Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Kitchens by William Hefner & Christopher Peacock

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I just love the pure beauty and artistic simplicity of William Hefner’s kitchen designs.

If you are not familiar with William Hefner, he is a wonderful architect from California. He designs beautiful homes, but his kitchens rank high on the inspiration scale for me. 

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Although not practical for the snowy northeast winters, I adore his use of steel windows and his streamlined aesthetic which is both sophisticated and beautiful.
He has just published a gorgeous new book California Homes.  William Hefner also has sent me a copy to giveaway to a lucky Willow Décor reader.  As always, just leave a comment. Or as you know, current subscribers and followers are automatically entered to win.  You can order a copy of California Homes HERE. Or visit his website HERE for even more inspiration.

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In other exciting news, Christopher Peacock inspires us once again with his stunning new kitchens on display in his fabulous new 5000 square foot showroom in the D&D building in New York City.

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The new showroom is breathtaking and Peacock has really created something special.  Every cabinet, stove hood, and drawer pull reflect his outstanding quality and flawless design.

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It is glorious inspiration at every turn. Notice the beautiful curved cabinet and the butcher block integrated in to the center island.

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The showroom is not limited to kitchens, he has other wonderful installations including a library, bar area, dining room and a terrace.  Though they wouldn’t disclose the cost of the new showroom, its clear that no expense has been spared!

To see more of Christopher Peacock’s latest designs click HERE

Finally congratulations to “Yoga Girl” for winning the Magni Giveaway – please email me your shipping address.
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  1. I'd love to have a copy of the California Homes book! And thanks for posting the pictures of the Peacock kitchen design showroom in NYC. I have always loved their kitchens, Plainly they continue to be the ultimate!

  2. Hefner's kitchen with the small fireplace and steel doors has been my dream kitchen for years, since I first spotted it in a magazine. Thanks for showing some of his other work. I would love to have his book!

  3. I have long envied the Hefner kitchen with its sleek steel doors. Beautiful and elegant. There is a Peacock showroom in nearby Estero, Fl and I love to linger in their rooms and dream. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. love Mr Hefner's kitchen...beautiful materials and simplistic. May have to just order the book anyway if i don't win, which I never do :)

  5. I have written about William Hefner on my blog several times, and his kitchen was definitely a inspiration in the design of my own kitchen (steel windows in particular). I am looking forward to reading his book!


  6. I also admire Hefner's kitchen designs. I have loved steel doors for a long time, and plan on integrating them in some way into the next home I build again.
    I would thoroughly enjoy winning his book and soaking in more of his designs.

  7. Those kitchens are gorgeous. Want, want, want.

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  9. Those black metal doors still have me breathless. Gosh if I built a house I would really try to incorporate a set somewhere.

  10. Beautiful natural kitchens. Very livable!

  11. I love the simplicity and atmosphere of steel windows! I would love a copy of his book! Thank you for posting such lovely ideas...

  12. I love the simple elegance of these designs. I would love a copy of California Homes to go with my California Cooking book.

  13. These are all so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Barbara P from MAJune 8, 2013 at 11:17 PM

    Thanks for introducing us to William Hefner! Love his design aesthetic! Those steel doors/windows are to die for! Christopher Peacock has been a favorite when it comes to kitchen cabinetry. Have never seen a kitchen of his that I didn't like! Must check out his store the next time I'm in NY!!! (pligko@hotmail.com)

  15. Hi there, I do like the clean lines.....its transitional but still slightly traditional feeling too. Very elegant without being overly fussy, think these will stand the test of time. Enjoy your Sunday!

  16. Please enter me into the contest. I love the images that you have posted of this architect's work!

  17. I have always admired William Hefner's work. Thank you for the opportunity to win his wonderful book.
    Lisa S. - nestlbs@gmail.com

  18. Hi Gina,
    I love see how some of the "big boy designers" are designing kitchens these days. But I still love your Christopher inspired kitchen a little better than these. Have a great day!

  19. These are great fresh kitchens and I love his use of copper hardware!
    Best, Karolyn

  20. I love the copper drawer pulls in this kitchen.

  21. Love these kitchens!! Thanks for the opportunity. (rwdhad@comcast.net)

  22. Beautiful kitchens! I remember the first kitchen when it was published in Western Interiors. (mdewing@sbcglobal.net)


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