Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gray/Grey Dining Rooms

I have a new obsession with gray dining rooms, I love the elegant look - Gray is such a wonderful color. If done correctly it can be warm and elegant. Very often I see cream woodwork and one or two simple black accents; both help make the color pop. Here are a few of my favorites: Jane Showers & Associates

This dining room was designed by one of my favorite designers, Jane Showers and Associates. I love the how the ebony table anchors the space while all the other pieces in the room are light and airy. The huge mirror, which reflects the buffet across the room adds a layer of drama. The chandelier looks like it could be from Julie Neill Designs and the ceiling has a pearlized look. Lovely!
MLS Photo
This gray dining room is actually an illusion. It has black and white printed walls which gives an overall feeling of gray. Very chic. The striped chairs and traditional style table go beautifully with the more traditional style of the room. The art work adds the black accents. Hard to tell exactly, but perhaps antique architectural prints, framed in ebony. A crystal chandelier adds sparkle.

Here is a country inn - this gray reads a bit more blue to me. The cherry wood is good compliment. I also find the pinkish-creamy ceiling pretty but I do not like chandelier. It seems too informal and too small for the space.


This room really speaks to me. Here is a wonderful example of gray in a more austere room. The windows open to a spectacular view. Often the wrong color can compete with view. This gray is a perfect compliment to the outdoors - it actually enhances the view. The lighting adds the perfect accent of black with out overpowering the space. Add in the texture of the sisal rug, the simple lines of the furniture, the soft color palette of the upholstery, and viola! Perfect!


  1. Beautiful. I love gray too,
    sooo French! Something about it is so peaceful!
    Thanks for the photos and have a great weekend!

  2. What a fabulous post Gina! I love the 2nd photo as I totally agree with your comments about the black frames of the prints giving such a crisp elegant contrast to the gray walls.
    Millie ^_^

  3. Beautiful gray hues! I have a gray bedroom and love it!

    Wonderful post today!

  4. Love gray colour with black or white contrast.
    Great post!

  5. Totally love the first photo. That gray dining room is so airy and glamorous! Jan is fabulous!


  6. I love gray! The windows are also stunning. A beautiful post. Amanda x

  7. oh, i love these! you're right, we have extremely similar styles, check out my "gray" rooms posts, here.

    love your blog, i'll be back, too!!

  8. The next room I paint is going to be gray. Not sure when that will be, but I am ready for a soothing tone.

  9. Oh wow your blog is stunning, i hope you dont mind but i am going to add you as a favourite right now, Mel xxx (back soon...)

  10. Stunning pictures, very inspirational. Thank you! :)

  11. Love the room and the subtle colors. More Inviting & elegant for an interesting evening dinner.
    Home Interior

  12. Thanks for this post! We just repainted our kitchen/dining room gray and I was in need of inspiration for how to finish decorating it! Thanks!!

  13. I would love to know the color of the wall in the 3rd picture the country inn. it's a gray with a tint of blue. thank you Grace


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