Saturday, June 13, 2009

Coffey Creek Farm

All photos Robin Sutbbert
Searching for a weekend home in countryside north of Toronto, the Oligvie family found 116 acre Coffey Creek Farm. Having fallen in love the country homes of Europe and unable to properly renovate the 1970's house which stood on the property, the Oligvies enlisted the help of architect, Wayne Swardon and designer, Sharon Mimran. Together this team started from the bottom up and recreated an old/new home reminiscent of turn of the century English and French country villas.
To create this look the architect used heavy timber and stone. He left exposed stone and stucco and featured all these elements prominently inside and out. Landscape architect, Curr Didrichsons, created landscape of ivy and shrubbery that mimics the grounds of an authentic villa. These details created a home the would look perfect in meadows of Provence, on the English countryside or on Coffey Creek Farm in Canada.
The entry way has wide pine floors. The enchanting stone arch and curved door, fitted with period latches is charming.
The living room reflects the interesting architectural elements including the timbered ceiling, exposed stone walls and stone mantel. Fabrics are warm and tactile including linens, velvets and sisal rugs. These elements are set off by iron occasional tables.

The formal dining room includes many interesting details. Notice the timber framing over the double doorways which bring you into the kitchen/ keeping room. Again natural materials dominate the space including leather, sisal and iron.
A great back entry! Take notice of the antique artillery basket on the right used as an umbrella stand. These were popular about 6 or 7 years ago at Brimfield Antique Market where they were stacked in huge piles from several dealers.
The arched entry adds addtional charm and interest to the home. I love the ivory covered ram above the archway.
Such wonderful new home that captures all the detail of an aged antique home. This is a great example of how architect, designer and landscape architect cam come together to create amazing work. Its hard to believe the home is only ten years old.


  1. This home is everything that I love!!!!! If I had all the money in the world this is still how I would do it. thanks for sharing I enjoyed the tour so much.

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful home! I thoroughly enjoyed the tour, and am definitely going to remember save of these architectural details into my inspiration file! I love how it looks so old even though it is new.

  3. * "I'm typeless"! (Well, ALMOST!)~

    THIS is utterly & unquestionably SUPERB~~~ I don't say this too often, but THIS particular home SPEAKS to my heart~~~ and I love what it says to welcome a "friend"!

    ALl of this (and yes, for me it's ESPECIALLY the stone n' old, magnificently worn pine floors!) actually makes me swooooon. (I WOULD have said "light-headed", but I've been CALLED that too many times! Grins!)~

    Many, many THANK YOUs for showing this work of art! The owners are truly blessed to call this "home"!

    Linda in AZ *

  4. Beautiful Gina, just beautiful. The timber lintels scattered throughout the house are a nice touch made even more so because they're not visible over every doorway and window. That LaCornue range in the kitchen is to die for, I'd love to see the rest of that room!

  5. Love those stone walls.
    The kitchen is gorgeous. I like how they put pretty oil paintings on either side of that stunning (drooling) LaCornue.
    Wonderful tour, Gina.
    Thank you!


  6. I just love this old inspired country home. It is really beautiful, the details in the finishes and all the stone & ivy is just wonderful! Simply beautiful!!
    I like the outdoor country look of a home so established and feels like a home of great heirloom & history.

  7. Superb. Love the mix of stone and wood. My pool guy and I were having a serious intellectual discussion yesterday during which we agreed that any architecture modern, or period, if it incorporates stone and wooden elements it will be gorgeous.... well that's what we 'reckon' anyway! A-M xx

  8. lovely...just says weekend, relax, refresh, and very very cool.

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog and the sweet note that you left there.

  10. I love this style of home and always wanted a house with stone walls. It's just beautiful. And, is that a Hermes bag on the window sill in the seventh photo? That caught my eye as much as the La Cornue (?) stove did! Deborah

  11. I love everything about this house. Those wide plank floors, the stone, the slip covers both in the linen and the toile...the ivy. Just everything is fabulous. I want it!

  12. Great design interior and exterior!

  13. A great home -- I love every detail and yes, it is hard to believe that the house is not that old --

  14. They say the 'devil's in the detail' Gina & this is exactly what sets this amazing property apart. Every room is exquisite, the thought & care that's gone into creating such warm & inviting spaces blows my mind. I'm pretty sure this would totally curb your wander lust for another house every 12 mths. or so Gina! Thanks for your gorgeous comment over @ The Hedge, you know the feeling's entirely mutual.
    Millie ^_^

  15. Now that's what I call a weekender! It's always a magical combination when an unlimited budget AND style and taste come together. Beautiful!

  16. EVERTHING in this home i LOVE.
    i wish i were living in it !!


  17. Thanks so much to an anonymous reader who let me know that a few photos were actually of a similar stone home in Toronto called the Maus House. Both were photographed by the same photographer. I have removed the photos of Maus House but here is the link if you want to tour another wonderful stone home.

  18. I love this home. I have been trying to find a sisal rug online like the one in the dining room for my home in Upstate New York. Can you tell me if it is the Agave Superior Sisal Rug at <a href=">this site</a>? Also I love the wide border, but can't tell if that is cloth or leather.

    Thanks -Julie

  19. Oh what a lovely blog and wonderful taste you have! I will follow you. Regards from Italy.

  20. Oh this home is breathtaking. I love the rock walls. It is so warm and inviting. I love the artillery basket too. I have an identical one but it still has the containers attached inside.
    I can't decide whether or not to remove them and use it as a storage piece or not.


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