Monday, August 3, 2009

A Renovated Farmhouse in Belgium

Outside of the busy city of Antwerp, Belgian antiques dealer and designer, Henri Charles Hermans and his wife Natasha Hermans, also a designer, decided to relocate their business and their home to this wonderful 19th century Farm. Henri Charles Hermans, who once worked and studied under the famous Axel Vervoordt, found this property to be the perfect canvas to showcase the couples wonderful minimalist Belgian design style.
Formerly a fruit farm in the Belgian countryside, it took several years to restore the home. Above the outdoor pool is filtered naturally by aquatic plants.
The living room has wonderful bleached, then waxed herringbone floors. I love the mix of the hand plastered walls, and antique floors and doors, with the straight lines of the furniture by Jules Wabbes, and contemporary art over the fireplace by Jacques Denef.
The kitchen also continues this look by combining a thick oak antique farm table and waxed bluestone floors with contemporary light fixtures. The back wall of the kitchen is painted ebony to highlight the couples antique stoneware collection.
The main hall showcases a wonderful limed oak cabinet which houses collections of glassware and Khmer vases.
This is a lovely perspective of entry, kitchen, and living room from the main hall. The French doors bring wonderful light into the space.
The stark simplicity of the stairway is just beautiful. Notice the first step and is carved stone and the rusted iron railing. The furnishings echo the simplicity of the space.
An attic bedroom is the epitome of minimalism, with a Belgian twist. The antique bench at the foot of bed is covered in antique linen.
The bathroom with all white walls is the perfect backdrop for the gorgeous, antique zinc bath tub.
Here is a close up the of the Empire style zinc bathtub- notice the spectacular patina set off by the rustic milking stool.
In another hallway is a wonderful compilation of antique wood: oak table holds a walnut bowl filled with burl wood balls.
Hanging in the family room above the antique mantel is an artwork piece of ink writings from an ancient Hindu prayer book. The art work hides the television. Low trestle coffee table and linen slip covered sofas round out the Belgian style.
Antique marble topped bistro table and linen covered sofa look lovely. Waxed concrete floors and french doors open to the the outdoor terrace.
The beautiful facade of the house with pruned boxwood in planters and traditional boxwood hedge.
A pair of limestone dodecahedron (12 sided) pediments are believed to ward off bad luck.
What a lovely garden terrace. Fabulous antique table and twig style chairs make for perfect outdoor dining.
I think the Hermans' minimalist Belgian style is just beautiful- what do you think?


  1. Several of the rooms/photos just grab me. Of course, the lab and flowers, but also outdoor space and the first picture. LOVE the zinc tub.

  2. Hi,
    Love the zinc tub and I also noticed the shower cubicle in front of the window. Enjoyed this post and really loved the photo's of the previous post with the wing-backed chair and gorgeous inscripted linen. I have just gone and had a look at a couple of your previous posts - for your butlers pantry and kitchen WOW. They are both incredibly beautiful and you should be very proud. You should have no fear at showing them, I thought that was so sweet!!! One question I'd like to ask is now with the T.V. in the cavatity of the wall, is it hard to watch? In the sense that does the light play on the T.V. screen and can you watch it from any angle...and does it have to be a certain T.V. to be able to do what you have done????? (I understand it has to be slim-lined) but to watch at any angle??? I seem to be twisting myself in knots with my questions!!!!! Anyway, I'd better go always enjoy reading your posts, keep up the good work.

    Take Care

    Love Janine
    Tasmania, Australia

  3. These pictures are wonderful, love the whole house. The outside space is a place I would love to be sitting at right now. Thank You for this great post.

  4. Hi Janine,
    Send me your email at and I will answer your questions directly!

  5. * Wonderfully refreshing... ALL of it!!! Being born & raised at/near the beach in So Cal, these pics were sheer delight & PRICELESS!!!

    Went back a little, too, & decided we must ask you to "BLOG EVERYDAY, PLEASE"!!! (Easy for ME to say, huh?!?! Smiles!)~~

    Great blog as always, and, MANY THANKS as always!!

    Linda in AZ *

  6. I so enjoy visiting your blog as it is 'a window to the world of Interior Design'. This Belgian home is exquisite (and who wud have ever thought the Hermans were superstitious.) The limestone pediments are an outdoor accent to be admired.

    Thank you for the tour Gina. -Brenda-

  7. Gina,
    I love love love the plank floors and that zinc tub...and the herringbone pattern of the floor in the LR...not sure about most of the decor as a whole, some interesting elements though! My sis used to live in Lasne, near Waterloo...didn't get to see local decor but the countryside is amazing!

  8. I love it! My only question - my I'm just not understanding - how does the artwork hide the television? (And how do they move the artwork?).

    What a beautiful home!

  9. This was the perfect post. Lately, I find myself gravitating to this very look. Beautiful.

  10. Gina,

    It's a beautiful post you did today!
    You can find beautiful homes in Belgium and a lot of them are shown in the books op beta-plus.

    xx Greet

  11. Fantastic images. Very tasteful interiors.

  12. Fab post Gina, just a truly elegant, relaxed home. I'm truly smitten with the sofa in the Sitting Room & love the mix of old & new treasures.
    Millie ^_^

  13. your most wonderful blog has inpsired me this morning - thank you!

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