Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beautiful Baths, Creative Storage

Almost every one needs more storage in their bathroom. Perhaps we all need to get a bit more organized, but if you are clutter challenged like me, I wanted to show you some wonderful baths by designer, Molly Frey. You may remember a previous post on a fabulous coastal house by Molly here.
I love the bath above. Let's take a look at some of the elements that make this bath fantastic. First, the overall design with the sink sitting upon an open turquoise glass tiled cabinet - a perfect spot for storing extra towels. The wall mirror is framed out with sconces adding the perfect lighting.
A capiz shell chandelier adds a bit of whimsy to the space. I imagine the french doors lead you outdoors to a secluded hot tub - wishful thinking? I also love symmetry and this bath is a great example.

Of course Molly's marble baths are what generally catch my eye. Here is lovely example that was published in Traditional Home Magazine. The middle cabinet is open - again a nice spot for baskets or extra towel storage. Notice that the cabinets have "feet" to give the sink base the illusion of free standing furniture. I also love the sconce in this bath.

The tub is tucked under the eaves of the home in front of a gorgeous window and next to it we see another area for storage.
Here is a more streamlined, contemporary feeling bath. Two small boxes topped with limestone add the additional storage here. By not putting small doors on these, the look stays very open and contemporary - Interesting!
A more traditional design also shows you some ways to increase storage. Here the cabinets flanking the pedestal sinks sit directly on the counters. Unlike a kitchen, counter space in the bath can be more narrow to support your toiletries. The small ledge behind the sinks also add a space for lotions and creams.
Here we see a shallow medicine cabinet with mirrored doors built into the design. Not only is this cabinet functional, it becomes a wonderful focal point. This bath also has "feet" on the cabinet base.
The final bath has this cute little cabinet on the left side. A great spot for a razor and shaving cream - or perhaps it hides electric outlets and a blow dryer.
Above are several ideas to add a bit storage to your bath. To check out more of Molly Frey's work click here to her website or here to her blog!
(all photos property of Molly Frey)


  1. Beautiful work of Molly Frey! I so love the bathroom with the mosaic tiles! You have given me a good idea by showing these pictures! Thank you so much!

  2. Perfect timing! The bathroom is the next area on our list to remodel.

  3. I am so in love with the first bathroom! I love the tiles and colors. Gorgeous! I also like the one tucked under the eaves. What a delightful place to take a nice long bath.

    ~ Tracy

  4. All of these have such a lovely light airy feel to them.. I especially love the tub by the window, I can imagine spending all day in there! Also fab extra storage ideas, I'm always desperate for those...
    :) Flick

  5. I'm a new fan of Molly Frey! Thanks for introducing her. Those glass tile cabinets are great design...beautiful and functional!

  6. The bath with the shallow medicine cabinet in the middle looks exactly like ours (renovated last year and added a full bath to the master bedroom) and I love it!

  7. Beautiful bathrooms!! The first one is my very favorite, but I think I could make-do with any of the above!!

  8. I like the fourth photo very much. the bath by the window with the view into the nature, thank you for the pictures regards jürgen

  9. Great images. Love the designs you chose to feature!!

    Art by Karena

  10. I think some of those are the size of our bedroom. I like the first one.

  11. You had me at the glass tiled surround by the first sink. As I scrolled down I noticed the chandelier referencing the same yummy color. Then when I saw the mirror image on the other side of the room, I gasped! This is truly inspired! I also loved the open and closed cabinetry. I don't know about you, but I need some hidden places for "stuff"! Yet, the open spaces keep the feel modern! Wonderful, wonderful post!

  12. Love that left side cabinet...and that bubbly light fixture too! So fresh!

  13. Hi Gina~
    How many times do we see bathrooms with no storage? I can't understand it.
    I love how beautiful and practical most of these are.
    Happy Weekend!

  14. Great ideas Gina....I don't know why there are never enough cupboards and storage in bathrooms. Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

  15. All beautiful, I just love the soft colors and anything with carrera marble....Hiding Stuff in smaller baths is a challenge great post! Maryanne :)

  16. I love the fourth picture with the tub tucked in under the eaves! I want a tub that I can actually soak in so badly!

  17. Beautiful bathrooms, especially that they are all in white.

  18. By golly I think Moylly's got it! A woman's bath and vanity designed with a woman in mind. Her use of built-in cabinetry and mirrors is refreshing and very, very pretty! Thank you Gina for the introduction.

  19. i love the soft colors too what are we going to do without our kitchens and bathrooms huh? You can really make a big impact on your room though

  20. Hi Gina. I browsed Molly's gallery and oh my!
    To this (far) Northerner I find her work so refreshing. Honestly I don't think there was a space didn't appeal to me. Thank you for the introduction. -Brenda-

  21. Wow those are amazing pictures and the designs are so functional! Great post!


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