sponge curlers. We do not have much money. We have just exchanged "Sister Gifts", small things we have bought or made for each other. Exchanging them on Christmas Eve makes them seem more magical and important.

I am dreaming of getting a Teeter Totter watch from Santa. It seems like a grown up gift for a 6 year old who likely can not tell time, but I want to be older like my sisters.

Unbeknownst to us my Mother has been saving oatmeal boxes...

And fashioning them into doll cradles, like this one above. Money is tight, but she wants us to have lots of presents to open on Christmas morning. Over the years it becomes a reminder to me of how blessed I was being surrounded by such a loving family.

I will be spending Christmas with my sisters and their families, as my parents have been gone for quite some time now. So I send on my Christmas wish for you: To be surrounded by people who love and care about you. Thank you, my friends, for allowing me into your homes for another wonderful year.

I am sending you all very heartfelt wishes for a joyful holiday from my family to yours.

xoxox - Gina


  1. What a wonderful, lovely post. Merry Christmas to you, Gina!

  2. Happy Christmas, Gina! A very nice post. I love the pic of you with curlers in your hair and a happy look on your face. Sisters are the best.

  3. what a lovely post and may you and your loved ones have a Blessed Christmas

  4. Oh Gina, I am not sure I feel a bit teary because it's Christmas or your loving recalling of Christmas past! Your parents gone already...It is so good to hear that you celebrate the holidays with your sisters!
    See, my family still alive, parents and sisters to, but so far away! And my oldest two boys as well. Miss them terribly!
    Your mom is surely a Christmas angel!
    Merry Christmas, GIna!
    xoxo Victoria

  5. What a heartfelt post Gina. I'm so sure your dear parents will be with around the table with your & your sisters tomorrow. Have a truly wonderful Christmas Day.
    Millie xx

  6. Ein ganz gemütliches Weihnachtsfest und ein gesundes neues Jahr!
    liebe Grüße

  7. What lovely memories dear blogger friend. I wish you and your sisters all the best and all you hearts wish.

    P.S. I added your very stylish blog to my blog roll.

    Feliz Navidad!!!

  8. Dear Gina, what a touching tribute to Christmas past and the never ending joys of the memories of home and family! I loved every single word! May God bless each of you today as we celebrate the reason for the season. Thank you for your wonderful work on this blog. We look forward to a fantastic 2011!!

  9. Dear Gina,

    Thank you for taking us down memory lane and for sharing a little bit of family history with us. 4 girls! No wonder you are such a great sister!

    Merry Christmas my friend to you and your family.

    Love to you.

    ox, Mon

  10. Thank you for sharing your Christmas memories with us Gina! And thank you for all of your beautiful posts this year.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


  11. Hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family. Love the Christmas memories - curlers and all!

  12. Decorated well for Christmas! Hope you have enjoyed the day with your family. I will be contented to know more from your side. Dear did you use more curlers?
    House painting Melbourne

  13. The most precious Christmas post I've seen all season Gina!
    Happy 2011 to you.


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