Friday, February 11, 2011

Spectacular Pool Pavilion

In New England during the winter months we sometimes have to stay indoors - this year with so much snow, we have been indoors more than we have wanted to be. Our friend, the fabulous architect, Tom Catalano, of Catalano Architects, shared this gorgeous Pool Pavilion with me. A wonderful respite from the chilly, snowy days. Beautiful photography by the talented interior photographer, Eric Roth.

What a spectacular space. I love the post and beam ceiling details. It is wonderful oasis of natural lighting with french doors on three sides.

Here is a closer shot looking from the other side. Notice the ceiling beams and painted a gray green - it wonderfully compliments the wood doors and walls.

From this angle we can see the windows very high in ceiling to add even more light. No matter what the temperature outdoors, in this pool pavilion you immediately feel like you have escaped the winter and are at a fabulous resort.

Directly off the pool is a tranquil home gym and yoga studio. In this home it is easy to stay in shape all year long. If you look closely in the mirrors you can see the ceiling beams of the pool area.

Of course the house also boasts a gorgeous Billiards Room.

Look at stone work around the bar. Just stunning!!! This home has so much to offer on those days when you are snowed in and you just want to stay home.

Thanks again to Catalano Architects for sharing this Pool Pavilion with us. To see more of this home from a previous post, "Lessons of a Grand Home", click HERE. To visit Catalano Architects click HERE. To visit the website of photographer Eric Roth click HERE.

(all photos by Eric Roth and Catalano Architects- not to be copied with our permission)


  1. What a lovely space. I am taking swim lessons this winter and this looks heavenly to me.

    The green painted wood above is a magical touch that complements the blue of the pool water. So handsome!

    Thanks for sharing this,

  2. What gorgeous architecture! It is gratifying to see spaces that are so much more than utilitarian. It is sad when the benefits and pleasures of the building are not equally important to its use.

    It reminds me of the cottage where we stayed once in England. There was a pretty little building with a pool that was so enjoyable to spend time in-swimming and reading.

  3. Hello Gina!

    It's so nice to read your comments.. I enjoy them every time. Thank you!

    This place is stunning. I've always dreamed with a place like this. I love outdoor pool, but living in Canada this would be ideal.

    Great find! :-)

    Have a wonderful day!


    Luciane at

  4. Now that's the way to be snowed in!

  5. Gina, this is a most beautiful pavilion!! When I see this, I am so looking forward to summertime! I'm done with the winter!
    Thank you for sharing! I am off to your mentionned websites!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. WOW quite fabulous love the green trim instead of the normal white you see coming and going. Really fabulous....only downside is it could be hard to leave house like that I could become seriously agrophobic!

  7. Beautiful! How interesting we are consulting on an indoor pool pavilion right now. It was a first for us. A very delicate balance to stay in keeping with the home and not look like Disney World. They did a great job on this one.

  8. I wish I could fit that in my tiny NYC apartment!

  9. Spectaculr is right! Usually I find these too glitzy for my taste but this one is really, really nice! I think I might exercise every day with such beautiful surroundings...followed by some pool...very fun!

  10. I was already looking forward to summer, but now i really can't wait!!! Pool party!

  11. Stunningly beautiful! With a pool, gym, and yoga studio all in one gorgeous package, I'd never have an excuse for not getting in a workout. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Such a lovely house I dreamed of having it some day...

  13. Thanks for the discovery, Love the Catalano's architects pool house, it is like a small glass palace. I love it.

    All the best



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