Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Built in Beds

Marie Claire Maison
When I was eleven years old I slept over a friend's house. Her parents were interior designers and her house was beautifully decorated. The guest room had a whimsical, built in bed. It was painted in bright colors and had pretty floral curtains that you could pull closed. It had a hidden light to read in the dark of night and lots of pillow and quilts for curling up. I will always remember the night I stayed in that bed. I believed it was a secret and magical place. Over the years I have collected many, many images of built in beds. Someday I hope to build my own bed for my children or grandchildren to curl up in and dream childhood dreams.
Greene and Greene Architects
These special beds, flanked by built in cabinets, were built into a wide hallway What a fabulous use of space. This is a great idea in vacation home where you always need to have some extra beds.
Locati Architects
I love the rustic feel of this room. The beams and barn wood really give this room character. I especially love having the sink right in the room. A great spot for kids to brush their teeth. Notice the three tiny step stools in red, blue and yellow - adorable.Southern Accents Traditional Home
Need extra beds for six guests? These two photos have a more nautical theme - perhaps these beds were found in beach houses in Cape Cod or the Hampton's. I especially love the beds with the striped curtains.

Rob Whitten, Architect
Here is a great use of an attic space. Simple architectural detail is achieved with MDF or plywood. Beds are boxed and set low to the floor. Walls, floors, and ceilings all painted the same color to give the illusion of a height. King of the Road Preserve
Here is a wonderful room designed for teens! Each built in was designed around a dormer and has a window seat and lamp. Also the room has a sitting area. We can not see what the leather club chairs are opposite, but something tells me it's WII or PS2 system. Catalano Architects
This built in is so charming. I love the beadboard and moulding details, as well as the quilts and star carpeting. The individual reading lights and built in bookshelf make you want to curl right up with a paperback.
Catalano Architects
I can't seem to determine what this area might have been or if it was designed originally this way. I really like how the bed, window and surround mouldings are painted green. I also like how the step up sets off the space. Hutker Architects
Hutker Architects always hits a home run - another beautiful space. What a view - who couldn't relax curled up in this bed?

Lyman Perry Architects
This bed is built into the eaves of and attic. It has a nautical feeling. The single bed and built in drawers are a very smart uses of the space. For more pictures of this space see my past post "Attic Transformation"


The final bed has a Maine Cottage feeling to it. I love the bright blue paint, beadboard and private reading lamps. Makes me want curl up and pretend to be eleven years old again!
Which one is your favorite?


  1. be a kid again.

    I have done some creative things with built in beds. I love the whole concept.

    I can't decide which one I like best.
    I would love one for myself.
    ....Very cozy & cool.

    Who knew you could ever describe anything using those 2 words together ?

  2. I would love the Marie Claire Maison bed for myself; it would be like my own personal cocoon. But what a fabulous idea for guest rooms also. I have always thought of the built in beds as magical and so special.

  3. A truly lovely post Gina ! Like you I love the whimsical beds (Hansel & Gretel eat your heart out!). This is a post I'll come back to time & time again - thank you!
    Millie ^_^

  4. I love built in beds, they are like your own little world. I just finished writing a book on bedding in which I show a built in. Email me and I'll send you the illustration.

  5. what a great post! i love these beds!!! I did a post on Michael trapp and he had one built into his wall = amazing!!!

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  7. Great post...I have not seen built-ins in quite some time. They can have amazing character as you've shown.

  8. Gina,
    Another functional aspect to the raised front on the kitchen island is that it shields the utilitarian chaos of food preparation as one enters the kitchen. It's a much more relaxed visual than strewn pots and pans! Love the cubbys on the backside utilizing every inch of space.

  9. Oh these are just so gorgeous...makes you want to be little again, how cozy! Mel xxx

  10. Please don't make me choose a favorite, Gina.
    They all make me want to be a kid again.
    Built in beds are so charming.
    Great post.


  11. Aren't these built in beds fabulous! You have some great examples here - will have to pinch some for my files! They are great space-savers in holiday homes! Tracey x

  12. Great post Gina! Love the magic of built in beds. Amanda x

  13. When I was a child, I always wanted a built-in bed. Come to think of it, I STILL want a built-in bed! Beautiful photos. Thanks for the post!

  14. These built in beds are fabulous, such a great use of space - great post. xv

  15. Definately the white one with the sea views. What a magnificent collection of photographs, and a lovely blog too. Thanks for sharing!

  16. oh, I love these beds and have always wanted to try one out! They look so cozy and warm. You have a great collection, I have not seen these before, thanks for sharing.

  17. These remind me of the Finnish twin, Auno and Tauno, who had a cup-board bed that hid the bed from sight during the day and was opened up at night. I didn't realize these were available in the US - I wish I had had them when my children were small. Very nic photography.

  18. What a great post, I'm really enjoying your work.

    Best wishes from Ireland, Mrs C x

  19. The room with in a room concept, similar to the old Chinese opium dens, seems to be what draws me in.

    The single Swedish story, the double decked Train coach caravan, and the Zen landing pad took be to a whole other world.

  20. Please, please, please tell me the exact shade, brand, and finish of the blue in the topmost photo. I must have it! Many thanks in advance. Hazard a guess, if you cannot find it.

  21. These are beautiful! I especially like the second one from the top. It is like a little room inside of a room! That would be wonderful for a child's room -- it would give them a very defined space for play, and a defined space for sleep (and reading!)


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