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Amazing Tuscan Stone Villas

tuscan stone villa outside lavendar

In researching my trip to Italy this summer I came across the most amazing and talented architect, Domenico Minchilli. I love architects who respect the integrity of the original home and restore and enhance the property. Domenico Minchilli is a master!


He and his equally talented wife, Elizabeth have restored their own Tuscan stone villa and penned several wonderful books about Italian Stone, Villa and Farmhouse renovations. Their most recent is Italian Rustic. a marvelous book which outlines building in the Tuscan style.

minchilli pergolaccio

Their own home, Pergolaccio, is also the subject of a book and has been in many, many national and international magazines.


The interiors of Pergolaccio are equally beautiful. I adore the amazing Dining area!

Domenic Minchilli torre-gentile-01

But one of my favorites it their restoration of Torre Gentile.

Domenic Minchilli torre-gentile-02

The outside areas are as spectacular as the inside

domenic minchilli torre-gentile-03

Crumbling walls were repaired to create beautiful vignettes

Domenic Minchill torre-gentile-09

The heart of the home is the family room – Notice the beamed ceilings and tiled pass thru


The fireplace is such a stunning focal point. Also notice the texture and depth of the plaster.

Domenic Minchilli torre-gentile-10

The house is filled with wonderful nooks and crannies like this stone shelf that turns a into a desk and chair into a a unique office area.

domenic minchilli torre-gentile-05

I adore the way the old Tuscan stone peeks out from the plaster walls. The wall is so beautiful no headboard is needed. Look thru the doorway into the lovely bath.

domenic minchilli torre-gentile-04

Here is close up the bath vanity. Notice the lovely Italian tile and skirted vanity

Domenic Minchilli torre-gentile-06

This bedroom has a more ethereal feeling. The ceiling beams have been pained and sheers dress the windows – the shape and patina of the iron bed is to die for.


Here an arched window adds additional interest to an already pretty bath.

Domenic Minchilli torre-gentile-07

Another fireplace is found in the kitchen area. Likely the original cooking hearth.

Domenic Minchilli torre-gentile-12

The kitchen is a mix of new appliance with antiques. I love the contrast of the old, worn beams with shiny, stainless steel pendant. Floors are gorgeous!

Domenic Minchilli torre-gentile-16

The outdoor patio takes my breath away! Truly a stunning renovation.

Elizabeth also writes a wonderful blog about her Italian life, travel and her love of Italian cuisine called Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome. It is a wonderful mini-trip to Italy with fabulous tips, recipes and restaurant recommendations. You can visit her blog HERE.

You can visit Domenico Minchilli’s website HERE to see many other spectacular homes.

You can order many books penned by the Minchilli’s HERE. A special thank you the Elizabeth and Domenico Minchilli for allowing me to share these images with you.

(Photos by Simon McBride. Images copyrighted by Domenico and Elizabeth Minchelli not to be used with out permission – all content property of Willow Décor and not be used with out permission)


  1. Good morning, Gina!

    Wow! I'm really impressed! This is how we imagine Italian villas to be, right? So impressed by this post, Gina. Thank you for taking the time for this one.

    I hope you have a wonderful day.


    Luciane at

  2. We agree, a talented team. The character of their home is undeniable with attention to details.

  3. This was such a beautiful post, and especially exciting for me since I leave for Tuscany on Saturday! Thank you for adding to the anticipation of what I hope to be a fantastic trip. :) I loved all of the wooden beams in those rooms - such a graceful, yet rustic, feature and they have done beautiful things with all of their work!

  4. Gorgeous! Love the blue and white bathroom and he adorable kitchen. It's nice to see real tuscan style. I don't think there's anything I hate more than the faux tuscan we find in today's McMansions.

  5. What a wonderful post, thank you so much for featuring our work!

  6. Well, if that doesn't make you dream a bit, what will? :)

    I love Elizabeth's blog. She has fantastic suggestions but be warned: you will want to try everything--and that means her killer cocktails too!

  7. Gorgeous!!! Oh Gina, I love all of this charming Tuscan pictures!

  8. ohhhhh, what love in this post; stone walls outdoors and in (really love that), those beams, lavender, old wine jugs.....what a trip this will be

  9. Hi Gina~
    What beautiful pictures!
    Oh, those stone walls. So fabulous.
    Must go check out that book, too.

  10. I adore the Italian rustic style. These images are all so beautiful. I would love to grow lavender but it just doesn't do well in our climate. I just can't help myself and continue to buy pots and bring them home to die. Have a great weekend. Mona

  11. If those pictures wouldn't make someone wanting to go on a vacation trip to Tuscany right now, then I don't know either. This is exactly how I imagine the design style for that region of Italy.
    I might need to have a talk to my hubby about a vacation trip to Italy. ;)

  12. Gorgeous! I would only have to add my chandeliers to feel at home!
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Beautiful! You just can't imitate the patina of that old stone.

  14. Beautiful home- nothing beats the wood and brick combination. Italian style never goes out of style! It is one of those design styles that is timeles and stands the test of time.

  15. Oh the Tuscan style is just wonderful. The images make me dream of another life.

    If you get a chance, please drop by my blog and enter the giveaway that I am hosting.

    Happy Monday!

  16. And soon you will be breathing that same, lovely Italian air! You lucky cat! And touching old, fantastic stone walls. You are in for a treat my friend.

    I am back from my whirlwind trip to Sweden. Good to be back here!

    Warm hugs,


  17. Nicely done, Tuscana are really good looking houses..I never thought it would be...great images..

  18. So delighted to have found your blog. I love these Tuscan homes, so much inspiration. Such simple informal elegance in these homes. I love the skirted vanities and just adore the blue and white bathroom with that beautiful Italian tile.

  19. The tile caught my eye too! Upon closer look I see that it is clearly mexican Talavera. So unappreciated in North America and valued by those far away (and used beautifully I might add).

  20. Love the blog. Especially the pics of Italy, where I will be visiting in March.

  21. Thanks so much for sharing all of these pictures. My parents have always told me stories of when they visited one of the Villas in Tuscany, Italy and have loved their experiences there. That's why I am planning a trip to go there with some friends this summer.


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