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Beautiful Norwegian Design - Helene Forbes Hennie meets Slettvoll

all photos from Slettvoll website
I spend time each week reading the Scandinavian blogs and watching new design trends . Two names keep coming up consistently: Slettvoll and Helene Forbes Hennie. Slettvoll, a case goods and upholstery company that has several locations in Norway and has recently opened 3 new stores in Sweden. They have over 23 locations and been in business since 1951. Its sort of Norway's' equivalent to Design with In Reach. Lets have a look!
They offer wonderful lines of furniture in several styles for classic, beach and modern interiors.

The above photos represent more of their classic line. I really love the fitted slipcovers and textured, linen fabrics. The mix of chairs and the bench around the trestle cross dining table is an all time favorite.

The above photos show a more beachy feeling. They also carry an outdoor furniture line.

Above is the more modern side of Slettvoll. Notice the diffrent mix of textures in the room above.

Now Slettvoll is a savvy company. In their own Norwegian backyard they have famous designer, Helene Forbes Hennie. Hennie is Norway's premier interior designer a recent recipient of the Andrew Martin International Designer of the Year Award. Winning that award is similar to winning the Academy Awards for interior designers. Together they have teamed up and launched a wonderful line of furniture.

Here is the most popular Hennie photo for Slettvoll, perhaps you recognize it. It has appeared in several blogs over the past few months.
Wonderful! I just love this dining room. I adore the slip-covered chairs -the lines are slimmer with a modern feeling. Brooke Gianetti at Velvet and Linen has designed furniture with a similar feel and offers it for sale in her store, Gianetti Home. (

Classic Hennie designs
Modern Hennie designs

Sadly Sletvoll has not expanded to the United States. We will just have to hope we see more of Helene Hennie and Slettvoll in Scandinavia.


  1. SO beautiful. I am really starting to love this color palette in homes. So serene and restful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful stuff Gina. Without resorting to too many sweeping generalizations, let me use a sweeping generalization here. What is it about Scandinavian national character that yields such warmth from such simplicity? These rooms are cool without being cold and pulled together while remaining very welcoming. The mind wonders and wanders. Thanks for posting those photos.

  3. It's all so simply beautiful. I love the first room, maybe most of all. I couldn't help noticing all the beautiful linens; hand knitted throw, knitted pillow, blue plaid pillows. Just gorgeous. I also love the beautiful contemporary paintings.

  4. OMG, all of the rooms you posted are gorgeous!! I would love to have them all in my house!! I just adore that soft Scandinavian palette :-)

    I've been looking for Scandinavian and Belgian blogs, but haven't had much luck. I'm going to look through your list of favourite blogs and see if you've listed a few there :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  5. Thanks for introducing me to these great designers and their furniture lines. I love it.

  6. I really love Scandinavian style since I'm originally from Scandinavia myself. White is really in there right now and all the simplicity just appeals to us. But there is a lot of romantic, danish inspiration too, I would say...

    We are from simple settings, many of us from small towns surrounded by snow and icy lakes during winter time and during summer by the blue lakes and fresh forests. So I guess that is one reason, we like it so simple.

    I'm really loving all these!

  7. Thank you Gina for mentioning our furniture line.
    As you know, Steve and I have gotten so much inspiration from Swedish design, like the furniture pieces designed by Slettvoll. We love the slim lines and the simplicity of their slip covers.
    BTW, Steve is on his own in Maine this weekend, but I promise you that I will make the next trip and come for a visit. Joan from for the love of a house wants to join us too! What fun.


  8. Hi again.
    Sorry, Gina, you are much more accurate, Svettvoll is Norwegian, not Swedish! It seems like a lot of Scandinavian designs have slimmer lines and cleaner slip covers!


  9. Paul's words summed up your beautiful post perfectly Gina! I know it's a hackneyed phrase, but these really are investment pieces. They are so timeless in their look & appeal, & the touch of black on the taupe fabrics in the form of throw cushions very inspiring.

    Not available in Australia either, & with the cost of freight to our part of the world, sadly I doubt we'll ever see it
    Millie ^_^

  10. Oh I love this site and have a lot of there photos saved as inspiration for our home. Great post.
    Ness xx

  11. Kelly,
    I love Camilla at Home, Karnas hus, Ludvigsdal, Magdalenas Hem, and Finikaten all on my favorite blogs column - from there you can find even more links - Thanks so much for your kind comments!

    Brooke - your furniture line is beautiful - It's so easy to mention such wonderful pieces!!


  12. Thank you, Gina :-) I've added them to our list of favourite blogs :-)


  13. Love Norwegian and Swedish style! The modern, but also the Gustavian! And the pale sunwashed colors, I think the Scandinavians keep their interiors light because there are so many months of snow and cold! Gorgeous.

  14. Absolutely stunning! I cannot decide which room is my favorite. Neutral interiors are so inspiring, so soothing when done right. And of course, they've nailed it. Thanks for the heads up!

  15. Beautiful post Gina.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. I absolutely adore Slettvoll! Walking into one of their stores is always amazing:)

  17. I love these all white rooms. I'm pondering painting all my walls a shade of white. I just first need to decide that the reason isn't just because I have spring fever! ;) Thanks for a great post of some beautiful photos!


  18. Stunning photos! I just found your lovely blog from Velvet & Linen!!

  19. hi,
    I'm from Norway, and you have written such a beautiful post about Slettvoll. It truly is a remarkable company. I remember it from the 80's and it had such a completely different feel about it compared to how it is today. It really is a company with innovative vision and really sets the bench mark for Norwegian design. Every Scandinavian and Nordic country for that matter has its own taste, pallette, feel, energy. It might be ever so slight and microscopic to the untrained eye, but it's there. The beach line decor you posted it very reflective of the Norwegian way of life, embracing the Sea and sailing. Many of us norwegians have cabins up in the mountains or by the Sea, and in many respects this is reflected in the choice of decor with light colours, light and striking blues, with bleached wood with a hint of 'shabby chic'.
    I was recently in Finland and was amazed to see the difference in the home decor over there. It's beautiful but a bit more spartan, clean lines, almost reminiscent to Japanese design. Thank you for this beautiful post. You could write more on Scandinavian design!


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