Monday, March 1, 2010

Beauty on the Rocky Coast

As you know I am a fan of the northern New England coast. Though the water is always cold and the coast rocky, with few soft sandy areas, I love the contrast of ocean and craggy coast line. This house, redesigned by Whitten Architects is a perfect example. The house began as 1950's ranch, but was renovated into a spectacular ocean front home. The owners requested that they keep the feel of old beach house. The screen porch above captures the feeling with the beadboard ceiling and wicker furniture.
Here is another porch - I love the rockers and granite steps - this is classic coastal Maine.

The owners are empty nesters, but wanted the home to have lots of seating and bedrooms for guests. I love the choices of slipcovers in this room. Also notice the sisal rug. They mixed in some antique tables and accessories which give the room wonderful, warm feeling. Notice the antique weathervane arrow and the black and white framed photos lining the walls.
They were able to find and incorporate an antique mantel in the family room. Doesn't it just make the room?! Again more black and white photos - this is an easy and inexpensive decorating touch that can a classic feeling to your decor. Antique Pond boat on mantel is a classic addition.
Above is the kitchen, notice the cabinets are mixed with an antique painted cupboard. You can see the loft above from a different angle.
A four poster bed is the one of the highlights of the master bedroom, but the view is the real highlight. Sheer curtains, frame rather hid the spectacular view.
Built in beds make the most of the sloping ceilings. A fabulous retreat for the younger set. For more photos of built in beds click here.
Check back this week for photos of my finished dining room and another new project ...
(all photos Whitten Architects - photo credit Brian Vanden Brink)


  1. A perfect example of a Maine coastal home. The ideal place to spend a snowstorm or a gray, rainy summer day. These rocky coastlines hold the most precious gems of seaglass. Lovely, lovely post.

  2. Gorgeous and cozy looking place! I also love the New England coast...particularly Maine.

  3. oh so beautiful home! love the living room area and those built in beds!

  4. Great house and a fabulous setting. I love the Maine coast as well.

    Susan and Bentley

  5. So pretty, and that loft overlooking the family room and kitchen has been in my inspiration folder for years now! Maybe one day I'll get to turn our ranch into a beautiful beach house like they did!

    Kat :)

  6. Love it! There is something so unique about a New England beach house.

    You are on fire these days! I don't think I have ever seen you post so much, and it is wonderful.

  7. That antique mantel...the kitchen cupboard....the lights hanging over the breakfast bar...those sweet beds upstairs~ love it ALL!

  8. GREAT house. Love the screened porch, the front porch, the garden, the mantel, the pond boat, the bedrooms with built in beds, and the collected artwork and stuff. But I have to question the yellow slipcovers and beadboard ceiling--maybe they're a response to the often gray, foggy weather of Maine. Not sure what the thinking was there.

  9. The built in beds are my favorite!

  10. hey, im monica...your newest follower.

    i found your blog via a friend of mine's blog/

    i love your bloggy blog!

    can't wait to read more. more. more!


  11. This is just how I imagine a home would be in that part of the world...xv

  12. This truly is a special home. I LOVE the antique mantel and the specialness it adds to the already wonderful space.


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