Sunday, March 7, 2010

Artist Studio To Guest Cottage

I am always intrigued by spaces that were artist studios and have become living spaces or the other way around. Perhaps it's knowing that someone put their heart and soul into creating there or would be trying to create beauty makes the space very romantic to me. I was sent this wonderful little house that was formerly an artist studio and the new owners turned it into a guest cottage.
We are not strangers to peeking inside of artist studios on the blogs. You surely will recognized this gorgeous pool house turned artist studio created by Brooke and Steve Giannetti. Read all about this incredible space here.
Or this urban loft and artist studio I wrote about last year designed by Ochs Design. Read about this fabulous space here. Named "Openview", because of its spectacular views of the English countryside, this artist studio turned guest cottage is located just outside of London. Upon entering you immediately notice the open, airy style and wonderful light. Both indicative of why it was a great artist studio to begin with.The furnishings are warm and inviting. Danish white soaped floorboards add a wonderful patina and ambiance to the entire space. Notice how a wicker trunk becomes a coffee table and a stack of book a side table. I love the mirror leaning to the right.
Cathedral ceilings and sheer white linen curtains create a dreamy environment. I love the small desk and collection of framed pressed flowers. The folding bistro chair is wonderful. Clearly there is space to still paint here.
Here is a closer look of the living area. Notice the old worn chairs that do not match and floral couch. Everything is broken in and muted. It makes you feel like you can sit right down and relax.
In the dining/kitchen area an old church bench is painted white and paired with an old farm table and bench. White paint unifies the non matching collection. You can see how the painted concrete floors tie in seamlessly with the outdoor antique brick patio. I love the series of prints hung behind the bench.
Opposite the table is the kitchen area. Enameled appliances, open shelving and old fashion linen skirting continue the cottage charm.
Here is a closer view. Notice the apron front sink, a must in any cottage kitchen.
We end with a soak in the tub in a dreamy bathroom. I love the multiple mirrors. This is a simple and inexpensive decorating idea to add drama to a space. I think the owners did a great job of keeping the charm and creating a comfortable house for their guests.
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(all photos beach studios to see more of this cottage click here)


  1. Beautiful images to start my day and weekend. I adore all of the white and the light streaming in is amazing!

  2. Hi Gina~
    Oh you touched a heart spot with this one for me. I'm dreaming, schemeing and hoping for a studio/living space some time soon. I have only realized that I "need" a true living space for a studio, or visa versa. Music, TV, Computer, Soft Place to Land/Sleep, Big Work Table, Supplies.... all co-existing. Love the pictures.
    Have a great weekend, Donna

  3. I love all these white and airy rooms!

  4. Oh, could it be any lovelier? Just beautiful..Rachaelx

  5. It's unposible to say, what's my favor. All pictures/rooms/ideas are wunderful!

    Thanks for this images and have a nice weekend


  6. Nice, now if I can get my artist's studio looking that good, I will be in business!

  7. beautiful style you have.. new at blogging and a new follower..have a great weekend(:

  8. Oh! So beautiful! We have a small barn in our back that I would LOVE to turn into a place like this...Just lovely! Great inspiration

  9. Beautiful!! I adore the images, of course I need an art studio!
    Art by Karena

  10. Those rooms are so romantic. My studio would be way to messy to be a guest quarter, but those are lovely!
    Have a nice weekend!

  11. Beautiful photos!! So white and airy! Looove it:)


  12. So romantic and charming...I love each and every one of these rooms.

  13. Beautiful and inspirational! I love the dining room table with the benches.

  14. Love very single picture....want to live in every single it!

  15. I just found your blog and love it! I am a fan of all things white and had such a great time reading your post!
    Health and happiness,

  16. What a dreamy place! Thanks for posting these photos!

    The Lettered Cottage

  17. This is inspiration enough for me to turn our detached garage into a guest house! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Love the rotan fauteuil and of course the rest too!


  19. Hi Gina!!! love it all & wendy is the best...k

  20. Gina,
    Love that bricked walled LOFT would love to move right in make it my own and start creating.
    Love the site and keep reminding us with all your pages of the homes and rooms we once loved.

    :) Dore

  21. the bathroom is really stunning


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