Sunday, December 7, 2008

Even More Holiday Window Boxes

The response to the Holiday Window Boxes has been so great I decide to post just a few more for inspiration! These window boxes all include the addition of a wreath or two.Flikr
Here is a great combination of ivy, greens and plumes of reddish flowers. I like how the wreath in between pulls it all together.
This is classic New England! Three tiny Christmas trees and two wreaths on the windows - simple and classic.
Finally here is a great example of adding faux flowers. The poinsettias add a splash of color to a lovely evergreen arrangement.
All this holiday decorating is getting me in spirit - Fa la la la la....


  1. I really love the second picture! It's a great idea to hang the wreaths ON the window. Beautiful and very inspirational! Thank you!

  2. How beautiful. Window boxes seem to make places look more quaint.

  3. Me too Gina! Thanks for more lovely images - I can't tell you how relaxed they make me feel. Which isn't bad for someone who hasn't even started their Christmas shopping yet!
    Millie ^_^

  4. Love these window boxes! I'm keeping the last one in my archives for a painting!
    ENJOY the season!

  5. Love the window boxes! It reminds me of when I lived in Europe....all the homes have window boxes with flowers blooming all year long! xo...deb

  6. really pretty windowboxes - usually they are associated with summer - but this is a great idea for winter!

  7. They are beautiful Gina. I love all the wreaths too! Amanda x

  8. I love these all! How I wish I had windows to decorate!! I'll have my pitiful decorations posted on my blog tomorrow :-) Stay tuned!!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous window dressings here! You can never have too many wreaths! Tracey x

  10. Thanks so much for the beautiful
    window boxes, i took great photos of window boxes while i was in Cornwall, in Fowey, I will have to send them to you when you do spring window boxes!!!
    come see our blog

  11. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. Your decorations are lovely. I especially like the window boxes. I'll be back!



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