Monday, April 19, 2010

The Journey to the Finish

I do not mention my husband often on Willow Decor, but today is a special day! After many months of training (getting up at 5:00 am), Dave is running the Boston Marathon. It's wonderful how opposites attract! Dave has a passion for running (while I have a passion for chocolate)! Training happens all through New England's dark, cold winter and his commitment to this goal has been really amazing!!!
Dave is running with Miles for Miracles to support the Children's Hospital. Many of us have been touched by their experiences at Children's Hospital in Boston. So, if you feel inclined, click here to read more about the work they doing and consider sending them a donation.

And, if you happen to be on the Marathon route today - send a shout out to Dave as he runs by!! We are so proud him!!


  1. Oh, that is so great Gina! Best wishes to your husband for a good race. I'm with you and the chocolate and admire anyone who can train for and run a marathon. It was exciting to see all the runners in Boston this week, walking around town, in the restaurants. Have fun today!

  2. That is so fabulous that your husband is running Boston and for such a great cause...a "two for"!! I ran it 5 years ago, my parents,2 two best friends and my boyfriend traveled from Michigan to watch the race, it was by far one of my most favorite weekends. So much excitement and energy everywhere!!

    If this is his first time running it, make sure he springs for the marathon jacket, its fun how people recognize it and comment on it whenever I wear mine.

    Enjoy the race...I'll be cheering for him from Michigan!!

  3. My daughter trained for almost a year for the Houston Marathon, had an injury when it was time to register. BUT she signed up for the Austin marathon and completed it. So proud of herself. The Boston however the pinnacle so I wish him the best!!

  4. I'd rather eat chocolate (or anything else) than run, but I really admire those who think it's fun! I hope he has a great race. It will be a great accomplishment for him and his charity.

  5. Yay for Dave!! That is truly something to be proud of. I've been training for a half marathon and all the while am thinking a full marathon is definitely NOT a possibility for me, ever. :)

  6. That is wonderful! It is so nice of your husband to run for a good cause. I'm glad the weather is good for the runners today!

  7. That's so wonderful! I used to live in MA and twice took my girls to Hopkinton to give out oranges a little past the start of the race. It was so awesome to watch! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  8. Hi Gina & Dave~

    Ah, yes we have a mixed marriage around here as well. I'm chocolate and Sweet Hubby is all about exercise and that sort of thing.
    We have blended well. I go to the gym with him a little bit, and he is addicted to my chocolate chip cookies. Perfect match.

    Congrats to Dave on the marathon. It's a really big deal to me!

  9. training and qualifying alone are huge accomplishments, but completing the Boston Marathon is the crown jewel for runners! I have yet to qualify, but love doing marathons anyway.
    Congratulations to Dave!


  10. excellent. My hubs ran his first marathon last year. I know you are proud. Best wishes!

  11. Cngratulations and good luck to your husband. A very worthy cause.

  12. Love love love your blog!
    Big good luck to your husband!!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  13. I am a little late but wanted to say congratulations on such a great accomplishment :o)

  14. Wow! I am impressed, because the only way I would ever run is by in being chased by an animal!

    Wonderful cause...hope it was a great day!!!

  15. Congratulations!!!

    I lived on the marathon route in Coolidge Corner for years and Patriot's Day was easily one of my favorite days of the year (along with the Fourth of July, believe it or not). While we loved to see the big name runners glide down Beacon and the wheelchair athletes zip by, we felt it was our duty to go back outside for the pack of average joes to cheer them along. We were about a mile from the finish and you could tell that some people were struggling to make it to the end.

    What a great day...what an amazing accomplishment.

  16. A passion for chocolate! smiles.

  17. Congrats to him as he has finished now....hope it was all that he trained for! I had a very good girlfriend run it. I'm in awe of those that run those distances. Well done!

  18. Something I wished I had done, but I haven't. Well done Dave, I hope it went well. xv

  19. So that is the man who can both hang artwork (in a straight line) and can run a Marathon! You both scored! (:

    ox, Mon


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