Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cape Cod in Blue and White

I am having trouble downloading my pictures from my trip so until I can figure it out I wanted to share a beautiful home on Cape Cod designed by Catalano Architects (do they ever sleep?!)
Look at the entry to this home! The gate provides a perfect framing for the home. I love the brick driveway with the herringbone pattern and edging in cobblestones. Perhaps my favorite feature is the grass down the center to soften the hard lines.
Here is the back yard. Notice the shingle style feeling. Some features which stand out are the covered porches, I especially like how the round porch balances the round section of the house itself. The chimneys also have some wonderful decorative detailing.
A beautiful entryway with incredible light. Notice the moulding details on the staircase and around the windows.
The blue and white color scheme of the kitchen gives you a classic beach feeling with marble counters and white cabinets. The rounded breakfast nook is lovely with its built in seating and
interesting ceiling design.
Here is the view from the family room. It is important to notice the use of interior windows in this home. The walls entering the kitchen are thick and wide which give the home a feeling of substance and in my opinion the richness of a bygone era. The internal windows then give the spaces a more light and open feeling. Also notice the internal transom windows over the doorways in the kitchen.
The family room from the other direction. Notice the ceiling detail. Touches of blue keep the room soft with out feeling kitschy. The chandelier, anchor andirons and framed flag add a folk-art/Americana feel to this room.
The formal living room is awash in pale pinks. I imagine this room is really pretty in the evenings by lamplight. The pink chairs have interesting upholstered arms.
Perhaps my favorite room is the bedroom. The aqua silk curtains and interesting mirror, along with the white upholstery and bedding make this room very Veranda -esque.
No beach house is complete with out a bunk room! Four bunks each with their own lighting and bookshelf - I like the varnished floors and sliding ladders - it really evokes a nautical yacht like feeling.

Let me know your favorite aspect of this wonderful home on Cape Cod!


  1. Love, love interior windows. Great post!


  2. That beautiful bedroom, by far! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous home!

  3. Wonderful colors - peaceful, happy, tranquil, and so classic

  4. I just can't decide! These are fabulous- love them all!!!

  5. I love the kitchen! Wow, the risk of the blue glass tiles is a wonderful pop of color. I love all of the house except the formal living room. The varnished floors in the bunk room are amazing. Thanks for sharing this house. Can't wait to see your photos!

  6. Great post!
    That entryhal is magnificent!

    I really looking forward to the pictures of your trip!


  7. Love everything about this house! Just beautiful.

  8. I am not usually a blue fan, but these shades are lovely and calming. Love the kitchen!
    Can't wait to see more of your trip!

  9. Beautiful home - I love the interior windows and how the kitchen is separate from the family room, yet very much related. The interior architecture defines everything really beautifully!

  10. Can you imagine living there? My favorite part...I wouldn't know where to start!

  11. What a beautiful house! And I was amazed to see those pink chairs in the living room....I have the exact same chairs! Mine are from the 1920's and have their original upholstery becaue I can't decide what to do with them! Wonderful post!

  12. Hey, you found pics of my house! Isnt it lovely?

    J/k of course, that is my house only in my dreams...and in my dreams the bunk room is the master bedroom, its so cute!

  13. Definitely the Master Bedroom! Such a beautiful home. Even if were half the size I feel it would be just as wonderful.

  14. i have always wanted to have a bunk room.

    they can be done in so many ways. and are just FUN.

  15. What a beautiful dream house. I have to say that I really love the whole house but the bunk room makes it fun.

  16. *sigh*
    Beautiful home and beautifully presented.

    Having lived on the Cape for many years, these are wonderful examples of how lovely the area really is. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  17. Gorgeous post! I love the front gates and the bunk beds room! Tracey xx

  18. Beautiful grounds and stunning blue and white kitchen!


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