Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cape Cod Beauty!

woods hole Hart architects 1

I have been spending some down time with my family at the beach – no TV and limited computer access. Peaceful and relaxing time. Being at the ocean is so inspirational to me that I wanted to share with you this gorgeous home in Cape Cod, designed by the wonderful firm, Hart Architects.

woods hole Hart architects 2

A spectacular ocean front property renovated to support a modern family’s needs. I love the softness of the crushed gravel driveway, so common on the Cape.

woods hole Hart architects 4

The architects were phenomenal, really paying to attention to every beautiful detail. Let’s have a look inside.

woods hole Hart architects 9

The living room is lovely. Notice the deep arched entry ways and beamed ceilings. I love the x detailing on the doors and the soft graceful turn of the staircase. Notice that the room is painted white, but because there is so much architectural interest, the room is warm and inviting. Looking through the doorway on the right you can see the library.

woods hole Hart architects 6

I adore the warmth of an all wood room. You can see a bit of the ocean through the French doors - I could spend hours here!

woods hole Hart architects 7

The family room is lovely of palette of white and soft blue. You can see the kitchen beyond. I like the columns and the half wall division between the two spaces. Its visually gives each room its own defined area, but still feels very open and airy.

woods hole Hart architects 7a

Another photo which shows the kitchen more closely. White cabinetry, subway tiles and bin pulls keep it classic but fresh.

woods hole Hart architects 7b

A second kitchen area has a wonderful cozy keeping area. Perfect for enjoying that morning cup of coffee. Notice the peaked ceiling – with the ceiling height and the windows and French doors, the space appears much larger.

woods hole Hart architects 8

More French doors invite you out to enjoy the spectacular vistas. I love this little seating nook.

woods hole Hart architects 10

Finally a spectacular sunroom! Notice the gorgeous ceiling and the fireplace – Fabulous!!!

For more photos of this beautiful home and more inspirational designs visit Hart Architects HERE.

Hope you are all enjoying the lazy days of summer as much as I am!! See you in a few weeks!!

(Photo Credit: Cheryle St. Onge and Hart Architects. All content property of Willow Décor and not be copied with out permission)


  1. Wow, Love the second kitchen.... Also the choice of color on the counter tops in the main kitchen coordinated with the chairs.... The floor coverings throughout the house were beautiful too.....Breathtaking views the architects certainly took advantage........NICE! Maryanne xo

  2. What a stunning home, love how its so understated, calm, serene and very elegant. Just gorgeous, thats what relaxing lakeside summer weekends are all about. Beautiful!

  3. Much to notice! Thanks for the look!

  4. Love both the family room and second kitchen! The house of dreams :-)

  5. light and airy, just how i like it! :)

  6. *** Beautifully calm, serene and welcoming... and, they've edited perfectly!!!

    ... an enjoyable viewing this beautiful Sunday morning!

    Thank you!
    Lindain AZ *

  7. A lovely home with beautiful details. Hope all is well with you.

  8. You may get this comment twice. Blogger seems to be acting up. This a lovely home with very nice details. Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well with you.

  9. I could move in right now!! Love it all! Kathysue

  10. Wondering where on the cape that house is! I love the living room and the kitchen, but the front doors are my favorite thing of all.

  11. I love your blog! However, due to some computer issues, I'm finding it virtually impossible to read. Every time I open on a post, it freezes, or it scrolls down so slowly it's barely moving. Have you heard of this problem from anyone else or is it just me and my computer

  12. There is so much light in this house, I love it! That's how I'd love my future home to be!

  13. "The architects were phenomenal, really paying to attention to every beautiful detail." Exactly!

    Thanks for the tour Gina. Glad you had a nice break.

  14. Gina,

    We've something in common... we can appreciate not only beautiful interiors, but also impressive architecture. This post is fabulous.

    I'm so happy to hear you're spending time by the water with your family. I was doing the same thing yesterday. So sweet! :-)

    Have a blessed week!


    Luciane at

  15. These are the kitchen that I imagine when I was young. It is exactly what I wanted on that time. It is very classical and unique. The lay-out really helps the maker of this kitchen.

  16. It looks like you are thoroughly enjoying your time at the beach...nothing better.

  17. Gina, gorgeous home. I would love to be at the beach right now!! Enjoy!


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  18. Hi my friend,

    What a place to call home!

    Where are you off to now? We are heading to Oregon coast on Monday. I am also stepping away from the computer. Can't wait!

    Hugs to you. I miss you!


  19. What a beauty indeed. Love the windows and the keeping area by the kitchen

  20. We just returned late last night from a delightful week on the coast of Maine. Love seeing this gorgeous Cape. I'm a long time fan of this type of architecture and many of the summer "cottages" of coastal Maine. ;-)

  21. What a marvelous home! Loving the fabulous sunroom and kitchen! Have a gorgeous weekend ahead, Kellie xx

  22. Wow, love all of these! I especially love the giant tile in the last room. Do you think that is an easy choice for a DIY floor re-vamp for intermediate renovators??

  23. Wow! What a lovely place, I like the panoramic view and how I was amazed with the entire features. I love it. Big thanks

    Charles A

  24. Gorgeous interior! Those beautiful deep arches, the soft palettes, the ceiling and the choice of furniture makes the whole interior cozy, warm and serene. Everything is in balance! Great post, check out also 3D Rendering

  25. So gorgeous! Just a visual vacation...I hope that you are enjoying your time away.

  26. What a stunning home! That kitchen is to die for! Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  27. What a beauty! It offers a lot of nice detail without seeming too heavy or overdone. Have fun at the beach!! My best, -susan

  28. Wow what a beautiful home. I love all the architectural detail.

  29. Wow!thats enticing:)the rooms are so wide and huge. The best part is that there's a lot of outdoor space.A sunroom with a fireplace-innovative:)Just love the roofs..


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