Thursday, November 13, 2008

Velvet and Linen

Please check out my new favorite blog - Velvet and Linen. It is written by Interior Designer, Brooke Giannetti. Brooke has some wonderful photos of her work and the work of other designers. She showcases some very inspirational rooms. Below are two photos from her recent posts. It's no surprise to me that Velvet and Linen was just selected as a "Must Click Blog" by the Washington Post!
To check out Velvet and Linen click on the link below under My Favorite Blogs!


  1. I sooo love Brooke's site, funny I think I found yours via hers. Blogging is such a wonderful world, I spend all night clicking from one blog to another to another. If that isn't enough I start clicking on everyones blog roll. Before you know it, morning is here and I haven't slept but I have dreams of the most lovely interiors and exteriors all thanks to wonderful blogger like you and Brooke. So thank you thank you thank you. xoxo, MB

  2. Couldn't agree more about Brooke's blog - stunning! Happy Weekend! Tracey x

  3. Wow Gina.
    Thank you so much for the lovely post on my blog.
    The feeling is mutual.
    It is so wonderful to be appreciated by someone who has given me so much inspiration.


  4. Hi from Australia - i agree i love Brooke's blog too. Am off to check out your lovely blog now as well. have a great week, Mel xxx


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