Thursday, March 4, 2010

Escape to the South of France

In the snowy winter months in New England I often find myself daydreaming about visiting beautiful, warm locations. I was fortunate to be introduced to this lovely stone villa in the south of France called La Bastide.
The villa has been restored and is filled with antiques. The owners are collectors and as such the home is filled with interesting and unique items. A neutral palette allows you to focus on the gorgeous stone walls and period details. Notice the fireplace and the fabulous arched wood fragments flanking the it on either side The upholstery is tightly slipcovered in natural linen. I love the coffee table and the wonderful white washed side table that has a lazy susan top.
But, the pièce de résistance of the room is surely the fireplace. The original mantel is one we only hope to copy here in the States. I love the lines of it, detailed but not too fussy. I also like the interesting assortment of items which line the top of the mantel. Clearly this is a home of collectors.
From a different angle you can see the introduction of color. The orange/coral throw and pillows bring the earthy outdoor tones we see from the window views indoors. In the height of summer we could change the throw and pillows to shades of lavender and give the entire room a different feel. This is why I am such a fan of neutrals.
As we head into the the kitchen you can peek through the doorway and see the fireplace. I included this shot to help you visualize the lay out. The zinc topped table is a dream - wine rack only an arms length away. I can just taste the local cheeses, olives and fresh baked bread.
Standing in the doorway you have a full view of the kitchen. The antique plate rack and and marble topped table are to die for! The zinc topped table and vintage Tolix chairs are fabulous. Black steel windows and doors lead you out to the patio and terraces. Enameled street signs grace the walls.
Standing back in the living room we can spy a bedroom through the passageway to the left of the fireplace.
The room is classically appointed with painted amoire, steel table, slipcovered arm chair, and the owners collection of vintage hats.
A gauzy canopy hangs over the bed creating a very romantic atmosphere... as if just being in a stone villa in the south of France isn't romantic enough. Notice the bunches of lavender and the lavender silk pillows, see how different this room feels versus the coral pillows?
Gorgeous unlined linen and lemon cypress in a terracotta pot on the windowsill. Notice the window hardware. In my next life all my window hardware would look like that.
Exiting the bedroom is a lovely vignette of local artwork and antiques.
The outdoor areas are also a sight to behold with a wonderful stone walls, cypress trees, lavender and a pool.
Finally a small stone terrace with wonderful rosemary hedges.
Thanks for traveling with me - it was a welcome escape from the snow.
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  1. love it - my only question is: when can I move in? - lol :)

  2. Escape? Oh, if you insist...I could be persuaded in about a second!

  3. Beautiful images...I can only imagine...ahhhhh

  4. Gina~ that is truly one of the most magnificent places I've seen! I could almost smell the lavender and taste the cheeses while touring it with you. Thanks for this quick and much needed escape this morning!

  5. What a fantastic and beautiful place. That would definitely be a soothing place to escape to.

    ~ Tracy

  6. My husband and I (and my sister and her husband) traveled to Paris last September. They had a warm spell while we were there and most days were sunny and in the upper 70' was a dream. We stayed in a chateau about an hour outside Paris called Chateau De Villiers-Le-Mahieu....oh my goodness I have no words for that trip! You just took me down memory lane, thank you!

  7. Thank you for the tour. I was hanging on every words and photo. I'm wondering if it's for lease! Wouldn't it be a dream to stay there for a month. Only one of my fantasies!.....

  8. Well, when should I pack?
    I am loving this.......nice inspiration for spring.

  9. Thank you for posting this. I love southern france and this home is gorgeous! I'm in LOVE with that coffee table. I'm looking for one at the moment and this one is so ideal. I'm in Vermont, but we live in an Italian Style villa and I find it fairly difficult to find good European style furniture around here. Any thoughts?

  10. You transported me!! What a gorgeous villa!! Thank you for sharing.

  11. i really have no words for how beautiful that place is. i could stay in that bedroom all day! and that dining table . . . sigh. thanks for a beautiful little trip.

  12. Thank you so much for this inspiring post. I am glad I was right on target yesterday with my suggestion of coral and lavender for your dining room!! This house you have shown us today is truly special - a real dream on this dreary day in the north east...

  13. Wonderful atmosphere.A very beautiful house. I live nearly and go a lot by car to France. Thanks regrads Jürgen

  14. What a beautiful place. And pictures are just gorgeous!
    have a nive weekend.

  15. Every inch of this place looks amazing!

  16. Thanks for the link, Gina! We should all try to visit both villas--wouldn't that be something! Actually, one trip would make my year!

  17. I can feel it , thankyou for sharing x

  18. Wonderful photos!

  19. Oh yes, ready to go with you! beautiful images!!

    Art by Karena.
    Follow me and I will have a giveaway coming right up!

  20. Thanks for transporting my mind to a stunning place that is pure perfection. Soaring on a high imagining being there, after a dip in the tranquil pool, than tasting some fine food and wine in front of the roaring gorgeous fireplace, retiring to the soothing calming bedroom for a rest....aaahhhhh, what a vision and a much needed respite. Happy Weekend. xo

  21. A beautiful villa and that fireplace is just what I had in mind for my living room. I have been looking for photos and just started to sketch something up when I saw it. -Perfect timing! All the best ~LeAnn

  22. Soo beautiful. Love the furniture, decor, white drapes, canopy over the bed. All to die for.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog.


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