Saturday, January 31, 2009

Belgian Decor at Cote de Texas

If you have not visited Joni Webb's fabulous blog, Cote de Texas, this is the week to stop by! Joni is an extremely talented designer in Texas. Her blog was recently selected as one of the top ten decorating blogs of 2008-9 by the Washington Post. This week Joni reviews the Belgian Style that is so hot right now across the country.

Joni describes Belgian decor as "quiet and monotone .. plain linens .. antique elements – ancient stone floors, beams, marble staircases, and acres of limed wood - everywhere. Textures are a very large part of this style – rough, rustic woods and stone surfaces are played against smooth, shiny crystals and glass."

In our increasing complicated world this is a style to come home, relax and unwind in - serene and almost austere.

Please stop by Cote de Texas and see the entire post.

I have saved it as one of my all time favorites, so do not miss it! Here is the link:


  1. Hallo, sooooooooooo beautiful pictures.The first photo is my favorite.Have a nice weekend.Lovley greats,from Elke.

  2. Wasn't Joni's post just divine?! I think I'll go back and take another gander!

  3. Ooooo another chance to see these beatiful rooms. Pure heaven! I'm going to stare at that dressing room some more... and wish it were mine!
    Happy weekend,
    xo Isa

  4. I loved this post too, Gina. Joni is the best.
    I am addicted to the Belgian style Beta Plus books.
    We sell them in our shop, and I can't keep them on the shelf!


  5. thank you so much!! how sweet of you to do this!!!! much appreciated, to be sure.


  6. I was over at Joni's space before checking in here... and I was blown away by the Belgian style! I was awed by the perfect juxtaposition of natural almost primative elements with refined pieces (sofas with contemporary lines, antique French provincial tables, glamourous chandeliers) and the occasional hit of a nature inspired colour. I also found it interesting that the yards - while still simple in their landscaping - were very cultivated and structured. At first I thought this formality was contrary to the home's interior... but in thinking more about it I think it's exacty the same = natural, refined with the occasional hit of colour, BUT still austere with it's minimal landscaping.
    Thanks for encouraging us to revisit Joni's blog!
    Victoria (one half of Design Ties)

  7. It is such a beautiful relaxing style. A wonderful post! Amanda x

  8. Loved that post!!! If I had to choose my favorite style it would be Belgian.


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