Friday, April 16, 2010

More of the Maine Beach Cottage

I wanted to share with you more of the photos Jamie Salomon of Salomon Photography, sent to me of Interior Designer, Francine O'Donnell's wonderful Beach House in Maine. Of course the blue ceilings in some of the rooms really caught my eye, but it's the whimsical, vintage decor that kept me wanting to see more.
From dining room above you can see the kitchen (and the beautiful blue ceiling) through the doorway. Notice the fabulous door moulding.
I like the use of the garden table with marble top and a mix of two different chairs. The addition of old chippy garden urns and the crystal chandelier adds to the warm, relaxed feeling.
Here you see a better photo of the table. Adding a thin stone piece on the radiator creates an instant shelf and display area for the owner's garden urns. Painted antique desk continues to enhance the cottage feel.
What an incredible eye O'Donnell has! She truly has a gift for combining vintage objects into beautiful vignettes.
Here is a closer look. Urns, statues, marble, painted tables, iron furniture, distressed mirror!! Fabulous!!
An old stove becomes a table for two antique garden chairs!! So many great ideas!!
Here is a great shot of the dining room looking in from the living room and beyond into the kitchen.
Gray walls continue from the dining room into the living room and provide a great backdrop for the interesting artwork. Clever mix of florals and painted antiques continue the cottage vibe.
Another view shows more vintage mirrors and books.
Another stone piece creates a radiator shelf.
Garden statue brings additional whimsy to this room.
The bedroom has a gorgeous antique iron bed.
Again we see a garden table base topped with stone - I love the artwork.
One of my favorites is this whimsical ampersand "framed" with two vintage frames. So creative!!
Finally the bath with industrial cart holding bath products and towels. Above vintage hand mirror becomes an art piece on the wall!
Francine O'Donnell's Maine Beach cottage is filled with great ideas for bringing a more whimsical flair to your decor!! Thank you Francine and Jamie for sharing this great home with us!


  1. I still sleepy when I started reading blogs this morning and was so confused when I thought I was reading So. Hospitality but it said Willow Decor! What a nice feature.

  2. This is kind of embarrassing, and in no way related to this home alone (beautiful, really), but when I look at these design photos the first thing that always crosses my mind is "how on EARTH do they clean?!?" Old urns on the floor--in my house these would be filled with cobwebs before you can blink an eye; stacks of old books and twisty carved lamps= dust magnets; pots and pans hanging on the wall--unless you use them and are washing them every day I've got to think they get that grungy dusty grease on them at least sometimes?

    I'll tell you that I, too, have knickknacks around my house, mostly china and silver and stuff from my grandmother that I love and reminds of her whenever I see it, so I grit my teeth and keep them out, but I dread having to clean them and I only have a few and most of them are in one room. Some of these houses--they must need a professional crew to keep them fresh! Or am I completely off-base, and when the photgraphers leave all the urns and pans and books get packed up and put away?

    Please don't get me wrong--I wouldn't subscribe to inspirational design blogs like yours if I didn't enjoy looking at the lovely rooms and interesting furniture and yes, tchotchkes too. I am just honestly curious about the livability of these spaces.

    Do love that blue ceiling! :-)

  3. What a charming cottage. I really love the use of the blue on the ceilings...very calming, much like a clear sky. I am truly enjoying your blog!

  4. I love the color of the dinning area. Really adorable home. I could live there in a heart beat. Would love to have it to get away to. My dream!

  5. I have the same little angel statue in my bedroom! It is so sweet and charming!

  6. It's just beautiful Gina~ thanks for sharing all of the delicious details with us.
    Happy Friday to you.

  7. What is the gray paint color that was used?

  8. Really nice and yes, I am wondering what color that gray is...I will send you a direct email.

  9. I was going to paint my ceilings blue, but chickened out. They are a dark cream, however. I know, such a dare devil. Thanks for sharing with us Francine's beautiful home. I'll be gazing at these photos for awhile.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. I am in love with the large mirror and the beautiful art!!

  11. lovely, thank you? Can you post which paint that gray is? SO soothing!

  12. I could move right in!!Every little detail is perfection to me. Love all the vintage touches. Great post! Kathysue

  13. Again...just wonderful! I also would love to know what the gray paint color is...we're in "gray land" right now painting up samples. This gray looks so's a tricky color (aren't they all though!).
    There is so much whimsy and personality in this cottage...yet it is so livable, I absolutely love it!


  14. I LOVE everything about this house- everything!

  15. I'm loving the gray paint too - a very calming and soothing colour, and great as a backdrop for the very interesting and eye catching vignettes.

    There are certainly lots of pieces within the home that look like they have a 'story' to tell, which I love!!

    Linda. :)

  16. Friends,
    Not sure the what the gray paint color is, but have sent the question on to the owner/decorator. As soon as I know I will post it!!

  17. Hello Gina~

    Thank you for showing more of this wonderful home. I love that shot looking into the Dining Room. And of course I loved you taking us on the tour!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  18. Thank you Gina!!! Appreciate you sourcing that lovely gray for us!

    Jessica xo

  19. Thanks for sharing this lovely Maine Beach Cottage! I loved your home renovations that you shared at Southern Hospitality! It's wonderful that you kept the integrity of your homes history intact! It's lovely. Beth

  20. So elegant and very inspiring, agree with the comments about cleaning it though, reminds me of my own house, impossible to avoid the cobwebs! Needed a few ideas for our own central room, these photos have really helped.

  21. Thank you for the nice comments ~ this space was a delight to create! I'm out of town right now but will post the 'gray source' when I return.
    Inspirational blog!
    Joy to all

  22. Please find out what the lovely custard bedroom color is also. This home is now one of my favorites !Thanks

  23. Francine sure does have a great eye for interesting antiques and objects. I do have to claim some credit, however, for I owned and renovated this "cottage" (actually an old Victorian two-family in a working-class neighborhood in Portland) and the paint colors, with the exception of the bedroom, were all my choices and in place when Francine purchased the house. They work so well with her collections I can certainly see why she chose not to change anything.

    The grey in the two front rooms are Behr scans of Farrow and Ball's Lamp Room Grey. The "blue" ceiling is really a sagey green from the old Home Depot Ralph Lauren series. The Kitchen walls are Monroe Bisque, and the trim is a Fine Paint of Europe Martha Stewart collection color called "Putty"(scanned of course into Behr).

    I loved this house and it was a joy and a privilege to have lived there and to have brought it 'back to life. I am happy Francine is taking such good care of it!

    Joe Morgan


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