Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Dreamy Artist's Loft

I take a painting class every Friday. I love to paint seascapes. The teacher puts on some wonderfully soft music and brews us Cinnamon Tea. I sit on my stool and try to imagine the real sea. While I paint my mind wanders and I dream of where I would paint if I was "real" artist. Here is a picture of an artist's loft in NYC. It comes pretty close to my dream.
All photos Ochs Design
The 2700 sq ft abandoned warehouse space was converted and renovated into an artist's loft by Ochs Design. The painting studio retains the original industrial asphalt floor. The light is incredible!
The studio work table was fabricated from stone and wood left behind by former commercial occupants decades earlier. Only the steel frame is new. I love the wonderful mix of textures every where you look.

Platforms replace walls to define the living space. To the right is the painting studio to the left the living area. Raw industrial surfaces provide the backdrop for art and sculpture. A large skylight lets in daylight to paint by.

The client's desire to leave the space as open as possible led to this luminous fabric sleeping enclosure. Isn't this so romantic?
I love the spare furnishings - what a wonderfully unique side table.
The client likes to cook and entertain. The spacious open kitchen features a 1925 bistro table that seats 16 people. I could have some great parties here!
Just wanted to give you a peek of where I dream about painting when I finally get discovered!


  1. I really love this loft! What an inspirational space for an artist to live in ;-)

  2. Great loft!

    Would love to see your paintings; I adore seacapes!!

  3. Wow! That bed surrounded with fabric is sooo romantic! I would luv to wake up to that bed everyday.
    -marie @ mariesmarche

  4. now if only i could find myself a big loft. my artwork is currently in my spare would be fabulous to be able to leave it all out as part of the decor...

  5. Gina, that loft is gorgeous! Wgat a perfect studio - it would inspire many a great painting, I'm sure! The dreamy bed and gorgeous ottoman just send it over the moon. I'd move into there any day! =)

    I didn't know you painted! I'd love to see your work!

    Thanks for sharing this xo Isa

  6. Oh my! That place is an artist's heaven-on-earth. How could you not be inspired waking up in that fabulous bed every day! I want that loft!!!

  7. What an amazing bed - make for nothing but sweet dreams surely.

  8. What an amazing space.

  9. What a great loft. We all should really appreciate all the extra hard thought and planning that goes into designing a loft keeping in mind no walls and all the openness but the need for different rooms. great design work and space planning. very inspiring great post.

  10. i paint too.
    and i would love to live in all that space.

    have a nice weekend

  11. This is fantastic, Gina.
    What a dream space.
    Doesn't that bed look dreamy in that industrial space!


  12. If I lived there, I think I could find my way back to painting. Fabulous!


  13. A truly thoughtful & inspiring use of a wonderful space Gina. I love how they've cleverly worked around the original wooden posts on the platform that very dreamy bed sits on.
    Millie ^_^

  14. Hallo your blog is grandios.They are very nice pictures.Best wishes,from Elke.

  15. Love this loft, too! I was just daydreaming about ideal artists' lofts and came across your blog.

  16. oh man.. that place sure is a dream !

    take care.

    Paul B.

  17. Not sure if you could ever pry me out of Brooke's pool house but this is definitey tugging at me a bit. Beautiful post.


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