Monday, October 4, 2010

A Coastal Dream by Catalano Architects

Houses by the ocean always seem to draw me in.
I love the shingle style architecture - and no one does it better than our friends at Catalano Architects. This particular house has incorporated a lighthouse theme.
Notice the "lighthouse" in this closer up photo. As usual, no detail was overlooked inside or out. You enter the home via a gorgeous cobblestone edged driveway.
The back of the home is breathtaking - designed to take in the equally breathtaking views.
Notice the wavy clapboard in the peaks. It would have been easier (and less expensive) to put straight clapboard, but its these small details that add to the character and personality of the home.
This is the main entry hall - You can see the view through those spectacular windows out toward the ocean.
Here is the entry hall with your back to ocean and facing the front door. Notice the tile is set on the diagonal.
The staircase includes beautiful custom detailing - the moulding, wainscoting and railing. Notice all the window shapes. I also like the stair runner.
Here the back staircase has a lattice inspired wall. Much more interesting than a solid wall.
The family room evokes a feeling of being on a luxury yacht. The wood paneled walls are amazing.
A close up of the bar. Just stunning!
The kitchen and breakfast room move us back in the a more traditional coastal decor - white cabinets and beadboard ceilings.
Every coastal home needs a pool house/guest house. Again Catalano Architects continues the lighthouse theme and creates a charming oasis.
Here is a closer shot. Take a moment and study the outside - the attention to detail is really amazing. Notice the curved shape of the roof, wavy clapboard, railings, columns - This guest house is truly a gem.
The inside is also outstanding. I especially love the retractable doors which immediately transform an indoor room into an outdoor room.
The interior detailing again astounds you - the curved staircase above is a work of art.
And when the view and the pool aren't enough - you can enjoy time in the game room, equipped with pool table and two lane bowling alley. Isn't this so much fun??!!
Or find an quiet niche in the house to curl up with a good book. Clearly this home has it all!
A special thanks to Tom Catalano of Catalano Architects for sharing this outstanding dream home with us! For more inspiration visit Catalano Architects here.
(all photos Catalano Architects by Warren Patterson-not to be copied without permission)


  1. That home is absolutely amazing! I don't know what I like better, the ocean views, the lighthouse, that amazing staircase, it's all stunning! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Ohh, I've seen their work before and I love it! The staircase is to die for! And the exterior is so pretty, I especially fancy the pool haha!

    xo Linda

  3. I'm sorry, but these are the most beautiful, detailed, exquisite homes in the world. Big statement but true. Totally the aesthetic that gets my heart racing... every damn centimetre of them. A-M xx

  4. What a gorgeous home! I would be ecstatic with just the guest house.

  5. I agree with what A-M said.
    The guest house would suit me just fine.

  6. Gorgeous! I could live in the pool house alone....

  7. Oh wow, this home is beautiful yet homey at the same time. I could SO live here :)

  8. now this is what a call a house! don't give me crisps minimal lines. i like the curves and those stairs any day. Bit too white but its all good

  9. * Now T*H*A*T is "some kinda WONDERFUL"!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  10. I think this is my new dream home! Gorgeous, spacious, and beach loving! Perfect!
    Lila Ferraro

  11. WOW! I do not know what is more beautiful, the outside or the inside! The backyard is georgeous and that family room and the spiral staircase!

  12. Fabulous, that staircase OMG it is a stunning home!

    Art by Karena

  13. Wow! Absolutely beautiful - exemplifies everything I love about the East Coast. Thank you for drawing attention to so many of the exquisite details which upon first glance (scroll by) I might have missed but so thoroughly enjoyed.

  14. Hi Gina~
    Love the back of this house! Since we spend way more time being out back than we do in the front, it seems perfect to have such a fabulous design there. This one is beautiful.

  15. These homes are perfection...what fabulous details! Tracey xx

  16. Now that's what I call a "beachhouse"...WOW!

  17. This home is absolutely incredible! I love the architecture! It is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  18. These images are simply divine! Everything is so clean and crisp and wonderful. I am going to daydream about these homes today.

    Amy R.

  19. I'm packing up and moving in!! Absolutely stunning and exquisite. The attention to detail is just amazing -- the curved staircase, the lattice wall, the wood in the family room, the windows, the wavy clapboards.... *SIGH* Perfection!!


  20. Wow, what a stunner!! Every detail is gorgeous!

  21. Your right, all the architectural details really MAKE this house a standout! Gorgeous!

  22. What a beautiful home, Gina.
    The grounds are amazing. And the pool house!!!
    The pink bedroom is so charming.


  23. Just wish to say how refreshing this home is! I have come back to it so many times! Well done everyone! I constantly share the site. I love it!
    From Palm Arbor Services
    Susan Roederer


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