Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Attic Transformation!

What to do with that unused attic space? Here is a space that Lyman Perry Architects have transformed into an owners retreat. In the third floor attic space, they have created a den that resembles a yacht's cabin. Above is the staircase entering to the new retreat- it gives you at hint at what might be above. I love the rope handrail and varnished nautical woodwork.Built into one dormer is a day bed with chart storage space below. What a great use of under bed storage space. Notice the teak floors resembling a boat hull.

An instrumentation panel hangs near the helmsman's desk, whose bookshelves utilize the nautical details preventing falling books as the boat tosses at sea. The final touch of a light hatch in the ceiling completes the scene, creating the experience of spying views of the port from the sea.
All photos Lyman Perry Architects

A wonderfully creative use of an attic! And, all the small details really add the the authentic feel. Lyman Perry Architects - Artists at work!


  1. Oh Gina - I don't dare show this to my boat-crazy husband or he'll be up on our roof building this space in the blink of an eye!

    A wonderful post, thank you for your continuing inspiration & especially for finding things that are slightly left of centre! It's good to look at things that bend the rules every now & then.
    Millie ^_^

  2. Thanks Millie - Its fun to see the out of the box designs!

  3. oh so nice boat inspiration pictures..wonderful

  4. That Mahogany raised panel wainscoting & stairs ROCKS!!!

  5. Wow! this design of the attic is nice and it looks cozy. I like staying in this kind of room.


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