Monday, October 15, 2012

Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going!!!

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It’s been so long since I’ve posted. Thank you to everyone who has emailed me enquiring if I am okay and well. Yes, I am fine, just been busy with my family, my design clients and …….a new beach house!
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Summer was outstanding! Africa was beyond amazing! Dave had a fabulous birthday trip and checked one off his Bucket List! Here is a photo of us in Cape Town!
blog cape grace
And here is the dining room of the gorgeous Cape Grace Hotel. I hope to do another specific post in the future of all the amazing things we saw and encountered, but suffice to say it really was a trip of lifetime.
blog kids good
Zambia was also incredible – each day was an adventure in every sense of the word.
The Singita Ebony Lodge in Sabi Sands was like a dream. I have never in my life encountered a more spectacular place.
The people, the landscape, the animals, the places we stayed were incredible.
blog cheetah
I have been touched by Africa
blog family rhino
and we all agreed that we returned home changed by our experiences. Memories to last a lifetime.
witch test2
When we got back I fulfilled something on my own Bucket List – I was in the Annisquam summer musical –The Wizard of Oz.  I was the Wicked Witch of the West!  Ha, ha – so funny, right?! 
witch test
I shared the stage with my son, niece and nephew and my sweet sister, who was backstage supporting me and the rest of the cast.  What fun we all had! More memories to last a lifetime!
blog lighthouse
At the end of the summer we sold our lovely, beach house and bought another house three doors away; closer to the ocean and the lighthouse.  It’s a 1920’s shingle style and over the next six months we will be renovating it and making it ours.  Meanwhile, I have been busy with my design clients, my family and the children’s school.  I admire the Bloggers who masterfully balance it all (but I just keep falling over)!!
(sunset on the Zambezi River, Zambia)
For the next few months, I will not be posting often. Please forgive the blogging break and my inevitable, erratic future posts, but things have gotten so busy and I can’t commit the hours to the computer that I used to.  If you want to follow my crazy schedule it would be best to subscribe to Willow Décor via email. My posts will go directly to your email, so you won’t miss anything. Also, to all my dear readers, please let me know how YOU are doing! I so enjoy your emails and comments – I read and try to reply to every one!! (Thank you menopause, for keeping me awake from 2 am at 4 am, I get all my emails done!)
 blog victoria falls
(Victoria Falls – Zambia)
So until I can keep all the balls in the air at the same time, I will try to keep dodging the ones falling on my head.  Know I will be back, and until then I am wishing you lots of happiness and beautiful spaces.
xox- Gina
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  1. This post made me so happy--whenever I am asked if there is only one trip that I would recommend I always say "Africa!". It is just so amazing isn't it? But be warned, now you will want to go back!! I especially love the photo with your children and the kids in Zambia--it says a lot about your family and of course the wonderful spirit found there too. :)

  2. Gina... what a wonderful summer you have had... I understand your feelings about Africa... it is an incredible continent and I can't get there enough! We did a similar trip last year... and it was the most amazing time of my life..

    Good luck with your new project... xv

  3. It looks like your trip to Africa was amazing, Gina. What a wonderful experience to be able to offer your children, as well. I look forward to seeing what you do with the new beach house. Follow your bliss, my dear.

  4. Ahhh, The Singita Lodge...buying a lighthouse. Oh how I envy your summer!!! Take care!

  5. Gina,
    This is the kind of post
    that many of us LOVE
    to read.
    Stories by women,
    who are living, loving,
    and juggling life to the
    So happy to know
    you're up at 2 too!
    XO Lisa

  6. What a great post. Quality is better than quantity. I would prefer to read one post like this that tells us about a slice of your life than a lot of filler. Looking forward to another piece whenever you can afford the time. Emily from Texas .

  7. I share your menopausal sleeplessness and actually get a lot of work done during that time. Your life sounds lovely and it is nice of you to share a bit of it even if it is sporadically. Look forward to seeing what you do with the beach house and some of your other design jobs.

  8. Beautiful photos of Africa. While we shared pics of our vacation to England it doesnt quite compare, does it? I hope you share the progress of designing your beach house.

  9. Oh my goodness Gina ..... my dream is to build a dream house, how inspiring are you ....... Keep it coming!!

  10. So glad to hear you are OK. Beautiful pics. I have wanted to travel there since seeing the movie Out of Africa

  11. Ditto to Lisa's comment.

    Your are blessed, Gina...what an wonderful lasting memory, your trip and the keepsakes and photos from Africa.

    Thank you for sharing that beauty and blessing with your readers.

    Blessings to you in the days and weeks ahead.

  12. What an amazing family vacation. I've heard such good things from friends that have visited Africa. Have fun with your new house and I subscribe via email so I can easily catch up with your posts when they come.

  13. So great to have you back, that trip looked amazing. I look forward to reading your blog again!

  14. Welcome back; we've missed you! Look forward to hearing more about your incredible trip AND the new beach house - congrats! Beth

  15. Hello,
    Thank you for your lovely post. I'm from Cape Town, now living in The States and I'm always thrilled to hear that a visit to my homeland was so enjoyable. I'm so happy that you and your family had a such a wonderful holiday. Your photos are just lovely. When you visit again, you're welcome to contact me as I've created a little brochure of things to do/see/eat/shop in Cape Town - it's some info on experiencing Cape Town via the locals...some hidden treasures that tourists may not be aware of.
    Enjoy your new beach house. Cheers, Lauren

  16. Thanks for posting your pictures. Now am really looking forward to MY trip of a lifetime: next month to Cape Town area.

  17. Dear Gina, Looks like you have been having some amazing experiences. The kids have gotten so big. It makes me so happy to see these lovely photos! Best, Cecile

  18. Lovely Africa picture. Sounds you have a lovely life. Hope to see more updates about your beach house. xo
    ~ Herman Swan

  19. Hi sis,

    Expect a call soon. I miss you! I want to hear ALL about your trip, your new beach house (sounds wonderful!) and your next acting gig! (:

    Always lovely hearing from you.



  20. The chandelier was awesome and your photos are truly wonderful!

  21. Wonderful photos, love the rainbow.

  22. I love what you have here. We've been wanting to find some great cheap garden decor. Where would you suggest getting it? I'd love some help, thanks.

  23. Thanks for posting your pictures. Now am really looking forward to MY trip of a lifetime: next month to Cape Town area. tiffany style lamps for sale


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