Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One of My Secret Shopping Spots!

Now that the crazy end of the year school schedule is over and my children are in camp, I have a few moments to get back to blogging and share with you one of my secret spots for finding interesting things for my home. One of my favorite types of places to shop are consignment stores, especially in more affluent areas. Homes are large, filled to the brim with designer selected treasures and when these same families want to remodel, redecorate or down size, these wonderful items end up at consignment stores. Fabulous high quality furniture, antiques and accessories at a fraction of the original cost.
So image my delight when Boston Consignment opened their new shop, strategically located only a few minutes drive from some of the most affluent zip codes in Massachusetts.
mark thomson)
Owner Sheila Ryan Roy and her husband Real, have been in the consignment business for many years in Connecticut, but wanted to be closer to their grandchildren. Lucky for us those grandchildren live in Massachusetts. Sheila has an incredible eye and their store is stocked to the brim with some wonderful treasures. Let's have a look at some of their recent acquisitions.
A wonderful vintage Louis Vuitton suitcase with a perfect worn patina; a great accent in any room.
How about this fabulous art deco print by Jay Spectre - The frame is stunning.
A wonderful Bavarian amoire - hand painted - If only I had a space in my beach house - The blues would look beautiful against the white walls and ocean views.
You could put this linen tufted armchair in almost any room of your house!
I adore gorgeous andirons and this pair almost came home with me. Sheila mentioned that many designers and antique dealers frequent her shop. I am not surprised! I sent a photo of this mirror to one of my clients - I thought it would look perfect in her home.
I sent this photo to a different client - She had been searching for a Venetian mirror for her living room- and here it was at a fraction of the cost.
These hand painted beds were fabulous. I wish I had room for them. There are so many great finds (and buys!) at Boston Consignment, it makes me want to redecorate my house all over again! If you are nearby do stop in and tell Sheila and Real that you heard about them from Gina at Willow Decor.
If you want to browse their items on line click here. And for directions and hours click here. If you do score an amazing find please send me an email - I would love to see what you bought! Happy shopping!!
(unless otherwise noted, photo credit: Tabitha Sherrell of Sherrell Photography)


  1. That looks like an amazing place to shop! I love that chair and the venetian mirror is absolutely stunning...
    :) Flick

  2. Could you explain a little to 'we blog watchers over the pond'what a Consignment shop is ?
    I can't work out if it is what we call an antique shop (where the owner sources the stock), a junk shop( as the name implies, stuff to be done up, again stock sourced by the owner) or a charity shop( the stock is given to the shop to be sold to raise money for a particular charity)?
    I keep seeing the name mentioned but just not sure what one is.

  3. Zoe - For sellers, Consignment shops take in your furntiure and accessories - Then, they sell them in their shop. They keep a percentage of the sale and you keep a percentage, usually a 50/50 split. They generally are selective and only choose the items from you that they want. For buyers it is a great way to find wonderful deals. xx-Gina

  4. I've become passionate about consignment shops, and luckily have found a few lovely local shops to feed that passion. It's such a thrill to go "Treasure Hunting!" Better than a Mall anyday.

  5. I really think consignment shops will become even more the way of the future. I always worry about what to do with all the used great furniture that exists. And isn't it so much more interesting to purchase something with history?

  6. Love this place. What are the prices of some of the things you showed?
    It would be great if they sold on line!!!!
    xo xo

  7. Is this store relatively new? I lived in Coolidge Corner until 2005 and worked on Great Plains Avenue in Needham for five years...I drove Highland Avenue almost daily.

    The best Filene's Basement I've ever visited is also on Highland Ave. :)

  8. Those andirons are gorgeous, I think they would look really good in your beautiful home. I love all kinds of second hand shopping too, I love going to flea markets in more upscale areas.

  9. Looks like a fabulous place. My wallet would empty in moments.

  10. Consignment shops are a relatively new phenomenon for me. You are so smart to shop ones that are in more affluent areas! Good advice!
    It is amazing what treasures I have were at one time someone's trash!
    You have featured some exquisite finds!

  11. Wow! You hit the jackpot here. This is a really great consignment shop. We don't have one like that in our area.

  12. That's definitely a store where I would get in trouble. Great mirrors and that bavarian armoire is striking! I can't get over all of these details!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  13. Looks amazing! Wondering..where in Ct. they used to be located, and who would ever consign LV luggage? Want that. :)

  14. Thanks for the tip, Gina! I can't wait to visit this store on the next rainy Saturday or Sunday!

  15. That store is literally a hop and a skip away from me. I've wanted to visit it ever since we moved here. Sadly, my childfree moments are few and far in between. I can't wait until the fall when everyone is in school, and I can finally have a leisurely browse!

  16. I love this place!! It's right next door to my fiances golf place and everytime he goes to play golf I always tag along so I can poke around in here! They have such great stuff!

  17. LOVE the fact that they are local (in the Boston area)!! Can't wait to get there and check it out :) Thanks for the tip!
    Becky Tellefsen

  18. no doubt about it.....
    on my way up to see my mom in maine,
    i will be stopping here.
    great stuff!


  19. Hi Gina,

    Thanks for your visit to French-Kissed. What a great new resource for you there in Boston. I would go shopping with you anytime as you have quite the eye for beautiful furnishings. We have an excellent consignment store here in Santa Barbara and you can just imagine what amazing pieces show up there. And yes, that blue cabinet would look amazing in your beach house!


  20. Hello Gina~
    I am so jealous! What a fabulous shop.
    We have one, not as large as yours. So they do not have as much room. However, it has served me well for buying and selling over the years.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  21. Hello , my blog is one year old. Good reason to celebrate birthday. I organize a raffle, I would be glad if you would choose an object, which is then raffled among all participants. All are invited. Regards Jürgen.

  22. Oh, that Bavarian still my heart. I've always wanted one of those. Some day I'll find the perfect probably paint my own. Or maybe I'll just splurge on one piece of furniture in my entire house to get one that I am in love with. Some day.

  23. Gina you really must try & do some shuffling at your beach house, that delightful armoire needs to join your family desperately!
    Millie ^_^


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