Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dreamy Cape Cod Shingle Style Home

Dewing 4

On a waterfront lot in Buzzards Bay, part of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Dewing and Schmid Architects designed the most amazing home.

dewing 1

The family wanted a compound and they created a perfect retreat. A main house has five bedrooms with a two car garage and apartment above the garage, as well as a pool and pool house/guest house.

Dewing 2

Every room has direct views of the water and the shingle style house is designed with a wonderful abundance of porches to capture the spectacular views. Notice the covered porch on the second story to the right.

dewing 5

Here is a closer look. What an amazing view of the ocean!

Dewing 3

Interior Designer, James Radin choose the gorgeous muted color palette. Soft blue accents in antique glass seltzer bottles and glass buoy floats compliment the blues of the ocean views. I love the step down dining and living areas.

Dewing 4

Dewing and Schmid Architects are masters at creating wonderful nooks to capture views and provide an oasis for quiet moments of reflection, like this built in desk with porthole window.

Dewing 6

Bathrooms are equally muted relying on the beauty of marble to speak for itself. Notice the curve of each vanity – almost as lovely as the ocean view.

dewing 7

No family compound is complete without a stunning pool/guest house. Again designer, Radin, keeps the palette soft and neutral so as not to compete with the lovely architecture or the views.

dewing 8

Finally a view of the pool – I know you'll agree this home adds to the beauty of Cape Cod. To learn more about this house click HERE. To see more of Dewing and Schmid Architects click HERE.

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  1. Oh Gorgeous! Is my room ready yet? I promise to be as quiet as a mouse so that I might extend my stay! What a wonderful compound! xo Diana

  2. Some lovely curves in this house, what style they add!

  3. I love the floor in the bathroom, it is on my list for our 'dream house'.
    And hey, the rest of the house is fantastic as well.

  4. nothing beats a shingled sided house but one on the ocean and beautifully designed, in and out is a dream

  5. That last image of the pergola, the pool, the ocean and a sailboat in the distance is a postcard of Cape Cod. The house, built in the classic vernacular of the island with its shingle cladding and quiet elegance, is just perfect. Wish I were there. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  6. What an absolutely gorgeous home! Love the little desk nook and the beautiful round and eyebrow windows! I'd love to see the kitchen in this home. The rest of the details have me dyiing for a glimpse of it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. The "custom" surprises are wonderful as is the entire setting! Even the sailboat in the distance!!! Top notch all the way. franki

  8. Beautiful!! I love the porthole window! Oh My!!! And the diamond over sized eyebrow window (if that's what you would call it) is stunning. But, most of all the last photo of the pergola and the ocean is simply breath taking. I seriously could sit there alll day.

    This was a real treat for me, a new subscriber.

  9. This is fabulous, really my kind of place

  10. a very beautiful house with a fantastic view. thank you so much for this wonderful pictures regards

  11. a very beautiful house with a fantastic view. thank you so much for this wonderful pictures regards

  12. What an amazing place!
    Happy Thanksgiving!


  13. Beautiful home, so well designed for the area. I've always thought the people of that town should rename it and the body of water to something more attractive than "Buzzard's Bay". It's all in the name, and that one just doesn't live up to the location. Their real estate values would jump up immediately with a pretty name matching the locale! Just sayin'.

  14. Thanksgiving today. Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you. I am thankful for you. You are a gem, Gina.

    Love to you and your family.


  15. What a beautiful home and that window is to die for.

  16. This house is amazing, I really love the round window, a shame it isnt facing the ocean too but the view from the balcony is breathtaking. The marble tops in the bathroom bring an extra touch of luxury

  17. Beautiful home! I love the window above the entry and the mix of stone and shingle so prevalent in that area of the country......They did a nice job.Maryanne xo

  18. I love the feel of this home with its neutral decor! It's neutral, but has so much architectural interest! Nice pics!

  19. That round mirror above the desk is so charming.

  20. Wow, what a fabulous home!! Classically done.. the pool house is beautiful!!

  21. This was my dream house. Cool place and very overlooking that you will see the whole surroundings. And the pool looks refreshing.


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