Saturday, May 8, 2010

Meet Rhoda!!

One of the greatest gifts of blogging is getting to know other bloggers. Forging these friendships has been a great fun and all the while I am learning! Learning about new items and trends, DIY projects, and blogging tips. I was lucky to recently meet Rhoda.
Rhoda writes the wonderful blog Southern Hospitality. She is a Design Consultant from Birmingham, AL who spends her time helping clients create a beautiful home with a lot of creativity and not a lot of money. Lets have a look at some of her popular posts:
One of my favorite projects is Rhoda's creative use of beadboard wallpaper. This special wallpaper is thick and a bit spongy. Once applied and painted, it wonderfully mimics wood beadboard. Rhoda takes all the guess work out of DIY projects. She guides you step by step to transform the cabinet above from this...
To this!!!
And, here is a larger picture of her finished kitchen. Rhoda gently teaches you with helpful tips, pointers and ideas - all with her southern belle charm that even gives the most wary northerner confidence!
She also posts links at the end of her DIY projects of readers who have sent her THEIR successes! Above is a photo from a reader, who after Rhoda's step by step beadboard tutorial, created this wonderful beadboard wainscoting in their master bedroom.
Another exciting project that caught my eye was Rhoda's stair transformation. She went from this...
To this!! What an incredible result!! Of course it looks expensive, but Rhoda finds ways to make these incredible renovations happen on a shoestring budget.
Need some extra architectural interest? Rhoda shows you how to add picture frame moulding to the dining room. Reading post after post I was learning so much and getting inspired!!
Painting furniture black also caught my eye as I have been contemplating painting some of Scandinavian pine pieces black. No need to search for a How To, just click on my friend, Rhoda's simple directions and I have confidence to take on the project.

Of course I could go on and on, but head over to Southern Hospitality and see for yourself. And while you are there tell Rhoda that Gina sent you!!
(all photos Southern Hospitality)


  1. Wonderful! Your friend is no stranger to me... I have seen her blog and found much to love!
    Great design on a smaller budget is huge!
    Great pictures and results!

    Happy weekend!

  2. How fun, Willow sis! Great post! Aren't we all looking for more DIY projects that only look like they cost a million bucks? I love Rhoda's stair case and all the architectural details. And I agree with you that every room needs a little bit of black. I can need some tips & advice myself, actually. I am not all that handy, you see! Thank you for the introduction. I will be heading over.

    Warm hugs,


  3. Hi Gina, great post! I absolutely love that wallpaper... the kitchen looks amazing, and how good did that bedroom turn out?? I am so going to get my hands on some!
    I have been too scared to paint my wooden furniture black.. but I am going to pluck up some courage and give it a go. Thanks for the inspiration.
    :) Flick

  4. I too have been following along with Rhoda's projects. Her stairway transformation is just incredible. Also was quite intrigued with the faux beadboard. She does have a great blog and I love her DYI resourcefulness.

  5. There are some great ideas there. I will take a peek at Rhoda's blog.
    Thanks for the intro!

  6. Is there no end to the incredible blogs out there?! I will be visiting this one for sure. Thanks so much for directing me over there:o)

  7. Seems like a great blog she has. I love the bead board on the island. I have it on my kitchen island & love it. Those stairs came out nice & they do look expensive. I will check her out. Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  8. Heading over to Rhoda's blog right after, thanks for the intro. The staircase transformation is truly inspirational!!!

  9. I also follow Rhoda. We are kindred spirits in our love of thrift store shopping and transforming pieces that are " aquired". I love that she is gutsy and will try most anything to make a design work. She's great!

  10. Hi Rhoda!

    So nice to meet you and your staircase!!! Simply...perfect!

    Gina, thanks for a wonderful introduction.

  11. Hello Gina~
    How nice to meet Rhoda! Little joke for Rhoda :)

    It was so sweet of you to feature Rhoda here. She has many years of experience doing so many projects, and it doesn't look like she is going to stop anytime soon! And that's a good thing!
    Hugs, Donna

  12. Bead board wallpaper!? I'm intrigued!

  13. Hi Rhoda!! Nice to meet you :)

    LOVE your staircase!!

    Have a fabulous weekend, Gina!


  14. Beautiful staircase decoration ..... what a difference previous and now. Good work thanks for the photos regards jürgen

  15. Great looking projects and I love the transformations.

    I have been to her site, a great one to go to.

  16. Thank you, Gina, for featuring me today & introducing me to your friends. I left a comment this a.m., but it didn't take. Thanks so much to everyone. Special hello to Donna, an old friend of mine. We go way back as online friends!

  17. Enjoyed your post about Rhoda--I've been inspired many times by her projects! I just found your blog & have become a follower; I took your home "tour" from your sidebar and loved it! You have a beautiful home! Can't wait to read your other posts! Patti in Texas

  18. Fabulous!
    Where has Rhoda been all my life???

    Have a beautiful weekend!


  19. i'm a frequent visitor of daisy cottage and that's how i came upon your blog, glad i did you have great ideas and i love the wonderful photos - thanks for sharing - maria - daisy cottage

  20. The staircase transformation is stunning! Thank you so much for this great inspiration!
    Have a great weekend:)

  21. Gina,
    I have met Rhoda personally and she is one dynamite lady! She is not afraid to tackle anything and is pretty good at all she undertakes!
    Blessings....Happy Mother's Day!

  22. I love decoratig when it is simple. Great post about a great designer!


  23. i love her and all her projects - but those stairs were my all time favorite. unreal. i mean, truly - that woman is unreal. i'm in awe of her!


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