Monday, April 30, 2012

Thibaut’s Furniture Launch at High Point & Giveaway Winner!

Brentwood Chair - Starburst Pink - Thibaut Fine Furniture
One of the most exciting new product launches at Market in High Point was the new furniture line by fabric and wallpaper company, Thibaut. The designs are young and fresh; and scaled perfectly for smaller rooms, which are so common here in Boston.
Thibaut wallpaper
Pronounced TEE-BO, many of you are probably familiar with their beautiful fabric and wall coverings, like this lovely blue above.
Thibaut wallpaper2
Or this wonderful botanical floral – I love the Swedish feeling it has. Thibaut also has gorgeous complimentary fabrics as well. Notice the matching fabric on the seat cushion above.
Cambridge Chair - Huntley Herringbone Cream - 7724–C33 - Thibaut Fine Furniture
In the past if you wanted to cover a sofa or chair, COM was your only option, so the addition of several new furniture pieces was a perfect marriage! Now walls and upholstery can easily coordinate and be available under one umbrella!
There are many wonderful new pieces. Several at Market were upholstered in bright, vibrant prints like this wonderful chair, the Brentwood. Above is it shown skirted, but in the first photo you can see it is shown with bamboo style legs.
Thibaut tufted ottamon
They also showed several pieces in more neutral fabrics so you could see the beautiful lines of the furniture like this wonderful tufted ottoman. I also loved the additions of casters on many of the pieces. Thibaut’s styles are classic with a young, fresh twist!

Kendall Sofa - Cabo Cotton Pearl, Mumford Damask wp - 7708–S78 - Thibaut Fine Furniture
Another favorite was the Kendall sofa –  again I liked simple lines, the tufting and the casters.  Notice the beautiful Thibaut wall covering on the walls. Isn’t this vignette lovely?
Charleston Headboard - Shalimar White on Cream - 7747–H61 - Thibaut Fine Furniture
There is also three headboard styles to choose from. I really liked the Charleston with the nail head detailing.
Montclair Chair - Helix Grey - 7715–C34 - Thibaut Fine Furniture
I think my favorite chair is the Montclair. I especially love it upholstered in the Helix Grey fabric. It has such beautiful lines.  See how well the fabric matches up from cushion to frame – this is called matching and Thibaut does what is called a 4 way match (only the best upholsterers do a 4 way match) And it was so comfortable, with spring down cushions and real hardwood frames – very high quality inside and out!
Palisades Dining Chairs - AF Lanford velvet Cream - 7738–D23 - Thibaut Fine Furniture
Look at these Palisades Dining Chairs – another example of youthful and classic at the same time!
Preston Ottoman - Marathon Green - 7775–M24 - Thibaut Fine Furniture
The Preston Ottoman could really go just about anywhere! Don’t you love the fun fabric and bamboo style legs? 

My dear friend, Architect and Designer, Linda Banks, has one of the largest displays of Thibaut in the area. She is opening a larger, more fabulous Simply Home Store in Portland, ME – but more about that in a future post.  

You can reach Linda Banks HERE and Simply Home HERE.

You can see all the new pieces in the Thibaut line by clicking HERE

I love this classic, young and hip line from Thibaut, but I’m anxious to hear what you think!

Finally, congratulations to our Segreto Book Winner, Vicki Bonne Amie – please send your address to

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  1. Hi love your home and blog! Beautiful images above - love the Kendall couch, so elegant!


  2. Looks like a great line. And beautiful photos, thanks for posting. I love the one of the headboard which features my current obsession, mounted antles and fur throws. All best, Phyllis

  3. i am totally in LOVE with this line, contacting them immediately! thank you......

  4. Have seen many bloggers news from High Point, all well done. This is my favorite line of furniture, etc! Classic, but upbeat and great quality!

  5. Gorgeous! What I the price point of these pieces?

  6. Classic and yet so fresh in design...doesn't get much better. These were beautiful examples!! Thanks!! franki

  7. Thibault has always been one of my favorite Go-To wallcovering companies. They always have remained classic in their designs and have longevity. Now they have classic pieces in a furniture line!!! Great options and smart business on their part, Happy Monday,

  8. I love the fabrics used on the seating!

  9. Stunning - fresh, pretty, light and airy - beautifully photographed. I love it!
    Now...where to buy in Canada? haha.

    xo Terri

  10. i really do think that they have outdone themselves.
    there is clearly a difference in the scale and details.

    i am loving it.
    thank you for the post.

  11. Hi Gina - absolutely beautiful post! You always share something new and inspiring. Had no idea about this new line! Love it!

  12. Another one to agree with how wonderfully fresh and yet true to their past this new furniture and fabric line is!
    Congrats to the lucky winner of the book, too.

  13. Thibaut is really knocking it out of the park these days, aren't they? There's certainly a fresh new vibe going on. Thanks for the preview!

  14. I loved the Thibaut showroom! It was one of my faves. I especially loved the sofa with the pink cut velvet. Stunning.

  15. Very lovely seating. Loved the fabrics!

  16. I like that centerpiece and the vase. it looks elegant.

  17. so sorry I hit the wrong button and sent you my blog... again so sorry Regards, Carol Ann

  18. LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog, do you have FB??

    If you want some swedish decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at

  19. That sofa is to die for! And I love the pattern on the Montclair chair; it is stunning!

  20. This is very nice decoration and good combination of color.

  21. Love the details in some of the side chairs! This is beautiful furniture..... I have a client that will love it........Thanks!Maryanne xo

  22. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

  23. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

  24. Ok, I am in LOVE with that Montclair chair/fabric! Understated new traditional. Very nice.

    Crazy busy here but nothing can stop me from wishing you a Happy Mother's day lovely Gina. You are special.

    oxox, Mon

  25. so many lovely designs to behold here! that swedish chair needs to be in my posession STAT!

    following and hope you'll follow back!


  26. I love everything about these looks! Stunning!

  27. As you know I love love love your blog, so I had to post a link to you presenting you! Thanks for your awesome inspiration!

  28. Lovely post! Thanks a lot for sharing.

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