Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Relaxing on the Porch

(crisp architects)
I'll be taking a few days off this week to spend some relaxing time with my family. Here is fabulous porch that certainly would provide a welcome oasis. Everyone needs a few moments to slow down and toast some marshmallows. See you in a few days...


  1. Have fun....relax, enjoy and savor every moment that you can get. :) Try not to eat too many marshmallows :). xo

  2. What a perfect place to relax! Enjoy your family!! Talk with you soon.

  3. Everyone needs some down time to renew batteries.
    Jenny x

  4. Now that´s a porch to like for sure!!!!!! I hope it´s yours :)))
    But weather it is or not,find your perfect place to relax and get reloaded :)

  5. What an amazing place to sit, talk and drink really good wine.. Thanks for sharing.


  6. A porch with a idea of heaven!

  7. hope you have a fabulous time with your loved ones! come back soon! xo

  8. Oh! I think that is all I can say! That is a Porch to dream about!!!

  9. Please have a great time we'l all be here for you when you refresh and come back..Maryanne:)

  10. I think I need a little ol' porch like that one!
    So beautiful.

  11. A perrrrfect porch to relax. ENJOY YOUR BREAK
    and A HAPPY SPRING TO YOU. -Brenda-

  12. Here's to a great porch -- and a glass of wine. Hope your time away is enjoyable....

  13. I love that bathtub and the bed against the stone wall. Both pictures are so pretty. I could just pick up those rooms and hapily drop them in my house. Thanks for the lovely inspiration photos.


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