Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Swedish Dining Room

Lets have a look at a few Swedish influenced Dining Rooms. There are a few elements you can add to give your room that Swedish touch.

This feels very Swedish, yet does not use the trademark "gustavian gray" furniture. The cherry table and chairs could be part of any traditional dining room, but the addition of the slipcovered skirts, the crystal chandelier, light floors and the gray/blue walls lend a real Swedish feel to this room.

Here is a more traditional Swedish room. Pale handpainted walls, painted chairs and striped fabric seats, crystal chandelier and sconces. Notice the gorgeous painted sideboard.

Here is a more modern take on the Swedish look. I love the unique chandelier, coupled with the painted chairs from Niermann Weeks, sisal rug and traditional Swedish sideboard. Perfect and Fun!

Here is an elegant take on the Swedish feel. Very monochromatic with just a punch of Swedish blue on the chairs. Another sisal on the floor!

Finally, my favorite! This kitchen picture comes from The Kitchen Designer blog (see link right) Though more of a kitchen dining space I love the slat back chairs, check fabric, striped cotton rug and retro light fixture.

Crystal fixtures, painted furniture, pale floors, checked or striped fabrics, sisal/cotton rugs, chair skirts, airy curtains - remember just adding one or two of those elements can go a long way in giving you that Swedish look!


  1. ooh - so so so beautiful! where is that kitchen picture from ? It looks vaguely familar but I can't place it! Great idea for a blog!


  2. I love these pictures! I have a very traditional and lovely dining room set, inherited from my mother in law (who moved into a smaller and more casual home). I was wondering how to make them a little less formal without doing a major paint job, and I think I may have found the solution in your first picture - a tailored slipcover for the seat of the chairs!

    Great post. I love Swedish design, and these pictures are so inspiring to me.

  3. Thank you ladies! I love your blogs and read them every time you post.

    cote de texas - Not sure where the picture comes from. I will send you the link attached to the name I saved the picture under to your home email.

    things that inspire - adding a crystal Chandelier is also a quick way to add some Scandinavian sparkle. Check out Cote de Texas' blog for some great chandelier resources.

  4. Just located the Swedish Kitchen picture - it is from The Kitchen Designer blog. Her link is on the right of the front page of my blog. Check out her kitchens and her ideas they are great! Her blog is one I never miss!

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  7. The swedish style is perfect.I love all the picture, all are with different furniture style but all of them have "special swedish feel" as you say in your article. Congratulations. Julia C.


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