Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Peep"-ing at Orange

Peeps, the marshmallow chicks that are an American spring tradition!
This year in keeping with the design trends, Just Born, makers of Peeps, have joined in by releasing a new color: Orange Peeps. They are a lovely shade of soft orange.
Although I am very partial to neutral palettes, the Peeps inspired me to take a look at some orange drenched rooms.
Home and Garden
Here is a wonderful breakfast nook with soft coral walls. I love how the black iron chairs pop in the space. Also notice the unexpected use of bright green chair cushions and animal print pillows
Kips Bay
This bright orange gives me electric shocks! Though not at all my style, I appreciate the talent of the designer of this room. Raspberry, turquoise, bright green and orange! Wow, so much color with so much going on and it still really works. This is a happy space. I like the stenciling on the walls, but I really could not live in this space.
Here is a very traditional room with bright pop of color. The black table really anchors the space . Notice how the yellow upholstery on the chairs is repeated again with the yellow plates on the wall. Martha Stewart
A sweet little girls room orchestrated by Martha Stewart. Fabric panels stretched over canvas add a designer touch at fraction of the cost! A good idea because surely when she turns 13 she will insist on changing her room ! Rafter Tales
Perhaps this is our 13 year olds' room - The little girl in her can't let go of the orange and pink but the colors are repeated in a more mature way. I can hear the cell phone ringing...
Elle Decor
In this dining room we again see orange paired with bright green. I love the interesting lights, candlesticks and wall art. I also like the rug. This color will surely encourage lively, spicy conversations!

Pottery Barn
And finally Pottery Barn gets into the game! I really like this dining room ! It has wonderful elements: the trestle style table, a current rug and those orange chairs! The topiaries, light fixture and clean white walls, even make neutral loving me, a bit more open the color of the season.
Which do you like? Or do you think orange is just too trendy?


  1. Very cute post! I had an orange dining room for 10 years, and I loved it for the first 8 years. Then, I started to hate it (right around the time I began my blog!). It was too much color, and I really like a neutral palette (like you). Last fall, I painted the dining room a nice neutral (F&B clunch), but I kept the coral silk curtains. Now I really like the room - mostly neutral (wish I could convince my husband to get rid of the rug in there), with a little punch of orange.

    I love the last picture in this post.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog:) Oh, I love orange! I think it is wonderful in the right shade. I just did a post on "Hermes Orange" but this orange has much more spunk!

  3. What a happy post, any room done in orange has got to lift your spirits, lovely blog!!! All the best, Chrissy

  4. I am a Peeps traditionalist and only like the yellow ones, but I do appreciate the inspiration for a fun blog post!

  5. I adore the girls' room as well as the new orange peeps!

  6. what a great fresh and vibrant post for the season we'r in...love the rooms

  7. i actually really love the Pottery Barn one!! (i have a thing for topiaris- maybe that did it??) I think as long as you love a color & how it makes you feel- who cares if it's in or out.

  8. I have to admit, orange is my absolute least favorite color (purple's next). However, I think it can be used, and used beautifully! It's always good to appreciate decor in all colors--whether you like it or not! You chose some great pictures!

  9. Your "orange" post demonstrates how much there is an emotional component to our color choices. Like the previous poster, Chris, orange is the least appealing color to me. Still, a lot can be learned form studying the rooms you presented; imagine them with your own favorite color as predominant and the design elements will be more visible.

    I enjoy your posts and look forward to visiting again.


  10. I know some University of Tennessee fans who would absolutely love this post!

  11. My favorite color! Just seeing these images made me feel more alert and energized. A side benefit of orange! Thanks for sharing these fun pics!

  12. Love it! My fave is the little girl with the orange panels above her bed. I kinda want to be her...:)

  13. The leaves on the headboard of the girl's room are lots of fun, the lime green and the yellow break up the autumn tonings and the jumbo size of the leaves also spells out f-u-n! Great pictures.

  14. I don't love orange, but like you I admire some of the rooms that have orange in them. My favourites are orange paired with neutrals (like the last one) or orange paired with brights (like the pink and orange headboard).


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